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Company Description

Pfizer Inc. (Pfizer) is a research-based global biopharmaceutical company. The Company is engaged in the discovery, development and manufacture of healthcare products. Its global portfolio includes medicines and vaccines, as well as consumer healthcare products. The Company manages its commercial operations through two business segments: Pfizer Innovative Health (IH) and Pfizer Essential Health (EH). IH focuses on developing and commercializing medicines and vaccines, as well as products for consumer healthcare. IH therapeutic areas include internal medicine, vaccines, oncology, inflammation and immunology, rare diseases and consumer healthcare. EH includes legacy brands, branded generics, generic sterile injectable products, biosimilars and infusion systems. EH also includes a research and development (R&D) organization, as well as its contract manufacturing business. Its brands include Prevnar 13, Xeljanz, Eliquis, Lipitor, Celebrex, Pristiq and Viagra.

Revenue $53,373$52,546$52,825$48,851--
Cost of Revenue Expense $11,433$11,240$12,328$9,647--
Gross Profit $41,940$41,306$40,497$39,204--
Selling, General & Administrative Expense $14,999$14,784$14,838$14,808--
Operating Income $14,255$14,106$13,730$12,978--
Interest Expense $966$1,271$1,186$1,200--
Pretax Income $13,785$12,305$8,351$8,964--
Provision Tax Income -$10,066-$9,049$1,123$1,990--
Net Income $23,821$21,308$7,215$6,960--
EPS Fully Diluted $4$4$1$1$1
EBITDA $20,379$19,845$15,294$15,321--
Cash & Cash Equivalents $0$1,342$2,595$3,641--
Short Term Receivables $0$8,221$8,225$8,176--
Inventories $0$7,578$6,783$7,513--
Total Cash $0$0$0$0--
Current Assets $0$41,141$38,949$43,804--
Total Assets $0$171,797$171,615$167,460--
Short Term Debt $0$9,954$10,688$10,160--
Accounts Payable $0$4,656$4,536$3,620--
Total Current Liabilities $0$30,427$31,115$29,399--
Long Term Debt $0$33,538$31,398$28,818--
Deferred Tax Liabilities $0$3,900$30,753$26,877--
Total Liabilities $0$100,141$111,775$102,462--
Total Stock Holders Equity $0$71,308$59,544$64,720--
Total Equity $0$71,308$59,544$64,720--
Operating Cash Flow $0$0$0$0--
Investing Cash Flow $3,414-$4,741-$7,811-$2,980--
Dividends Paid $5,930$7,659$7,317$6,940--
Financing Cash Flow -$16,013-$13,035-$8,921-$10,233--
Free Cash Flow $10,957$14,253$13,902$13,016--

Unique Data Points

Alliances Revenue $3,634$2,927$1,746$1,313$276
Essential Revenue $22,204$10,590$23,628$21,982$25,149
Premarian Revenue $871$977$1,016$1,018$1,076
Quarterly Dividend Payout -$2,032$84,278$82,685-$6,940-$6,609
Selling, Informational & Administrative Expense $15,005$14,784$14,838$14,782$13,721
Viagra Revenue $718$1,205$1,565$1,708$1,685
Emerging Markets Chantix/Champix Revenue $55$43$33$43$37
Emerging Markets Internal Medicine Revenue $705$591$494$479$455
Emerging Markets Lyrica IH Revenue $216$216$217$276$90
Emerging Markets PFIZER INNOVATIVE Revenue $4,837$4,381$3,724$4,020$1,104
Emerging Markets All Other Biosimilars Revenue $16$17$16$4--
Emerging Markets All other Internal Medicine Revenue $141$122$211$136$28
Emerging Markets All other LEP Revenue $1,602$1,571$1,395$1,704$434
Emerging Markets All other Oncology Revenue $10$7$10$10$3
Emerging Markets All other Peri-LOE Products Revenue $67$70$72$88$32
Emerging Markets All other Rare Disease Revenue $66$62$23$8$9
