All HADE Store products and services are accessed and managed in the portal
Members Portal

For Limited Time Only

Complete Access to the HADE Platform Members Portal for Only "$500 per month in you can:

  • Visualize, analyze, and interact with more than 4,500,000 financial data points on 5,000 companies for superior investment research.
  • Generate an unlimited number of real-time research reports on 5,000 companies
  • Get stock grades on more than 5,000 companies from artificial intelligence.
  • Get Dividend Investment grades on more than 1,000 companies
  • Access exclusive content and research on stocks and crypto currencies
Stock Products

Stock Reports

Generate 30-40 page research reports on any of 4,500+ companies in real time with click of button.

Price: $500 Buy

Dividend Grades

Ranks 4,500 stocks in real time from machine learning and AI for value/growth investors.

Price: $75 Buy

Investment Grades

Ranks 2,000 stocks with dividends in real time for conservative and incomeinvestors.

Price: $125 Buy

Portfolio Risk Analysis

Enter your holdings, and our machines analyze to determine your risk exposure.

Price: $50 (Coming Soon)
To inquire and purchase a HADE Store product, please email and we will contact you.

Crypto Products

Crypto Reports

Generate instant reports on any crypto currency from machine learning and AI.

Price: $500

Top Cryptos

Rank and sort all cryptos by value, usage, and growth potential from machine learning and AI.

Price: $375
To inquire and purchase a HADE Store product, please email and we will contact you.


Use HADE Token or USD to promote your content, promote other content, or advertise something you care about on with a vast array of advertising options.


Licensing & APIs
Want to use the HADE Platform’s breakthrough technology in your own website, blog, or enterprise?

We have a solution for companies of all sizes, to help apply better technology to your existing applications and grow your business larger. We have three tiers of each 12-month service via license.

Database & Charting API

The world’s most diverse database with powerful visualization and analytics tools can be your company’s to use. Send powerful messages to your customers and grow your business larger.

Tier 1
  • $6,000
Tier 2
  • $24,000
Tier 3
  • $120,000

Interactive Content API

Take your content to the next level and gain an edge over the competition. Our API will not only increase your traffic and content, but also keep readers engaged as they actually interact with the content you publish.

Tier 1
  • $2,000
Tier 2
  • $8,000
Tier 3
  • $40,000

Branded Research Reports

Generate the most thorough stock research reports in the industry, in real-time with the click of a button. Brand and customize the reports to your investment firm to increase customer retention rates, upsell more ideas, and convert new customers.

Tier 1
  • $60,000
Tier 2
  • $130,000
Tier 3
  • $500,000
Contact for more information about licensing our APIs.

Enterprise Services
The perfect solution to manage your Financial Enterprise

Our complete service for investment banks, research boutique firms, and other financial institutions and businesses alike. The integration of our services guarantees to increase revenue, decrease costs, and improve productivity throughout your organization.

Database &
Charting API
Content API
Branded Research
Reports API
Your business gets a dedicated HADE Platform subdomain (ie with custom applications, our productivity and CRM suite, and custom-built applications to serve you better.

You get complete access to all premium services on HADE Platform plus:

  • Create work groups for better communication among team members
  • Collaborate on research and investment projects
  • Manage and communicate with all staff, customers, and business partners
  • Make direct trades and investments from your HADE Platform
  • Build investment funds with proper documentation on blockchain technology with interactive smart contracts.
  • Stay compliant and ensure proper record keeping with our blockchain technology.
  • Diversity your investment firm into crypto currencies by using our platform to create tokenized investment funds for your clients.

Complete Enterprise Solution tier pricing for annual services:

Tier 1
  • $125,000
Tier 2
  • $1,500,000
Tier 3
  • $8,700,000

How our enterprise prices compare:

5,000 Bloomberg Portals = $100,000,000

Unlimited Tier 3 Users per Enterprise - $8,700,000

90% Savings

For large institutions with more powerful tools and unlimited customization options


Submit your Token or Coin

Does your company have a crypto-currency or token that is exchange traded? Apply here to add your currency on the HADE Platform and access our network of financial advisors, investment management firms, hedge funds, and financial institutions alike who are building tokenized investment funds for their clients.


Create your own Tokenized Investment Fund

Does your firm or institution want to enter the crypto space, but not sure how? HADE Platform is building a network of top crypto-currencies whose corresponding business models and usage potential have been prescreened for your review. HADE Platform is here to serve and walk your firm through the tokenized investment fund formation process so that you may offer such products, and a combination of token and fiat created investment products to your customers.

* HADE Technologies LLC business with tokenized investment funds is still in its infancy, and very much unrefined. Its success rests on our ability to grow the HADE Platform network, and to complete all legal, accounting, and regulatory requirements, many of which remain unclear at this time. We aim to be a pioneer for licensing the technology that allows for the creation of tokenized investment funds, and also supporting those funds on our platform. Please be advised that “invest�? as a service of HADE is intended to illustrate our eventual goal, not to guarantee or otherwise promise when or if such products will be made available for creation or purchase. This goal might require additional unforeseen steps that we don’t yet anticipate.


Buy, sell, or trade HADE on third party exchanges for cryptocurrencies.


**The ability to trade HADE on third party exchanges is not to create profits or form an investment contract by owning HADE, but to offer owners a multitude of options for using the currency, buying the currency, or selling the currency as with any other currency where exchange options are made available (ie USD for Euro). This creates a clear and necessary exit for HADE owners who no longer wish to own HADE Tokens for the purpose of use on the HADE Platform, or for buyers who wish to purchase services but not earn the token through traditional means on the platform.