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Company Description

Marathon Petroleum Corporation is engaged in refining, marketing, retail and transportation businesses in the United States and the largest east of the Mississippi. The Company operates through three segments: Refining & Marketing; Speedway; and Midstream. The Refining & Marketing segment refines crude oil and other feedstocks at the Company's seven refineries in the Gulf Coast and Midwest regions of the United States. Its Speedway segment sells transportation fuels and convenience products in the retail market in the Midwest, East Coast and Southeast regions of the United States. The Company's Midstream is engaged in the operations of MPLX LP and certain other related operations. It gathers, processes and transports natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs), crude oil and refined products. MPLX is a limited partnership which owns, operates, develops and acquires midstream energy infrastructure assets.

Revenue 85,22674,73363,33972,051--
Cost of Revenue Expense 74,76959,33049,30956,261--
Gross Profit 10,45715,40314,03015,790--
Selling, General & Administrative Expense 1,7281,7431,6051,576--
Operating Income 4,3253,6532,6614,597--
Interest Expense 572625538288--
Pretax Income 3,8953,3441,8224,374--
Provision Tax Income -641-4606091,506--
Net Income 3,9163,4971,2152,852--
EPS Fully Diluted 87254
EBITDA 6,7666,0834,3616,308--
Cash & Cash Equivalents 03,0118871,127--
Short Term Receivables 04,6953,6172,927--
Inventories 05,5505,6565,225--
Total Cash 0000--
Current Assets 013,40110,4019,471--
Total Assets 049,04744,41343,115--
Short Term Debt 06242829--
Accounts Payable 08,2975,5934,743--
Total Current Liabilities 010,4787,1466,345--
Long Term Debt 012,32210,54411,896--
Deferred Tax Liabilities 02,6543,8613,285--
Total Liabilities 028,21924,21023,440--
Total Stock Holders Equity 014,03313,55713,237--
Total Equity 014,03313,55713,237--
Total Liabilities & Stock Holders Equity 53,03149,04744,41343,11530,460
Operating Cash Flow 0000--
Investing Cash Flow -2,297-3,394-2,941-3,441--
Dividends Paid 625773719613--
Financing Cash Flow 214-1,091-1,285-987--
Free Cash Flow 2,7253,8771,0942,063--

