About Hade Pay

The first altcoin, ERC-20 token, and cryptocurrency platform for online payments. Businesses can accept digital currency payments and create new revenue streams while gaining a competitive edge with Hade Pay.

Whether you have a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, an e-commerce store, or a crowdfunding platform, Hade Pay makes digital currency payments fast, easy, secure, and automated.

See Hade Pay in action on HadePlatform.com to promote content, advertise, subscribe to our SaaS service MatriX, or to purchase HADE token at market value.

Email contact@hadepay.com for more information

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  • Quickly Purchase HADE at Market Value

    Make direct token purchases at market value on token issuing platforms, so tokens and coins are ready to use.

  • Advertise on HadePlatform.com

    Use HADE to advertise your business, product, or service with a banner or text advertisements

  • Access Matrix

    Subscribe to the world's most powerful investment research platform, driven by artificial intelligence and a next-gen database.

  • Reduce Payment Fees

    Hade Pay will be available for any business who wants to accept digital payments, and owning HADE token will reduce fees.

  • Streamline ICOs

    Simplify participation, accept any token or currency, and receive a currency of your choice via instant exchange by licensing Hade Pay with HADE Token.

Hade Pay Development
(Road Map)

  • Hade Pay

    Buy HADE Token

    (April 2018)

    Use HADE Token

    (May 2018)

  • Hade Pay

    (3Q 2018)

    25 Hade Pay Partners

    (3Q 2018)

    Buy 3rd Party Tokens at Market Price

    (3Q 2018)

    Integrate "Subscribe" & "Buy" Buttons Onto Partner Platforms

    (3Q 2018)

    Exchange Any Hade Pay Compatible Token or Coin

  • Hade Pay

    (4Q 2018)

    Offered as solution for ICOs to streamline the purchase of tokens with real time pricing.

    (4Q 2018)

    Introduce Tokenized Investment Funds with Hade Pay Compatible Tokens

    (4Q 2018)

    Partner With Small & Medium Sized Businesses With 100 Payment Options

Distribution of HADE

75 Million Total Supply


Public Distribution & Licensing


Reserved for the team.


Reserved for the consultants.


Community & Company Reserve


Public Distribution & Licensing


Reserved for the team.


Reserved for the consultants.


Community & Company Reserve

Tokens purchased with Hade Pay are distributed immediately after purchase


Hade Pay Core Team

Brian Nichols

(Founder & CEO)

Brian is an expert in data analytics, cloud delivered-as-a-service, and information technology. He is a McGraw-Hill author, equity analyst, professional investor, and the founder of Hade Technologies.

Roger Staton

(Chief Technology Officer)

Co-Founder of Hade Technologies, LLC and experienced programmer with skills in PHP, HTML, Ruby, Angular JS, jQuery, AWS, and Solidity among many others.

Mark Lynd

(Chief Operating Officer)

Mark is a global influencer in cybersecurity, blockchain, Fintech, and artificial intelligence who not only leads the commercialization of our products, but also aids in the development.

Mike Malott

(Director of HADE Development)

Mike is experienced in sales and business development, and is tasked with building relationships and partnerships with Hade Pay.

Our Advisors

Greg Tavalsky

(Vice President at IBM)

Hollis Hedrich

(CEO Blockchain Global Advisors)

Alan Boal

(CIO at Blockchain Global Advisors)

Steven Lee

(Smart Contract & Blockchain Expert)

Latest News

March 17, 2018

The Stripe of Crypto is Back: Better and Faster Than Ever

After a five day hiatus that involved necessary upgrades for scalability and commercialization, Hade Pay is back online, and it is lightning fast! 

Hade Pay is the Stripe of digital currency. We are testing, building, and preparing to commercialize on HadePlatform.com. However, the look of Hade Pay and selection of currencies can be customized on an admin panel then integrated into any Web or mobile application with a single line of code. 

Try it out for yourself here - HadePay link

Currently we have Ethereum and Bitcoin as currencies, along with three purchase options on the page linked above (including HADE token at market price). We are adding HADE token, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin before we unveil Hade Pay to the world on June 12 at the BCI Summit in NYC (see my picture on the third row?), and we could not be more excited!

