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FMC Corporation is a diversified chemical company serving agricultural, consumer and industrial markets. The Company operates in three business segments: FMC Agricultural Solutions, FMC Health and Nutrition, and FMC Lithium. As of December 31, 2016, the FMC Agricultural Solutions segment developed, marketed and sold three classes of crop protection chemicals: insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. The Company's FMC Agricultural Solutions segment operates in the agrochemicals industry. This segment develops, manufactures and sells a portfolio of professional pest control, and lawn and garden products. The FMC Health and Nutrition segment focuses on nutritional ingredients, health excipients and functional health ingredients. The Company's FMC Health and Nutrition segment focuses on food ingredients, pharmaceutical excipients and omega-3 oils. The Company's FMC Lithium segment manufactures lithium for use in a range of lithium products.

Revenue $4,488$3,509$2,879$3,282$3,277
Cost of Revenue Expense $2,558$1,964$1,777$2,083$2,201
Gross Profit $1,930$1,545$1,101$1,200$1,075
Selling, General & Administrative Expense $851$619$619$530$738
Operating Income $814$712$341$529$194
Interest Expense $130$102$80$83$81
Pretax Income $597$582$181$339-$131
Provision Tax Income $363$100$264$94$47
Net Income $1,000$470$536$209$489
EBITDA $851$766$374$560$67
Cash & Cash Equivalents $177$177$283$64$79
Short Term Receivables $1,902$1,902$2,044$1,828$1,851
Inventories $995$995$993$704$800
Total Cash $0$0$0$0$0
Current Assets $3,491$3,491$3,653$2,849$2,972
Total Assets $9,407$9,407$9,206$6,139$6,326
Short Term Debt $149$149$193$94$113
Accounts Payable $784$784$714$355$404
Total Current Liabilities $2,272$2,272$2,209$1,438$1,453
Long Term Debt $2,593$2,593$2,993$1,799$2,036
Deferred Tax Liabilities $0$0$173$167$173
Total Liabilities $6,329$6,329$6,499$4,146$4,418
Total Stock Holders Equity $0$0$2,682$1,958$1,866
Total Equity $0$0$2,682$1,958$1,866
Operating Cash Flow $0$0$0$0$0
Investing Cash Flow -$1,322-$38-$1,334-$135$349
Dividends Paid $89$67$89$89$86
Financing Cash Flow $972-$486$1,213-$377-$17
Free Cash Flow $382$414$250$367-$466

Unique Data Points

Agricultural Solutions Revenue $4,052$3,186$2,531$1,729--
Lithium Revenue $436$323$347$204--
Agricultural Solutions EBITDA Income $1,105$916$541$318--
Agricultural Solutions Restructuring and Other Charges Expense -$57-$14-$50-$56--
Asia Pacific FMC Agricultural Solutions Revenue $781$781------
Asia Pacific FMC Lithium Revenue $185$185------
Corporate Restructuring and Other Charges Expense -$24-$13-$27-$30--
Corporate and Other EBITDA Income -$109-$81-$98-$68--
Europe, Middle East & Africa FMC Agricultural Solutions Revenue $826$826------
Europe, Middle East & Africa FMC Lithium Revenue $55$55------
Europe, Middle East and Africa Pro Forma Agricultural Solutions Revenue $919$826$641$516$586
FMC Agricultural Solutions Asia Pro Forma Revenue $984$781$701$442$469
FMC Agricultural Solutions Fungicides Revenue $193$193------
FMC Agricultural Solutions Herbicides Revenue $949$949------
FMC Agricultural Solutions Insecticides Revenue $1,816$1,816------
FMC Agricultural Solutions Other Revenue $228$228------
FMC Lithium Butyllithium and Other Specialty Compounds Revenue $109$109------
FMC Lithium Lithium Carbonate & Lithium Chloride Revenue $44$44------
FMC Lithium Lithium Hydroxide Revenue $156$156------
Latin America Agricultural Solutions Revenue $1,091$737$904$759$965
Latin America FMC Agricultural Solutions Revenue $737$737------
Latin America FMC Lithium Revenue $1$1------
Lithium EBITDA Income $194$150$138$55--
Lithium Restructuring and Other Charges Income -$8-$2-$10----
North America Agricultural Solutions Pro Forma Revenue $1,058$842$772$558$595
North America FMC Agricultural Solutions Revenue $842$842------
North America FMC Lithium Revenue $82$82------
Total FMC Agricultural Solutions Revenue $3,186$3,186------
Total FMC Lithium Revenue $323$323------