Emerging Markets All other SIP Revenue $702$711$660$511$167
Emerging Markets All other Vaccines Revenue $52$32$19$5$3
Emerging Markets Alliance revenues Revenue $132$199$27$11$9
Emerging Markets Benefix Revenue $72$60$47$43$34
Emerging Markets Biosimilars Revenue $52$44$30$7--
Emerging Markets Bosulif Revenue $8$5------
Emerging Markets Celebrex Revenue $300$311$303$350$377
Emerging Markets Consumer Healthcare Revenue $920$882$802$909$250
Emerging Markets Effexor Revenue $79$77$79$91$96
Emerging Markets Enbrel (Outside Canada) Revenue $600$647$632$790$861
Emerging Markets Fragmin Revenue $61$58$52$54$66
Emerging Markets FSME/IMMUN-TicoVac Revenue $21$17$18$16--
Emerging Markets Genotropin Revenue $95$96$87$93$109
Emerging Markets Ibrance Revenue $207$144$43$4--
Emerging Markets Inflammation & Immunology (I&I) Revenue $703$723$675$812$239
Emerging Markets Inflectra/Remsima Revenue $37$27$14$3--
Emerging Markets Inlyta Revenue $58$44$43$33$22
Emerging Markets Legacy Established Products (LEP) Revenue $4,474$4,074$3,913$4,440$1,302
Emerging Markets Lipitor Revenue $1,529$1,285$1,157$1,236$1,203
Emerging Markets Lyrica EH Revenue $110$115$109$136$48
Emerging Markets Medrol Revenue $92$94$90$101$134
Emerging Markets Norvasc Revenue $719$616$622$616$613
Emerging Markets Oncology Revenue $714$613$440$398$106
Emerging Markets Peri-LOE Products Revenue $1,605$1,323$1,289$1,471$419
Emerging Markets Pfizer CentreOne Revenue $161$43$55$58-$50
Emerging Markets PFIZER ESSENTIAL HEALTH Revenue $7,698$7,019$6,704$7,113$2,051
Emerging Markets Precedex Revenue $44$47------
Emerging Markets Premarin Family Revenue $26$27$29$33$41
Emerging Markets Prevnar/Prevenar 13 Revenue $1,365$1,195$1,011$1,139$1,049
Emerging Markets Pristiq Revenue $62$73$60$58$62
Emerging Markets Rare Disease Revenue $358$328$268$263$85
Emerging Markets Refacto AF/Xyntha Revenue $112$94$65$52$54
Emerging Markets Relpax Revenue $5$17$16$17$19
Emerging Markets Revatio Revenue $24$33$32$32$31
Emerging Markets Somavert Revenue $13$15$14$14$15
Emerging Markets Sterile Injectable Pharmaceuticals (SIP) Revenue $1,693$1,515$1,315$1,114$330
Emerging Markets Sulperazon Revenue $580$460$383$323$333
Emerging Markets Sutent Revenue $259$262$243$270$273
Emerging Markets Total Lyrica Revenue $312$331$326$411$484
Emerging Markets Total Viagra Revenue $305$300$294$313$343
Emerging Markets Toviaz Revenue $12$11$11$12$13
Emerging Markets Tygacil Revenue $142$131$119$124$130
Emerging Markets Vaccines Revenue $1,438$1,242$1,046$1,160$295
Emerging Markets Vfend Revenue $274$247$244$267$274
Emerging Markets Viagra EH Revenue $305$300$294$313$88
Emerging Markets Xalatan/Xalacom Revenue $107$104$110$122$148
Emerging Markets Xalkori Revenue $174$139$100$79$67
Emerging Markets Xanax/Xanax XR Revenue $54$73$69$75$82
Emerging Markets Xeljanz Revenue $102$75$43$22$6
Emerging Markets Zithromax/Zmax Revenue $194$175$164$168$173
Emerging Markets Zoloft Revenue $141$130$118$124$129
Emerging Markets Zyvox Revenue $180$174$177$228$212
Europe All Other Biosimilars Revenue $101$93$133$28--
Europe All other I&I Revenue -$14-$17-$9----
Europe All other Internal Medicine Revenue $8$4$55-$129-$2
Europe All other LEP Revenue $1,092$917$855$815$279
Europe All other Oncology Revenue $1-$5$33$28$6
Europe All other Peri-LOE Products Revenue $84$75$85$141$62