Nevertheless, you might ask what upgrades were done to Hade Pay over the last few days. Well, there is nothing we can do about the latency that plagues individual currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. What we can do is deliver near instant response once the purchase is confirmed, the kind of speed you expect after a successful credit card purchase. 

To illustrate this speed, you can "test hade pay", purchase a subscription to MatriX, promote content, or advertise on this site, but the true illustration comes with the purchase and delivery of another token, HADE. Once your purchase with Ether or BTC is confirmed, notice how fast HADE is in your Ethereum wallet. It's like magic! 

Try Hade Pay Now!

It's this incredible delivery of purchase that will finally allow businesses to embrace digital currency. A company like Amazon.com can accept digital currency with Hade Pay, and once the purchase is confirmed via blockchain, Hade Pay would tell an Amazon fulfillment center to ship whatever product was purchased, the same way it does following a successful credit card purchase! 

This will work with any Web or mobile business, whether they are selling subscriptions (we even support recurring payments), digital access, big data, advertising, online gaming, etc. In retrospect, the entire business-to-consumer and business-to-business payments industry is the limit. And on June 12 at the BCI Summit in NYC, we will put this technology and our Verifie blockchain for digital wallet identification and security on display, two crucial pieces that collectively open up the B2C and B2B world to digital currency.

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March 17, 2018

Hade Pay Service Update and Progress

Hade Pay is the first business-to-consumer and business-to-business service for online digital currency payments. Hade Pay combines a completely customizable payment gateway with a private blockchain protocol for added security. Over the last three days we have done updates and front-end improvements to Hade Pay. This is all part of a large scale around-the-clock development process ahead of a worldwide unveil and launch at the BCI Summit in NY on June 12. 

We have decided to keep Hade Pay down until May 25 to expedite necessary changes to the service. Unlike most decentralized and blockchain-related projects, Hade Pay has largely been developed with the assistance of our community via tests, feedback, and direction that we have taken very seriously. In doing so, we noticed two minor issues earlier today that must be addressed before we continue with the upgrades we aim to complete ahead of the summit next month.

First, Hade Pay recycles digital wallet addresses with each requested transaction to provide the business with increased security and to keep its actual wallet address anonymous. Those recycled addresses are "sticking" to the node and servers associated with Hade Pay. This function is slowing the transaction process we worked so hard to optimize. We have found a solution to the issue, but rather than trying to run the script to recycle and remove digital wallet addresses on a live service, we are going to implement this script with several variations we can interchange while it is down to ensure no unexpected interruptions. 

Second, the Hade Pay servers are overloading much faster than we anticipated with each added currency. Once more, we found a solution through virtual servers and instances that scale, but as every Web developer knows, it is imperative that server upgrades and changes be done right in a closed environment so you can scale efficiently. 

All things considered, neither problems are big, but they are issues we wish to address now rather than waiting until Hade Pay is commercialized and used by 100s of businesses to accept digital payments. 

To conclude, I can't thank our community enough for their willingness to test in different environments, browsers, amounts, etc. We believe the Hade Pay plus Verifie project is unique in that the community is all working as one to deliver the best possible product so that we can officially bring-to-market the first ever viable solution for B2C and B2B digital payments. 

In retrospect, Bitcoin was created as a solution for person-to-person payments, and Ethereum with smart contracts tapped the B2C industry, but only startups and speculative companies via ICOs. There is yet to be a solution that really serves businesses with digital payments, until Hade Pay, an untapped market that accounts for 95% of all payments worldwide. 

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March 17, 2018

You Can Now Buy Tokens With Hade Pay

As explained in my last blog, we are rolling out Hade Pay very slowly ahead of our big presentation and open source announcement in June. Proper testing is very important with a service like Hade Pay.

We are now adding another layer, the purchase of HADE token at real time prices. You can find the "Buy HADE with Hade Pay" button on both the HADE token and Hade Pay pages here on hadeplatform.com . But let's say you don't want to click pages or search, then I might as well provide an exact link, here

At the very least, check out the YouTube video that our Director of HADE Development Mike Malott posted, showing how to use the service to make real-world online purchases and to buy tokens, here

Let me stress that the purpose of Hade Pay is not to purchase tokens, or act as an exchange. The ability to purchase HADE token at market value simply showcases the technology, an online purchase with digital currency. Over the next couple weeks we will add more currencies to Hade Pay, and also more options to showcase its power.

