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Media company focused on stock and crypto content, where users receive HADE token for contributions from Hade Pay.


Breakthrough analytics and investment research platform driven by artificial intelligence, accessible with HADE token using Hade Pay.


Buy tokens & pay for services with a network of digital currencies, licensed with HADE token.


Verify the owner of a digital currency wallet address, or confirm your ownership of any wallet address to reduce fraud in the digital payments industry.


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The HADE Token lifecycle

Purchase Access

Use Hade Pay to purchase products and services from HadePlatform.com, Matrix, or to license the use of Hade Pay.

Hade Redistribution

Incoming HADE tokens from
purchases are then redistributed

Hade Tokens are redistributed to contributors, active users, long-term paying customers, or participants of gamification apps.

Hade Technologies Assets

Those Redistributed HADE Tokens Are Then Used Within Our Many Assets and Third Party Platforms

Some are traded on crypto exchanges, and some are used on Websites that license our services.

HADE Blockchain

Made for our business, built to serve 100s of businesses in major industries

  • HADE
  • HadePlatform.com
  • Information Technology
  • Saas
  • Online Brokerages
  • Digital Advertising
  • Cyber Security
  • Artificial Intelligence Software
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Blogs & News Providers
  • Social Networks

Exploring our 8 uses for blockchain, HADE token, and "DApps" that will create a major competitive advantage for our business, disrupt major industries, and make HADE a market leader for years to come.

  • Blockchain to identify users and keep services exclusive to the people and organizations who deserve it.
  • Blockchain to protect sensitive information such as payments and reduce the risk of identity theft and cyber attacks.
  • Facilitate and verify purchases on our platform with blockchain, smart contracts, and HADE token.
  • Identify and prevent fake news and plagiarized content from being published on our platform. (The creation of a product could do other marvels, such as identifying fake news across the Web or building a registry of known cyber criminals.)
  • Securely license APIs, Software, content, and intellectual property with clear rules, stipulations, restrictions, and guarantee of payment for service.
  • Verify clicks for advertisements purchased with Hade token on both HadePlatform.com and third party sites.
  • Source the origination of information in our world class database to bring transparency and new analysis models to the entire big data industry.

Token Sale Stats

  • 75 Million Outstanding HADE Tokens
  • 52,038,299 Million Distributed from Token Sale
  • $3,122,297 Contributed from Token Sale
  • $0.06 Average Price of HADE in Token Sale*
  • * This figures total amount raised divided by tokens distributed from contributions, subscriptions to our SaaS program MatriX, bonuses, advisors, and leadership combined.

HADE Token Distribution

Leadership Team

In addition to our leadership team, there are approximately 35 staff members who are working on HADE Platform. These people work in one of five divisions: Programming, Machine Learning & Al, Database, Quality Control, and Business Development.

