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Company Description

Verizon Communications Inc. is a holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, provides communications, information and entertainment products and services to consumers, businesses and governmental agencies. Its segments include Wireless and Wireline. The Wireless segment offers communications products and services, including wireless voice and data services and equipment sales, to consumer, business and government customers across the United States. The Wireline segment offers voice, data and video communications products and services, such as broadband video and data, corporate networking solutions, data center and cloud services, security and managed network services, and local and long distance voice services. The Company provides these products and services to consumers in the United States, as well as to carriers, businesses and government customers both in the United States and around the world.

Revenue 130,53796,582126,034125,980131,620
Cost of Revenue Expense 55,39240,21751,55651,42452,557
Gross Profit 75,14556,36574,47874,55679,063
Selling, General & Administrative Expense 31,20421,67328,33631,56929,986
Operating Income 26,43421,64129,18827,05933,060
Interest Expense 4,8533,6344,7334,3764,920
Pretax Income 21,19018,25620,59420,98628,240
Provision Tax Income -11,5674,282-9,9567,3789,865
Net Income 32,25813,58930,10113,12717,879
EBITDA 43,55034,94142,28141,29049,177
Cash & Cash Equivalents 2,5382,5382,0792,8804,470
Short Term Receivables 24,01224,01223,49317,51313,457
Inventories 1,2701,2701,0341,2021,252
Total Cash 00000
Current Assets 33,15433,15429,91326,39522,280
Total Assets 265,562265,562257,143244,180244,640
Short Term Debt 6,5026,5023,4532,6456,489
Accounts Payable 19,34219,3427,0637,0846,391
Total Current Liabilities 34,16734,16733,03730,34035,052
Long Term Debt 106,440106,440113,642105,433103,705
Deferred Tax Liabilities 35,71235,71231,23245,96445,484
Total Liabilities 209,475209,475212,456220,148226,798
Total Stock Holders Equity 54,49554,49543,09622,52416,428
Total Equity 54,49554,49543,09622,52416,428
Operating Cash Flow 00000
Investing Cash Flow -18,807-13,136-19,372-10,983-30,043
Dividends Paid 9,6887,2839,4729,2628,538
Financing Cash Flow -17,242-12,421-6,734-13,322-15,015
Free Cash Flow 14,91612,9117,4755,12211,213

Unique Data Points

Cost of Service Expense 31,85824,02230,53330,04729,438
EMPLOYEES 152152155161178
Retail Postpaid accounts 35,30935,30935,40435,41035,736
Wireless Capital Expenditure 9,5276,14410,31011,24011,725
Wireless Cost of Equipment Expense 23,53416,19522,14722,23823,119
Wireless Cost of Services Expense 8,8836,9008,6877,9887,803
Wireless Depreciation and Amortization Expense 9,6857,3419,3959,1838,980
Wireless Equipment Revenue 21,91215,43718,88917,51516,924
Wireless Operating Revenue 91,09367,32287,51189,18691,680
Wireless Operating Income 31,95224,83429,20729,85329,973
Wireless Operating Expense 59,14142,48858,30459,33361,707
Wireless Operating Other Revenue 286--136313325
Wireless Retail Churn Detail 11111
Wireless Retail Postpaid ARPA 137137136142148
Wireless Retail Postpaid Churn Detail 11111
Wireless Retail Postpaid Connection Units 445,725334,871438,111431,967417,919
Wireless Retail Postpaid I-ARPA 171171167169164
Wireless Retail Postpaid Net Addition Units 2,4801,3062,0842,2884,507
Wireless Retail Prepaid Connection Units 20,03914,63621,86921,67923,079
Wireless Retail Prepaid Net Addition Units -851-667-43-133-551
Wireless Segment EBITDA 41,63732,17538,60239,03638,953
Wireless Selling, General and Administrative Expense 17,03912,05218,10319,92421,805
Wireless Service Revenue 63,00247,12263,12166,58069,625
Wireless Total Retail Connections 465,764349,507459,980453,646440,998
Wireless Total Retail Net Addition Units 1,6296392,0412,1553,956
Wireless Total Smartphone Postpaid % of Phones Activated 9191979594
Wireline Capital Expenditure 6,3814,4005,3394,5045,049
Wireline Broadband Connection Units 27,83920,88027,93630,30830,465
Wireline Business Markets Revenue 3,4462,5613,5853,371--
Wireline Consumer Markets Revenue 12,6089,42012,77712,751--
Wireline Consumer Retail Revenue 12,791--6,38513,59316,123
Wireline Cost of Services Expense 17,68813,22317,92218,52020,328
Wireline Depreciation and Amortization Expense 6,1424,6106,1046,0546,665
Wireline Enterprise Solutions Revenue 8,9086,6239,16711,82612,943
Wireline Fios Revenue 11,8528,89311,69111,23612,999
Wireline Fios Digital Connection Units 57,50343,12957,31360,18858,442
Wireline Fios Digital Voice Residence Connection Units -87-721023144
Wireline Fios Digital Voice Resident Connection Units 15,49211,58715,62116,45616,150
Wireline Fios Internet Subscriber Units 210163197235401
Wireline Fios Internet Subscribers 6,0136,0135,8505,6535,418
Wireline Fios Video Subscriber Units -151-122-7559183
Wireline Fios Video Subscribers 4,4974,4974,6194,6944,635
Wireline HSI Connection Units 4,1012,9924,8585,9468,852
Wireline HSI Net Addition Units -230-164-276-282-372
Wireline Mass Markets Revenue 15,390----15,39018,473
Wireline Operating Revenue 30,00422,38730,68032,71237,720
Wireline Operating Income 620380-1041,493
Wireline Operating Expense 29,94222,38730,30032,01635,545
Wireline Other Revenue 239189234312--
Wireline Partner Solutions Revenue 4,8033,5944,9174,957--
Wireline Primary Residence Connections 27,216--27,21629,30637,269
Wireline Primary Residence Switched Access Connections 11,595--11,59513,73319,372
Wireline Segment EBITDA 6,2044,6106,4845,9508,158
Wireline Selling, General and Administrative Expense 6,1124,5546,2746,5547,825
Wireline Small Business Revenue 1,797----1,7972,350
Wireline Total Broadband Connection Units -20-1-79-4729
Wireline Total Retail Residence Voice Connection Units 43,63836,83440,45630,29538,696
Wireline Total Voice Connection Units -1,091-812-1,118-1,096-1,344
Wireline Voice Connection Units 50,74637,92552,90760,64665,420
Wireline Wholesale Revenue 4,976--1,2565,1835,074
Wireline Net Additions Fios Digital Connection Units -28-31132317728