Europe All other Rare Disease Revenue $121$109$63$57$33
Europe All other SIP Revenue $336$350$383$269$78
Europe All other Vaccines Revenue $185$158$157$91$26
Europe BeneFIX Revenue $165$192$243$263$282
Europe Biosimilars Revenue $415$355$277$55--
Europe BMP2 Revenue $0$0------
Europe Bosulif Revenue $50$33------
Europe Celebrex Revenue $28$29$31$45$137
Europe CentreOne Revenue $143$110$160$182$39
Europe Chantix/Champix Revenue $83$78$78$80$142
Europe Consumer Healthcare Revenue $466$431$410$414$126
Europe Effexor Revenue $60$60$61$71$92
Europe Eliquis Alliance Revenue $887$630$379$224$33
Europe Enbrel Revenue $1,238$1,410$1,852$2,130$2,511
Europe Essential Health Revenue $3,256$3,360$4,014$4,443$1,462
Europe Fragmin Revenue $151$147$162$179$204
Europe FSME/IMMUN-TicoVac Revenue $124$117$100$78--
Europe Genotropin Revenue $182$177$186$205$251
Europe Ibrance Revenue $360$122$21$1--
Europe Inflammation & Immunology (I&I) Revenue $1,317$1,432$1,862$2,142$647
Europe Inflectra/Remsima Revenue $313$261$154$27--
Europe Inlyta Revenue $53$70$103$109$107
Europe Innovative Revenue $5,601$5,149$5,314$5,271$1,575
Europe Internal Medicine Revenue $1,049$780$578$248--
Europe Legacy Established Products (LEP) Revenue $1,539$1,500$1,562$1,633$547
Europe Lipitor Revenue $188$184$202$207$268
Europe Medrol Revenue $49$50$51$57$88
Europe Norvasc Revenue $68$66$68$75$97
Europe Oncology Revenue $954$720$649$633$174
Europe Peri-LOE Products Revenue $567$770$1,295$1,991$749
Europe Premarin family Revenue $2$4$4$8$8
Europe Prevnar/Prevenar 13 Revenue $646$644$626$655$754
Europe Pristiq Revenue $30$28$22$18$13
Europe Rare Disease Revenue $859$892$959$1,010$312
Europe Refacto AF/Xyntha Revenue ----------
Europe Relpax Revenue $9$33$37$62$73
Europe Revatio Revenue $42$68$119$128$148
Europe Somavert Revenue $131$125$122$121$137
Europe Sterile Injectable Pharmaceuticals (SIP) Revenue $616$626$665$568$167
Europe Sutent Revenue $324$323$338$366$416
Europe Total Alliance Revenue $842$593$382$250$139
Europe Total Lyrica Revenue $279$438$692$1,047$1,634
Europe Total Viagra Revenue $51$46$50$56$86
Europe Toviaz Revenue $71$67$65$72$91
Europe Tygacil Revenue $75$79$70$64$74
Europe Vaccines Revenue $957$894$854$824$274
Europe Vfend Revenue $41$56$191$254$301
Europe Xalatan/Xalacom Revenue $73$71$73$91$127
Europe Xalkori Revenue $165$175$154$129$113
Europe Xanax/Xanax XR Revenue $70$86$85$85$102
Europe Xeljanz Revenue $93$39$20$12$6
Europe Zithromax/Zmax Revenue $49$45$43$43$55
Europe Zoloft Revenue $40$36$34$33$54
Europe Zyvox Revenue $19$29$101$300$341
International All Other Biosimilars Revenue $118$112$110$33--
International All other I&I Revenue $35$47$52$64$18
International All other Internal Medicine Revenue $185$165$375$98$18
International All other LEP Revenue $3,531$3,480$3,162$2,776$978
International All other Oncology Revenue $23$17$76$56$12
International All other Peri-LOE Products Revenue $221$218$234$326$127
International All other Rare Disease Revenue $249$228$126$91$18
International All other SIP Revenue $1,336$1,390$1,469$1,008$297
International All other Vaccines Revenue $254$205$182$98$32
International Benefix Revenue $324$350$410$428$457
International Biosimilars Revenue $488$413$315$63--
International BMP2 Revenue $0$0------
International Bosulif Revenue $95$62------
International Celebrex Revenue $606$610$618$686$964