We are thrilled by the initial response and feedback that our community has provided related to Hade Pay. We believe it is an absolute breakthrough and when combined with Verifie it is the first and only solution to penetrate the very large, untapped business-to-consumer digital payments industry. 

Stay tuned for more. 

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March 17, 2018

HADE Distribution Details After 75 Million Token Burn

Recently we burned 75 million of the outstanding HADE token supply from the founder's MultiSig wallet. This leaves a remaining balance of 75 million total HADE tokens, but not all are in circulation. In this Hade Blog post, we will summarize and provide an allocation overview of the tokens that are not publicly distributed.

Approximately 15% of the outstanding HADE tokens are allocated for founders, advisors, and staff. So far 1.5 million of these tokens have already been distributed, and another 10,000,000 are held in a founders & advisors wallet that will not be locked up until October 1, before being distributed at the owners request. The 10 million tokens locked up were just recently sent to this new address to separate these tokens from a MultiSig wallet that is used to conduct daily business. 

The address for the founder, advisor, and staff lockup wallet is as followed - https://etherscan.io/token/0x7b171c08d812f9c642dcf61f7e080610cbca64b3?a=0xfc63c6acb89786802f7445a4d9ffa9d7e9f701d1

Approximately 20% of the outstanding tokens are held by Hade Pay for direct purchase and the "HadePlatformMultisigWallet". Hade Pay holds tokens on its address for instant purchase with Hade Pay, and the Ethereum used to purchase these tokens are send to the HadePlatformMultisigWallet, which is used to buyback HADE. As a result, there is a lot of activity between these two wallets, both of which play large roles in day-to-day business. Nonetheless, the collective balance of these two wallets should represent 20% of the outstanding HADE tokens.



The remaining tokens are distributed among public contributors of the HADE token sale, or held by coinexchange.io or IDEX decentralized exchange. 

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March 17, 2018

Hade Pay Launch Details and Timeline

After months and months of development, we have achieved something remarkable, the creation of a safe, simple, streamlined business-to-consumer (B2C) digital payments platform...... and we are ready to prove it.

The next month is all about proper testing and preparation before we expand our world and present Hade Pay plus Verifie at the BCI Summit in NYC on June 12 (Metropolitan Museum).  Initially, we planned to test Hade Pay for three months on Hade Platform businesses, but realize both the immediate need and opportunity to make this service available for all businesses to accept digital currency payments. So that's what we are going to do.

How do I test Hade Pay?

To start, we have created a restricted page that is only accessible with the use of Hade Pay and a successful purchase. You will find the "test Hade Pay" link on the official Hade Pay page, or you can find it below.

Test Hade Pay

If you want to test Hade Pay, here are a couple things to keep in mind:

  1. We have it set to test with Ethereum only for the sake of simplicity. 
  2. When you click pay with Ethereum, you will be shown an amount that equals $1 and an Ethereum address. Send the requested amount to the Ethereum address shown from any Ethereum wallet. 
  3. After you send, don't push back, refresh, or exit the page. The Hade Pay wallet address recycles each time a payment option is selected.
  4. We have worked hard to solve latency issues and the approval/unlock process typically occurs in less than 30 seconds after you send Ethereum. However, it could take longer (we are working on that).
  5. Once the payment is confirmed, you will be granted access to our "restricted page", showing you how Hade Pay can be used in any Web or mobile application to make purchases, the same exact way that Stripe tells Web and mobile applications when a successful credit card purchase is made. 

What's still to come?

Rather than launching Hade Pay with complete capabilities, we are taking a long-term, slower approach that involves better testing and development before we give Hade Pay to the world. Here is a timeline of events to come:

As seen above, we will consistently add new currencies to Hade Pay over the next four weeks, and hope to have complete integration of Verifie by June. However, be advised that both Hade Pay and Verifie are doing things that have never been done, so there are unexpected delays from time to time. If it were easy, 25 people would have done it by now. 

Nonetheless, I do want to speak a little about Verifie, and why it is the missing link to take digital currency payments to a business-to-consumer industry that is at least 100x larger than the industry that digital currencies currently serve (person-to-person). 