Unique Data Points

Consumer excise taxes Expense 5,9467,7597,5067,6926,685
Depreciation and Amortization Expense 2,1562,1142,0011,6461,326
Impairment Expense 0013000
Midstream Income 2,2061,33992271--
Other Taxes Expense 463454435391390
Pipeline Transportation Income 276----218280
Purchases from related parties Expense 578570509308515
Refining & Marketing Income 2,2902,3211,4904,1863,609
Sales and other operating Revenue 84,48374,25863,27872,05197,817
Sales to Related Parties Income 743475400
Speedway Income 564732734673544
Total Refinery Costs per Barrel 2427282331
Midstream Operating Income 2,2061,33992271--
Convenience Stores at period-end 2,7452,7442,7332,7662,746
Crude Oil Refinery throughputs (mbpd) 1,8331,8371,6721,6381,643
Distillates Refined product yields (mbpd) 676679621615599
Gasoline Refined product yields (mbpd) 567608466557539
Gasoline and Distillate Gross Margin (dollars per gallon) 00000
Gasoline and Distillate Sales (millions of gallons) Revenue 5,7845,7996,0946,0383,942
Gulf Coast Asphalt Refined product yields (mbpd) 2217161811
Gulf Coast Crude oil refined throughputs (mbpd) 1,1501,1589861,043996
Gulf Coast Depreciation and Amortization Per Barrel 45545
Gulf Coast Distillates Refined product yields (mbpd) 442440377408376
Gulf Coast Feedstocks and special products Refined product yields (mbpd) 314313294247272
Gulf Coast Heavy Fuel Oil Refined product yields (mbpd) 1630101912
Gulf Coast Other charge and blendstocks (mbpd) 204237184206205
Gulf Coast Other manufacturing costs per Barrel 1415151619
Gulf Coast Planned turnaround and major maintenance costs per Barrel 68838
Gulf Coast Propane Refined product yields (mbpd) - 2729242620
Merchandise Gross Margin 1,4061,4021,4351,368975
Merchandise Sales Revenue 4,9534,8935,0074,8793,611
Midstream Revenue 5,3613,6172,636964--
Midstream Capital Expenditure 2,1642,5051,56814,497543
Midstream Depreciation & Amortization Expense 768719824144--
Midstream Intersegment Revenue 2,5241,4201,579777--
Midstream Third Party Revenue 2,8372,1971,828187--
Midwest Asphalt Refined Product yields (mbpd) 5145423147
Midwest C2 (ethane) + NGLs fractionated (mbpd) Units 1,7731,5741,337307--
Midwest Crude oil Refinery throughput (mbpd) 683679686595647
Midwest Depreciation and Amortization Per Barrel 77877
Midwest Distillates yields (mbpd) 234239244207223
Midwest Feedstock and Special Yield (mbpd) 5327201527
Midwest Gasoline Yield (mbpd) 375389411377382
Midwest Gathering system throughput (million cubic feet per day) Units 17,38414,42013,1033,075--
Midwest Heavy Fuel Oil Refined product yield (mbpd) 1313101610
Midwest Natural gas processed (million cubic feet per day) Units 27,47825,83323,0415,468--
Midwest Other charge and blendstocks Refinery throughput (mbpd) 4938445648
Midwest Other manufacturing Direct costs per Barrel 1617171719
Midwest Planned turnaround and major maintenance cost per BBL 42131
Midwest Propane Yield (mbpd) 1312121113
Midwest Sour crude oil throughput (percent) 3436433132
Midwest Total Refined Product Yields (mbpd) 739717730657702
Midwest Total Refinery Costs per Barrel 3230293133
Midwest Total Refinery throughput (mbpd) 732717730651695
Midwest WTI-priced crude oil throughput (percent) 5246294848
MPC Consolidated Refined Product Sales Volumes (mbpd) 9,4889,2399,0749,2038,548
Other charge and blendstocks Refinery throughputs (mbpd) 199187138201217
Pipeline Transportation Operating Income ----------
Refining & Marketing Depreciation and Amortization Expense 1,0281,0721,0921,0521,045
Refining & Marketing Intersegment Revenue 10,77110,89210,58910,58910,912
Refining & Marketing Related Party Revenue 718452400
Refining & Marketing Third Party Revenue 57,29048,85843,22852,17480,822
Refining and Marketing Capital Expenditure 8758321,0541,0931,104
Refining and Marketing Asphalt Refined product yields (mbpd) 7362584958
Refining and Marketing Crude oil capacity utilization (%) 97101939596
Refining and Marketing Depreciation and amortization Direct ($/barrel) Expense 56666
Refining and Marketing EBITDA 3,4033,4032,4205,2304,654
Refining and Marketing Feedstocks and Special Refined product yields (mbpd) 313254227204265
Refining and Marketing Gasoline Refined product yields (mbpd) 942997877934921
Refining and Marketing Gross margin (dollars per barrel) 1413111315
Refining and Marketing Heavy Fuel Oil Refined product yields (mbpd) 2942193421
Refining and Marketing Other manufacturing Direct ($/barrel) Expense 1516161720
Refining and Marketing Product Sales Volume (mbpd) 9,4499,1999,0349,1558,499
Refining and Marketing Propane Refined product yields (mbpd) 4040343532
Refining and Marketing Sour Crude Oil Throughput (%) 5253615551
Refining and Marketing Total direct operating ($/barrel) Expense 2729302733
Refining and Marketing Total Refined product yields (mbpd) 2,0732,0741,8361,8711,896
Refining and Marketing Turnaround and Major Maintenance Direct ($/barrel) Expense 77757
Refining and Marketing WTI-priced Crude Oil Throughput (%) 3026182022
Same Store Gasoline Sales volume (%) -1-0-2-00
Same Store Merchandise Sales (%) Revenue 115131720
Speedway Capital Expenditure 3853813035012,981
Speedway Depreciation & Amortization Expense 306275273254152
Speedway EBITDA 1,0071,0071,007927696
Speedway Intersegment Revenue 54345
Speedway Related Party Revenue 86------
Speedway Segment Revenue 19,61918,46318,28619,69316,932
Speedway Third Party Revenue 19,60618,45318,28319,69016,927
Total Refinery throughputs (mbpd) 2,0322,0241,8101,8391,860