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Michael Kors Holdings Limited is a designer, marketer, distributor and retailer of branded women's apparel and accessories and men's apparel bearing the Michael Kors tradename and related trademarks MICHAEL KORS, MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS, and various other related trademarks and logos. The Company operates through three segments: retail, wholesale and licensing. The Retail operations consist of collection stores and lifestyle stores, including concessions and outlet stores, located primarily in the Americas (the United States, Canada and Latin America), Europe and Asia, as well as e-commerce. Wholesale revenues are principally derived from major department and specialty stores located throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. The Company licenses its trademarks on products, such as fragrances, beauty, eyewear, leather goods, jewelry, watches, coats, men's suits, swimwear, furs and ties, as well as through geographic licenses.

Revenue $5,076$4,719$4,494$4,712$1,081
Cost of Revenue Expense $1,968$1,859$1,832$1,915$450
Gross Profit $3,108$2,859$2,661$2,797$631
Selling, General & Administrative Expense $1,945$1,784$1,553$1,428$336
Operating Income $941$867$889$1,186$257
Interest Expense $0$0$0$0$0
Pretax Income $710$742$689$1,172$259
Provision Tax Income $123$150$137$335$76
Net Income $588$592$553$839$183
EBITDA $1,163$1,075$1,109$1,369$295
Cash & Cash Equivalents $155$163$228$702$979
Short Term Receivables $340$291$266$308$363
Inventories $768$661$549$547$520
Total Cash $0$0$0$0$0
Current Assets $1,474$1,262$1,165$1,670$2,017
Total Assets $4,107$4,059$2,410$2,567$2,692
Short Term Debt $255$200$133$0$0
Accounts Payable $291$294$176$131$143
Total Current Liabilities $998$960$566$436$330
Long Term Debt $505$674$0$2$0
Deferred Tax Liabilities $182$186$80$4$10
Total Liabilities $1,924$2,038$815$567$451
Total Stock Holders Equity $2,180$2,018$1,593$1,996$2,241
Total Equity $2,180$2,018$1,593$1,996$2,241
Operating Cash Flow $0$0$0$0$0
Investing Cash Flow -$1,499-$1,533-$651-$381-$77
Dividends Paid $0$0$0$0$0
Financing Cash Flow $479$390-$844-$1,128-$82
Free Cash Flow $841$939$858$848$109

Unique Data Points

Licensing Revenue $141$145$125$173$172
Retail Revenue $2,730$2,319$2,572$2,395$2,172
Store Count $854$829$827----
Wholesale Revenue $1,693$1,639$1,776$2,144$2,105
Americas Licensing Revenue $81$84$86$99$82
Americas Retail Revenue $1,698$1,678$1,714$1,779$1,296
Americas Store Count $398$379$398----
Americas Wholesale Revenue $1,308$744$1,341$1,629$1,361
Asia Retail Revenue $486$469$351$106$57
Asia Store Count $261$252$228----
Asia Wholesale Revenue $73$354$58$109$2
Europe Licensing Revenue $60$61$60$74$57
Europe Retail Revenue $547$564$508$510$338
Europe Store Count $195$198$201----
Europe Wholesale Revenue $324$290$377$406$234

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