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  • Access the worlds best platform for independent research, MatriX, where you can visualize and analyze company data on more than 4,000 stocks.
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  • Create Charts
  • Analyze Data
  • Trend Analysis
  • Custom Watchlist
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  • Premium
  • Access all our free analysis features plus our unmatched suite of top performing investment idea services from artificial intelligence.
  • $100 / month
  • 200% Better Performance vs S&P 500
  • 63% More Accurate than Wall Street
  • 85% Accuracy on Risk Alerts
  • Trade Notifications
  • Investment Grades for Growth
  • Investment Grades for Dividend
  • Investment Grades for Momentum
  • Generate Real-Time Reports
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  • Give your entire enterprise access to our software and services through a dedicated portal or leverage our data and technology with your solution from our APIs.
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  • Visualization & Analytics API
  • AI Technology API
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