International CentreOne Revenue $294$169$240$278$240
International Chantix/Champix Revenue $259$256$245$245$269
International Consumer Healthcare Revenue $1,710$1,620$1,490$1,597$1,749
International Effexor Revenue $233$214$191$194$234
International Enbrel Revenue $2,222$2,452$2,908$3,332$3,850
International EpiPen Revenue $56$70$55$66$54
International Essential Health Revenue $13,965$13,558$14,066$14,836$4,514
International Fragmin Revenue $289$286$288$312$358
International FSME/IMMUN-TicoVac Revenue $145$136$102$95$0
International Genotropin Revenue $435$434$437$454$539
International Ibrance Revenue $746$301$68$4--
International Inflammation & Immunology (I&I) Revenue $2,584$2,702$3,083$3,450$1,031
International Inflectra/Remsima Revenue $371$301$202$30--
International Inlyta Revenue $190$213$239$225$222
International Innovative Revenue $14,038$12,962$12,424$12,311$3,543
International Internal Medicine Revenue $3,145$2,779$2,482$1,907$2,025
International Legacy Established Products (LEP) Revenue $7,883$7,554$7,435$8,170$2,486
International Lipitor Revenue $1,993$1,754$1,593$1,700$1,820
International Lyrica EH Revenue $376$554$801$1,184$482
International Lyrica IH Revenue $1,023$1,048$1,026$993$289
International Medicine Alliance Revenue $1,330$1,105$643$384$68
International Medrol Revenue $162$165$166$182$254
International Norvasc Revenue $977$888$923$956$1,073
International Oncology Revenue $2,155$1,671$1,396$1,295$356
International Peri-LOE Products Revenue $2,510$2,740$3,289$4,227$1,442
International Precedex Revenue $108$104------
International Premarin Family Revenue $51$56$60$67$84
International Prevnar/Prevenar 13 Revenue $2,247$2,268$2,074$2,220$2,310
International Pristiq Revenue $145$170$154$163$184
International Rare Disease Revenue $1,596$1,609$1,628$1,652$471
International Refacto AF/Xyntha Revenue $423$438$432$415$494
International Relpax Revenue $26$93$97$118$137
International Revatio Revenue $97$133$187$196$225
International Somavert Revenue $165$159$155$151$173
International Sterile Injectable Pharmaceuticals (SIP) Revenue $2,787$2,650$2,535$2,034$586
International Sulperazon Revenue $589$472$396$339$355
International Sutent Revenue $703$707$705$751$821
International Total Alliance revenues Revenue $1,185$890$631$424$264
International Total Lyrica Revenue $1,400$1,601$1,827$2,175$2,853
International Total Viagra Revenue $420$416$417$447$545
International Toviaz Revenue $183$173$160$151$155
International Tygacil Revenue $228$215$194$194$211
International Vaccines Revenue $2,847$2,580$2,342$2,412$712
International Vfend Revenue $399$407$558$643$719
International Viagra EH Revenue $410$381$383$410$122
International Viagra IH Revenue $10$35$34$36$12
International Xalatan/Xalacom Revenue $308$317$341$377$473
International Xalkori Revenue $398$371$310$256$243
International Xanax/Xanax XR Revenue $181$177$174$181$210
International Xeljanz Revenue $326$212$122$53$20
International Zithromax/Zmax Revenue $283$268$265$269$302
International Zoloft Revenue $247$238$243$316$369
International Zyvox Revenue $256$267$355$603$672
Rest of World Bosulif Revenue $38$26------
Rest of World Innovative Health Revenue $3,599$3,432$3,387$3,019$864
Rest of Wolrd Zithromax/Zmax Revenue $40$47$56$58$75
Rest of World All other I&I Revenue $49$55$61$64$22
Rest of World All other Internal Medicine Revenue $37$38$108$91$22