For businesses to fully embrace digital currencies we must realize that the scams, phishing attacks, and fraud that plague this industry must stop. Yes, such problems impact every industry, but not to the extent of digital currency payments. It has been estimated that at least 10% of all funds used for ICOs are stolen. Then, there are another 30% of ICOs that are fraudulent. Both instances are unacceptable. 

Verifie will let businesses or any user verify their digital wallet address through a series of verification steps, that includes verifying their emails, phone numbers, business address, name, and IP address among other things. Since Verifie is a private blockchain, not all of this information will be public, but we will be able to securely identify a wallet address or Hade Pay recipient to the consumer before a proposed purchase. 

We believe this will do wonders for the future of digital currency transactions, because in the event that Hade Pay servers were ever compromised, the Verifie application will alert the user that a recipient address has been changed or may be compromised... that it is unsafe. 

In the past, businesses would be reluctant to take these steps or consider digital currency as a payment option. However, times are changing, and savvy business leaders know that accepting digital currency means embracing a very large, loyal millennial consumer base. Finally, businesses are ready to embrace digital currency, but they must have the tools to do so efficiently, safely, and securely.... Hade Pay plus Verifie will provide the tools to do just that. 

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March 17, 2018

Hade Pay Update: B2C Digital Currency Payment Platform Will Be Open Source

Hade Pay will officially launch on Sunday, May 13. Over the next couple days we will begin offering "test Hade Pay" demos as we prepare for a month of live testing before making Hade Pay the first commercial service for business-to-consumer (B2C) digital payments. 

We recently published a Version 2 of the Hade Pay Executive Summary (page 4) that details a revised strategy to make the service open source for all businesses to accept digital currency payments via our API with a single line of code. We will still be selective with token issuing partners, and which tokens/coins we add to the Hade Pay network. However, any business will be able to securely accept digital currency payments in a Stripe-like setting as early as June. 

Hade Pay will be monetized by charging a processing fee of 0.5% of the currency used, or 0.25% in HADE token for businesses who own HADE in their wallet. All incoming HADE token from Hade Pay will be redistributed to the HadePlatform.com community via a soon-to-be-announced Hade Rewards program, that rewards content creators, engaged users, and security bounty participants with HADE token. 

Verifie put on display with Hade Pay

Hade Technologies is very quietly developing a private blockchain protocol and applications that we believe will accelerate the use of digital currency in the B2C space. 

Fact is Bitcoin was created for person-to-person payments, and Ethereum through smart contracts opened the door for startup companies to tap the B2C space with ICOs. However, the traditional B2C industry is many times larger than both person-to-person and startup financing combined, likely 1,000x larger!

For businesses to truly embrace digital currency, there must be a simple, streamlined approach that lets businesses accept digital payments and instantly recognize the transaction as a success or failure. Hade Pay accomplishes this goal, allowing online businesses to instantly unlock and deliver the services they sell with an automatically confirmed successful transaction. 

However, for businesses to fully embrace digital currency, security is equally important as simplicity. Therefore, in our first major update before making Hade Pay commercially available to all online businesses, we will incorporate parts of our private blockchain protocol, Verifie, a service that many have asked about that we have been somewhat hesitant to discuss. 

Currently, Hade Technologies is submitting necessary patent applications for both Hade Pay and Verifie, and will test the compatibility between these two services before our first major update in early June. 

Verifie will work with Hade Pay to independently verify the identity of businesses to would be customers by simultaneously confirming the owner of a Hade Pay recipient wallet address. A green check signals that consumers can safely send digital currencies to a verified wallet address, and can gain additional information on the identity of that business (or person). A red X signals the person or business is not verified and the recipient address could be fraudulent or compromised. 

We believe the combination of Verified and Hade Pay will not only lead to a greater adoption of businesses to accept digital currencies, but it will convert existing businesses that accept digital currencies who constantly fear complex hacking and security breaches that currently overwhelm the digital currency arena. 

More details still to come on the integration of Hade Pay with Verifie. Until then, Hade Pay will launch in just a few more days and will be open source for all businesses to accept online digital payments as soon as June. We plan to unveil Hade Pay and showcase its capabilities at the BCI Summit in New York at the Metropolitan Museum on June 11-13.

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