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What is Hade?

  • HADE is a form of cryptocurrency known as an ERC-20 token, created from
    the Ethereum network.
  • Contribute exclusive content
  • Contribute content that is well received by others (traffic)
  • Thoughtful comments and engagements with HADE content
  • Share bugs and errors you find with our beta version of HADE Platform

Hade Store

Use HADE token to buy any of our premium stock and crypto research services, driven by AI and machine learning technology.


Convert HADE Token to advertising space, promote your content in many ways, or choose from a multitude of options to advertise your own brand, product, or service.


Want interactive content, branded research reports, or our database on your site, blog, or enterprise? License our APIs with HADE Token


Accredited investors can invest in tokenized investment funds hosted by Hade Technologies, in the near future.


Buy, sell, or trade HADE on reputable crypto exchanges.