Rest of World All other LEP Revenue $972$993$912$918$265
Rest of World All other Oncology Revenue $12$14$33$18$4
Rest of World All other Peri-LOE Products Revenue $72$73$76$98$34
Rest of World All other Rare Disease Revenue $61$57$38$27$7
Rest of World All other SIP Revenue $342$330$426$227$51
Rest of World All other Vaccines Revenue $19$12$7$0$4
Rest of World Alliance Revenue $331$275$243$149$27
Rest of World BeneFIX Revenue $88$99$120$122$140
Rest of World Biosimilars Revenue $22$14$7$1--
Rest of World Celebrex Revenue $269$270$283$291$451
Rest of World CentreOne Revenue $15$18$25$38$21
Rest of World Chantix/Champix Revenue $112$116$133$120$123
Rest of World Consumer Healthcare Revenue $326$309$278$274$86
Rest of World Effexor Revenue $93$76$52$30$46
Rest of World Enbrel Revenue $384$395$424$412$478
Rest of World EpiPen Revenue $56$70$55$66$54
Rest of World Essential Health Revenue $3,010$3,179$3,348$3,280$1,001
Rest of World Fragmin Revenue $76$80$74$80$87
Rest of World Genotropin Revenue $159$161$162$155$179
Rest of World Ibrance Revenue $178$34$4----
Rest of World Inflammation & Immunology (I&I) Revenue $565$547$546$497$148
Rest of World Inflectra/Remsima Revenue $20$13$6----
Rest of World Inlyta Revenue $79$84$99$83$92
Rest of World Internal Medicine Revenue $1,390$1,408$1,410$1,180$562
Rest of World Legacy Established Products (LEP) Revenue $1,870$1,979$1,958$2,099$637
Rest of World Lipitor Revenue $275$285$235$255$349
Rest of World Medrol Revenue $23$24$23$23$33
Rest of World Norvasc Revenue $189$206$235$263$363
Rest of World Peri-LOE Products Revenue $626$648$706$764$275
Rest of World Premarin family Revenue $24$27$28$27$34
Rest of World Prevnar/Prevenar 13 Revenue $434$431$435$425$507
Rest of World Pristiq Revenue $52$69$71$87$108
Rest of World Rare Disease Revenue $378$388$402$379$103
rest of World Refacto AF/Xyntha Revenue $51$53$52$44$55
Rest of World Relpax Revenue $12$42$45$40$46
Rest of World Revatio Revenue $30$31$36$35$46
Rest of World Somavert Revenue $19$19$17$16$16
Rest of World Sterile Injectable Pharmaceuticals (SIP) Revenue $478$508$555$352$89
Rest of World Sulperazon Revenue $10$12$15$16$21
Rest of World Sutent Revenue $121$121$122$117$132
Rest of World Total Alliance revenues Revenue $342$297$247$151$89
Rest of World Total Lyrica Revenue $808$832$809$718$735
Rest of World Total Viagra Revenue $71$69$72$76$116
Rest of World Toviaz Revenue $100$94$82$66$44
Rest of World Tygacil Revenue $5$7$7$7$7
Rest of World Vaccines Revenue $453$444$441$426$144
Rest of World Vfend Revenue $85$105$125$122$144
Rest of World Viagra EH Revenue $61$35$38$40$13
Rest of World Viagra IH Revenue $10$35$34$36$12
Rest of World Xalatan/Xalacom Revenue $128$141$159$164$198
Rest of World Xalkori Revenue $59$56$57$48$62
Rest of World Xanax/Xanax XR Revenue $17$17$20$21$28
Rest of World Xeljanz Revenue $131$98$59$19$8
Rest of World Zoloft Revenue $63$71$90$158$185
Rest of World Zyvox Revenue $58$65$78$92$119
Resto of World Oncology Revenue $489$337$308$265$74
Total Lyrica Revenue $4,903$5,064$4,966$4,839$5,167
United States All other Internal Medicine Revenue $122$146$177$133$48
United States All other LEP Revenue $1,368$1,596$1,650$1,419$399
United States All other Oncology Revenue $180$123$157$138$36
United States All other Peri-LOE Products Revenue $15$38$42$39$13
