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Company Description

Alliant Energy Corporation operates as a regulated investor-owned public utility holding company. The Company's segments include Utility and Non-regulated, Parent and Other. The Utility segment includes the operations of Interstate Power and Light Company (IPL) and Wisconsin Power and Light Company (WPL), which serve retail customers in Iowa and Wisconsin. The Utility segment includes utility electric operations, utility gas operations and utility other, which includes steam operations and the unallocated portions of the utility business. Its Non-regulated, Parent and Other segment includes the operations of Alliant Energy Resources, LLC and its subsidiaries; Alliant Energy Corporate Services, Inc. (Corporate Services); the Alliant Energy parent company, and any Alliant Energy parent company consolidating adjustments. IPL and WPL own a portfolio of electric generating units located in Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota with a fuel mix, including coal, natural gas and renewable resources.

Revenue 3,5173,3823,3203,254--
Cost of Revenue Expense 2,2202,1612,1832,172--
Gross Profit 1,2971,2211,1371,082--
Selling, General & Administrative Expense 0000--
Operating Income 697653623577--
Interest Expense 240216196187--
Pretax Income 575533443461--
Provision Tax Income 44675970--
Net Income 531468382388--
EPS Fully Diluted 22222
EBITDA 1,3321,2321,0511,062--
Cash & Cash Equivalents 2402886--
Short Term Receivables 46510311294--
Inventories 211222222224--
Total Cash 0000--
Current Assets 1,125905877827--
Total Assets 15,27014,18813,37412,495--
Short Term Debt 6431,271249473--
Accounts Payable 498477445402--
Total Current Liabilities 1,5482,1491,1621,359--
Long Term Debt 5,2484,0114,3163,522--
Deferred Tax Liabilities 1,5751,4782,5702,381--
Total Liabilities 10,4999,8069,3128,571--
Total Stock Holders Equity 4,5704,1823,8623,724--
Total Equity 4,5704,1823,8623,724--
Operating Cash Flow 0000--
Investing Cash Flow -1,240-1,496-1,187-919--
Dividends Paid 306288267247--
Financing Cash Flow 930533329-3--
Free Cash Flow 542983860871--

