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The Hade Platform is software that enables independent fundamental investment research with the world’s deepest database of company information. With our premium service, you can utilize our homegrown Artificial Intelligence, MATRIX, which has yielded investment returns and predictions that Wall Street investment banks could only wish to replicate. For a limited time only, you can gain complete access for just $25 per month.

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  • Access to Our Core Portfolio: The Hade Portfolio has outperformed the S&P 500 by 200% on an annualized basis since 2015. Get notifications by text and email when a trade is made and weekly updates and opinions on portfolio holdings. You also get historical portfolio data and a complete look at what stocks, bonds, REITs, or cryptocurrencies are in the portfolio, and how much.
  • Timely Buy & Sell Notifications: Know the minute a new stock is added or removed from the Hade Portfolio, ID Portfolio, or before a volatile move in top cryptocurrencies.
  • Access to ID Portfolio:Get notifications and all holdings for a safe, high-yield but outperforming portfolio for investors and fund managers who seek low volatility but outsized gains
  • Crypto Prophet:Meet Prophet, for crypto investors, crypto funds, and traditional investors interested in crypto. It’s a volatile world, and our home-grown proprietary AI predicts future prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top cryptocurrencies with 85% accuracy 7-days into the future
  • Member Chat Our invite-only, exclusive service is a collection of the brightest minds in equity research…. All conversing and sharing ideas that could be misplaced bets. If so, we find out, and share with the network.
  • Real Time Analysis Do you have a specific idea you want to run through our experts, technology, or both? Fine! Let us know and we will find out if it’s worthy of our portfolios.
Before prices rise in 2019

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