Brian Nichols
President & Founder
Brian Nichols is a professional investor and equity analyst, with more than 3,000 total financial analysis and equity research publications to his credit. Nichols has covered all sectors of the market, but is known for his deep analysis and investment opinions in technology. Brian Nichols is an expert in data analytics and visualization, cloud delivered as a service, and information technology, all of which relate to the development of HADE Platform. He is also a McGraw-Hill author “Taking Charge with Value Investing (2013)” & “5 Simple Steps to Find a Top-Performing Stock (2014)”
Roger Staton
Chief Technology Officer/Director of Programming
Roger Staton and Brian Nichols founded HADE Platform together, combining the knowledge of equity analysis and Wall Street with one of the brightest minds of advanced programming. Roger worked eight years at UPS building complex systems that are used daily to facilitate the delivery of goods. In addition, Roger built software for car dealerships that are used throughout the industry to track sales, schedule services, generate real time sales reports, along with the generation of buyer guides and window stickers at a discount to traditional legacy products. Roger’s skills include Blockchain, PHP, Ruby, Python, HTML, Java, MySql, CSS, jQuery, Angular JS, AWS, APIs, and mobile application development among others.
Natalie Nichols
Director of Human Resources & Enterprise Sales
Natalie has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and previously ran an early childhood development program in the Cincinnati Metropolitan area that she grew to record numbers. Natalie has held various management positions for 14 years and has been instrumental in the development of HADE Platform, including our enterprise and licensing business.
Bethany Thacker
Chief Data Officer
Bethany has been a key component of the HADE Platform since the beginning. She helped build the system we use to collect, approve, and organize the information within our database. With an MBA, a bachelors in Marketing, and former experience as an analyst with the development of Microsoft’s Cortana, Bethany has been the ideal person to manage the most important component of our business.
Ajinkya Lahade
Co-Director of Machine Learning
Ajinkya is a computer engineer with hands on experience in data modeling and analytics, and machine learning. Prior to HADE Platform, Ajinkkya designed an infant baby monitoring system to detect and alert doctors of lethal situations with a 99% successful rate in D Y PATIL Hospital. Ajinka also developed a credit card fraud system that achieved an accuracy of 99% to identify fraud in a dataset of 280,000 transaction details. He is experienced in many programming languages such as MATLAB, C/C++, Python, Embedded C, HTML. Ajinkya’s software skills include Microsoft Office, LabVIEW, MATLAB, MINITAB and is experienced with Bluetooth, Arduino UNO, Arduino UNO, and Micro-controllers (ATMEGA, 8051) hardware.
Arpit Gambhir
Co-Director of Machine Learning
Arpit leads our research and development of artificial intelligence as a prominent computer engineer with distinct skills. Prior to HADE Platform, Arpit created a trash sorting robot to detect and sort metals and non-metals. He also implemented an FCW algorithm for predicting 800 different scenarios with 98% accuracy in vehicles, such as vehicle alerts while driving. Arpit has experienced skills in MATLAB, Python, C++, HTML, PHP, Latex, LabView, AutoCAD, Verilog, Embedded C, and Atmel Studio.
Chad Boggs
Director of Graphic Design & Marketing
Chad studied theater, graphic and software design at the University of Northern Kentucky, and quickly built a reputation for his creative genius in film and theater throughout the Cincinnati Metropolitan area. Chad is an actor who has worked on and off-stage in many Hollywood productions. His most recent work includes the critically acclaimed mystery/drama “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” with Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman, and the horror film “Strangers 2”. Chad’s creative talents in film and theater have translated well to HADE Platform, and he will be a crucial component of our marketing, advertising, and graphic design.
Brittany Pennington
Executive Director of Consumer Development
Brittany works, manages, and makes the day-to-day decisions associated with our front-end HADE Platform services to ensure that all users have the best possible experience on HADE Platform. Brittany began working for HADE Technologies as a financial analyst, and through her hard work and creativity she was chosen to lead the consumer development division as HADE Technologies moves beyond enterprise services and into a secondary freemium business model for consumers and individual users.
Kirsten Huffman
Chief Database Officer
Kirsten has more than a decade of experience in managing others, and is responsible for the vertical and horizontal growth, accuracy, and management of the core HADE financial database that makes all of our premium services and artificial intelligence programs possible.
Mike Malott
Director of Sales
Mike began working for HADE Technologies as a financial analyst, but was quickly promoted to Director of Sales thanks to his intelligence and superb skills in dealing with others. Mike manages a caseload of enterprise customers and is responsible for the acquisition of future enterprise customers. In addition, Mike serves as a point of contact for individuals and finance professionals who use one or more of HADE Technologies’ services.
Randy Parton
Vice President of Content
Randy previously worked as an equity analyst at BNL Finance with a focus on basic materials, mining, and the energy sectors. On the Hade Platform, Randy’s responsibilities range from producing content, editing, and working with programmers to improve the performance of our artificial intelligence equity analysis programs. Randy has terrific insights and is responsible for ensuring the highest quality of content on the HADE Platform, and producing exclusive content for HADE Store members.
Koen Sanders
Director of Cyber Security
Koen is a Blockchain professional, application developer, and a distinguished hacker. He is currently studying ICT with a minor in Cybersecurity.

Our Advisors

Our advisors are actual advisors of the company. These are experienced individuals with their own teams of staff who will play crucial roles in helping us reach our goals.

Mark Lynd
Global Blockchain Influencer
Rajesh Pavithran
CEO at Boon Tech and founder of BOON Coin
Timothy Armes
CEO of NursesLounge.com and founder of Jobs.com
Andrew Johnsen
Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch
Greg Tavalsky
Vice President at IBM
Hollis Hedrich
CEO at Blockchain Global Advisors
Alan Boal
Chief Innovation Officer at Blockchain Global Advisors
Paul Hastings


Hade Platform (HADE) token was created on the Ethereum blockchain network. Those who own HADE can purchase premium services on HadePlatform.com, promote content, advertise, license APIs or other software, and also participate in future uses related to tokenized investment funds (TIFs) and the HADE Blockchain protocol.

You can transfer HADE to any wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens. You can find a short list of trusted wallets on the top of this page, and on our “Wallet” page. You can also transfer tokens to any exchange that supports HADE token.

HADE token was sold at a fixed rate of 5800 tokens per 1 Ethereum. This does not include bonuses or referral incentives. The future price of HADE token is not determined by the company, but rather supply and demand of the token within our ecosystem.

You can purchase HADE from any third party cryptocurrency exchanges that support HADE token, of which are disclosed at the top of this page.

HADE is an Ethereum-based token in the Hade Platform as described on this Webpage, Website, and our Whitepaper. HADE is a non refundable utility token intended to grow our network and is not for speculation. There is absolutely no promise of future performance. There is no suggestion or promise that HADE holds or will hold a particular value. HADE ownership gives no ownership rights in the company and does not represent participation in the company. HADE is sold as a functional good.

The development of HADE token and Hade Blockchain is based on the information herein and prioritized by company need. Many decisions regarding development and marketing are voted on and decided by the HADE Roundtable, a group of eight HADE token owners plus two Hade Technologies staff members who represent the larger community of HADE token owners.

If you want to stay current on all our latest announcements, developments, and better understand our vision, you can follow the HADE Blog here - https://hadeplatform.com/HadeBlogList.php