Unique Data Points

Bulk Power & Other Revenue 13610293
Commercial Revenue 372232372252248
Cost of Gas sold Expense 226211194219328
Depreciation & Amortization Expense 496462412401388
Electric Margin 379379328315-18
Electric Production Fuel and purchased power Expense 843818854838877
Electric transmission service Expense 493481528485448
Electric Utility Revenue 2,9922,8952,8762,7712,714
Electronic Transmission Service Expense 493481528485--
Energy efficiency costs Expense 7575455798
Industrial Revenue 789370787763735
Industrial Co-Generation Revenue 64336460--
Non-Regulated Revenue 3939414453
Other Revenue 4925444753
Other Expense 578563561550564
Other Utility Revenue 5048495866
Residential Revenue 1,0054711,001983995
Retail Revenue 2,5721,2052,5652,7472,452
Wholesale Revenue 256123257221207
# of Commercial Utility Retail Electric Customers 142,145142,074141,528137,870139,138
# of Commercial Utility Retail Gas Customers 44,09944,58344,58744,61346,180
# of Industrial Utility Retail Electric Customers 2,5972,6122,5462,5442,871
# of Industrial Utility Retail Gas Customers 356373385377428
# of Residential Utility Retail Electric Customers 814,568814,609811,459809,634850,322
# of Residential Utility Retail Gas Customers 366,846368,098366,786364,415373,319
Bulk Power and Other Sales for Resale Utility Electric Sales (Mwhs) Units 2,9821,3643601,228335
Commercial Utility Electric Sales (Mwhs) Units 6,5236,4226,5456,3746,449
Commercial Utility Gas Sold and Transported (dekatherms) Units 20,94119,50118,82018,96623,301
Electric Retail Revenue 2,6772,5702,5652,7472,452
Electric Retail MWhs Sold Units 25,64325,09525,33925,38025,967
Electric Sales for resale Revenue 263269------
Electric Sales for Resale MWhs Sold Units 5,9965,003------
Electric Total Mwhs Sold Units 31,72830,19229,79030,35130,043
Electric Transportation/Other Revenue 5862------
Electric Transportation/Other MWhs Sold Units 8994------
Gas Retail Dths Sold Units 53,95749,25047,74348,63558,729
Gas Total Dths Sold Units 143,910126,166125,228122,797123,446
Gas Transportantion/Other Revenue 4137333134
Gas Transportation/Other Dths Sold Units 89,95376,91677,48574,16264,717
Industrial Utility Electric Sales (Mwhs) Units 10,96110,88510,7023,30311,821
Industrial Utility Gas Sold and Transported (dekatherms) Units 3,7763,6223,3522,9973,710
Industrial-co-generation Customers Utility Electric Sales (Mwhs) Units 820884940915--
IPL Income 346302------
IPL Corporate Services Billings 4347373637
IPL Cost of Gas Sold Expense 125116111123186
IPL Depreciation and Amortization Expense 273245211207198
IPL Electric Production Fuel and Purchased Power Expense 468444431428497
IPL Electric Retail Revenue 1,5611,4481,4431,4101,493
IPL Electric Retail Mwhs Sold Units 14,65514,35614,52314,82415,395
IPL Electric Sales for Resale Revenue 123115------
IPL Electric Sales for Resale Mwhs Sold Units 3,0862,169------
IPL Electric Total MWhs Sold Units 17,77716,56315,97015,91416,020
IPL Electric Transmission Service Expense 343310360328323
IPL Electric Transportation/Other Revenue 27--------
IPL Electric Transportation/Other Mwhs Sold Units 3638------
IPL Electric Utility Revenue 1,7181,5991,5701,5041,493
IPL Gas Retail Revenue 229202183198276
IPL Gas Retail Dths Sold Units 28,87026,58026,23026,87733,284
IPL Gas Total Dths Sold Units 68,03665,94563,38861,00664,661
IPL Gas Transportation/Other Revenue 2724211921
IPL Gas Transportation/Other Dths Sold Units 39,16639,36537,15834,12931,377
IPL Gas Utility Revenue 256226204217297
IPL Operating Revenue 2,0201,8701,8201,7751,848
IPL Operating Expense 1,6751,5681,5501,5331,639
IPL Other Operations and Maintenance Expense 412400384390381
IPL Purchases Billed 361364433366422
IPL Sales Credited 42238108
IPL Steam and Other Revenue 4645475358
IPL Steam and Other Income 4645475358
Other Utility Electric Sales (Mwhs) Units 8994100129155
Residential Utility Electric Sales (Mwhs) Units 7,3396,9047,1527,2717,697
Residential Utility Gas Sold and Transported (dekatherms) 29,24026,12725,57126,67231,718
Transportation/Other Utility Gas Sold and Transported (dekatherms) Units 89,95376,91677,48574,16264,717
Wholesale Sales for resale Utility Electric Sales (Mwhs) Units 3,0143,6394,0393,6143,586
WPL Income 322329------
WPL Corporate Services Billings 135135133121116
WPL Cost of Gas Sold Expense 101968396142
WPL Depreciation and Amortization Expense 218213193184181
WPL Electric Production Fuel and Purchased Power Expense 375375442409380
WPL Electric Retail Revenue 1,1161,1221,1221,0641,026
WPL Electric Retail Mwhs Sold Units 10,98810,73910,81610,55610,572
WPL Electric Sales for Resale Revenue 140154------
WPL Electric Sales for Resale Mwhs Sold Units 2,9102,834------
WPL Electric Total MWhs Sold Units 13,95113,62913,86814,43714,023
WPL Electric Transmission Service Expense 149171169157124
WPL Electric Transportation/Other Revenue 1820------
WPL Electric Transportation/Other Mwhs Sold Units 5356------
WPL Electric Utility Revenue 1,2741,2961,3061,2671,220
WPL Gas Retail Revenue 167162139152208
WPL Gas Retail Dths Sold Units 25,08722,67021,51321,75825,445
WPL Gas Total Dths Sold Units 84,83560,22161,84061,79158,785
WPL Gas Transportation/Other Revenue 1413121213
WPL Gas Transportation/Other Dths Sold Units 50,78737,55140,32740,03333,340
WPL Gas Utility Revenue 181175151164221
WPL Operating Revenue 1,4581,4731,4591,4351,449
WPL Operating Expense 1,1341,1421,1321,1261,148
WPL Other Revenue 32258
WPL Other Operations and Maintenance Expense 242241220235277
WPL Purchases Billed 7211510266125
WPL Sales Credited 21137246

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