Verifie your wallet address to reduce fraud and build trust in the digital currency industry

Verifie is a blockchain protocol that can be used with any application to verify the ownership of a digital currency wallet address.

Hade Pay uses Verifie so merchants can confirm their wallet address to consumers before making a purchase.

If the merchant’s wallet address matches what has been verified and stored on the blockchain, the information will be confirmed to the consumer before making a purchase.

If the server or application has been compromised, or the recipient wallet address associated with Hade Pay has been changed or modified, Verifie will fail to confirm the wallet address and alert the consumer.

Hade Pay with Verifie is just one of many potential use cases

Verifie does not confirm or store transaction details on its blockchain like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. Verifie is a different type of blockchain protocol used to verify information that is potentially fraudulent.

Verifie will verify digital wallet addresses with owners and source the origination of data in the MatriX financial database.

Hade Pay and Verifie

Businesses can confidently accept digital currency payments with Hade Pay and know the funds will be received thanks to Verifie. The combination of Hade Pay plus Verifie opens the door for businesses to embrace digital currency and gain a competitive advantage by accepting digital currency payments.

Each business can verify up to 5 digital wallet addresses for free to use with Hade Pay or any application. Any additional wallets must be purchased with HADE token.

MatriX and Verifie

Finance professionals and investors don’t have to worry about the accuracy of data, because the origination of data is verifiable and sourced on blockchain.

Verifie Everything!

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