United States All other Rare Disease Revenue $66$72$43$17$7
United States All other SIP Revenue $1,926$2,448$3,042$1,556$198
United States All other Vaccines Revenue $41$88$84$18$8
United States Benefix Revenue $245$254$301$325$400
United States Biosimilars Revenue $234$118$4----
United States BMP2 Revenue $271$262$251$233$251
United States Celebrex Revenue $97$163$116$145$1,734
United States CentreOne Revenue $437$537$478$333$212
United States Chantix/Champix Revenue $866$743$597$426$378
United States Consumer Healthcare Revenue $1,870$1,851$1,918$1,798$1,697
United States Effexor Revenue $76$83$86$95$110
United States EpiPen Revenue $197$213$295$272$241
United States Essential Health Revenue $6,618$7,566$9,561$7,258$1,892
United States Eucrisa Revenue $139$67------
United States Fragmin Revenue $18$21$30$25$5
United States Genotropin Revenue $137$98$141$162$184
United States Ibrance Revenue $2,955$2,825$2,068$718--
United States Inflammation & Immunology Revenue $1,470$1,265$845$468$103
United States Inflectra/Remsima Revenue $233$118$4----
United States Inlyta Revenue $119$125$161$205$189
United States Innovative Revenue $18,753$18,459$16,773$14,446$3,085
United States Internal Medicine Revenue $6,634$6,905$6,376$5,704$1,723
United States Legacy Established Products (LEP) Revenue $2,880$3,340$3,759$3,574$978
United States Lipitor Revenue $121$160$164$161$242
United States Medicine Alliance Revenue $1,936$1,418$966$872$187
United States Medrol Revenue $286$318$286$220$173
United States Norvasc Revenue $37$38$38$36$39
United States Oncology Revenue $4,644$4,384$3,166$1,659$251
United States Peri-LOE Products Revenue $523$483$930$1,099$636
United States Precedex Revenue $119$140------
United States Premarin family Revenue $819$921$957$951$992
United States Prevnar/Prevenar 13 Revenue $3,377$3,334$3,645$4,025$2,153
United States Pristiq Revenue $84$133$579$553$553
United States Rare Disease Revenue $659$632$740$774$246
United States Refacto AF/Xyntha Revenue $107$109$122$118$136
United States Relpax Revenue $17$143$226$233$245
United States Revatio Revenue $128$120$98$65$51
United States Somavert Revenue $102$95$77$68$57
United States Sterile Injectable Pharmaceuticals (SIP) Revenue $2,544$3,024$3,484$1,910$279
United States Sutent Revenue $358$374$390$367$353
United States Total Alliance Revenue $2,450$2,037$1,116$889$693
United States Total Lyrica Revenue $3,504$3,464$3,138$2,662$2,314
United States Total Viagra Revenue $297$790$1,148$1,261$1,140
United States Toviaz Revenue $143$85$99$116$133
United States Tygacil Revenue $26$45$81$110$112
United States Vaccines Revenue $3,477$3,422$3,729$4,043$629
United States Vfend Revenue $10$14$32$39$36
United States Xalatan/Xalacom Revenue $19$15$18$22$22
United States Xalkori Revenue $171$222$251$231$196
United States Xanax/Xanax XR Revenue $42$47$49$45$42
United States Xeljanz Revenue $1,304$1,133$805$471$289
United States Xtandi alliance Revenue $678$590$139----
United States Zithromax/Zmax Revenue $16$3$7$6$12
United States Zoloft Revenue $54$52$61$58$55
United States Zyvox Revenue -$9$15$67$263$680
Untied States All other I&I Revenue $27$66$40-$2$8
Worldwide All Other Biosimilars Revenue $119$112$126$33--
Worldwide All other I&I Revenue $62$103$92$62$12
Worldwide All other Internal Medicine Revenue $308$312$517$232$232
Worldwide All other LEP Revenue $4,901$5,077$4,812$4,857$1,377
Worldwide All other Oncology Revenue $204$140$233$195$118
Worldwide All other Peri-LOE Products Revenue $238$257$275$362$140
Worldwide All other Rare Disease Revenue $313$300$167$108$50
Worldwide All other SIP Revenue $3,261$3,838$4,511$2,563$495
Worldwide All other Vaccines Revenue $296$293$266$114$118
Worldwide Benefix Revenue $570$603$713$751$856
Worldwide Biosimilars Revenue $723$532$318$63--
Worldwide BMP2 Revenue $271$262$251$233$251
Worldwide Bosulif Revenue $225$186------
Worldwide Celebrex Revenue $704$775$732$831$2,700
Worldwide CentreOne Revenue $731$706$718$612$451
Worldwide Chantix/Champix Revenue $1,060$1,027$842$670$647
Worldwide Consumer Healthcare Revenue $3,580$3,473$3,407$3,395$3,447
Worldwide Effexor Revenue $310$297$277$287$344
Worldwide Enbrel Revenue $2,222$2,452$2,908$3,332$3,850
Worldwide EpiPen Revenue $252$290$387$339$295
Worldwide Essential Health Revenue $20,580$21,124$23,628$22,093$25,149
Worldwide Eucrisa Revenue $139$67------
Worldwide Fragmin Revenue $305$306$319$335$364
Worldwide FSME/IMMUN-TicoVac Revenue $145$136$115$95--
Worldwide Genotropin Revenue $572$532$578$616$723
Worldwide Ibrance Revenue $3,701$3,126$2,136$723--
Worldwide Inflammation & Immunology Revenue $4,055$3,967$3,928$3,917$2,060
Worldwide Inflectra/Remsima Revenue $604$419$192$30--
Worldwide Inlyta Revenue $309$340$401$430$410
Worldwide Innovative Revenue $32,791$31,422$29,196$26,757$24,252
Worldwide Internal Medicine Revenue $9,780$9,684$8,858$7,610$5,441
Worldwide Legacy Established Products (LEP) Revenue $10,763$10,893$11,193$11,745$3,464
Worldwide Lipitor Revenue $2,113$1,914$1,758$1,860$2,062
Worldwide Lyrica EH Revenue $376$554$801$1,184$482
Worldwide Lyrica IH Revenue $4,527$4,512$4,165$3,655$1,757
Worldwide Medicine Alliance Revenue $3,341$2,523$1,609$1,257$464
Worldwide Medrol Revenue $450$483$449$402$427
Worldwide Norvasc Revenue $1,013$926$962$992$1,112
Worldwide Oncology Revenue $6,799$6,057$4,563$2,955$2,218
Worldwide Peri-LOE Products Revenue $3,033$3,223$4,220$5,326$2,077
Worldwide Precedex Revenue $227$243$259----
Worldwide Prevnar/Prevenar 13 Revenue $5,823$5,601$5,719$6,247$4,464
Worldwide Pristiq Revenue $229$304$731$716$737
Worldwide Rare Disease Revenue $2,254$2,241$2,369$2,426$1,353
Worldwide Refacto AF/Xyntha Revenue $430$551$554$533$630
Worldwide Replax Revenue $43$235$323$351$382
Worldwide Revatio Revenue $225$252$285$260$275
Worldwide Somavert Revenue $266$253$232$218$229
Worldwide Sterile Injectable Pharmaceuticals (SIP) Revenue $5,332$5,673$6,018$3,945$865
Worldwide Sulperazon Revenue $589$472$396$339$355
Worldwide Sutent Revenue $1,061$1,081$1,095$1,120$1,175
Worldwide Toviaz Revenue $267$257$258$266$288
Worldwide Tygacil Revenue $255$260$275$305$323
Worldwide Vaccines Revenue $6,325$6,001$6,071$6,454$4,480
Worldwide Vfend Revenue $410$420$590$681$755
Worldwide Viagra EH Revenue $606$381$383$410$122
Worldwide Viagra IH Revenue $112$822$1,181$1,297$635
Worldwide Xalatan/Xalacom Revenue $327$335$364$399$495
Worldwide Xalkori Revenue $569$595$561$487$437
Worldwide Xanax Revenue $240$225$221$223$253
Worldwide Xeljanz Revenue $1,631$1,344$927$523$309
Worldwide Xtandi alliance Revenue $678$590$139----
Worldwide Zithromax/Zmax Revenue $284$270$272$276$313
Worldwide Zoloft Revenue $299$291$304$374$422
Worldwide Zyvox Revenue $245$281$421$882$1,351