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EOG Resources, Inc. explores for, develops, produces and markets crude oil and natural gas in major producing basins in the United States, The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom, The People's Republic of China, Canada and, from time to time, select other international areas. Its operations are all crude oil and natural gas exploration and production related. As of December 31, 2016, its total estimated net proved reserves were over 2,147 million barrels of oil equivalent (MMBoe), of which over 1178 million barrels (MMBbl) were crude oil and condensate reserves, over 416 MMBbl were natural gas liquids reserves and over 3318 billion cubic feet, or 553 MMBoe, were natural gas reserves. Its operations are focused in the productive basins in the United States with a focus on crude oil and, to a lesser extent, liquids-rich natural gas plays. It has operations offshore Trinidad, in the United Kingdom East Irish Sea, in the China Sichuan Basin and in Canada.

Revenue $11,333$8,908$7,908$5,497$6,403
Cost of Revenue Expense $4,517$3,396$4,303$4,451$4,324
Gross Profit $6,816$5,512$3,605$1,046$2,079
Selling, General & Administrative Expense $6,509$5,100$4,810$3,330$3,935
Operating Income $4,450$3,710$1,485-$711-$126
Interest Expense $252$189$274$282$237
Pretax Income $3,566$3,153$661-$1,558-$6,922
Provision Tax Income -$1,391$626-$1,921-$461-$2,397
Net Income $4,957$2,526$2,583-$1,097-$4,525
EBITDA $7,216$5,857$4,345$2,278-$3,371
Cash & Cash Equivalents $1,274$1,274$834$1,600$719
Short Term Receivables $2,151$2,151$1,597$1,216$931
Inventories $767$767$484$350$599
Total Cash $0$0$0$0$0
Current Assets $4,817$4,817$3,279$3,555$2,592
Total Assets $33,638$33,638$29,833$29,459$26,975
Short Term Debt $1,263$1,263$356$7$7
Accounts Payable $2,436$2,436$1,847$1,512$1,472
Total Current Liabilities $4,425$4,425$2,726$2,027$1,819
Long Term Debt $5,172$5,172$6,031$6,980$6,654
Deferred Tax Liabilities $4,200$4,200$3,518$5,189$4,588
Total Liabilities $15,099$15,099$13,550$15,478$14,032
Total Stock Holders Equity $18,538$18,538$16,283$13,982$12,943
Total Equity $18,538$18,538$16,283$13,982$12,943
Operating Cash Flow $0$0$0$0$0
Investing Cash Flow -$6,110-$4,878-$3,987-$1,253-$5,320
Dividends Paid $408$311$387$373$367
Financing Cash Flow -$465-$363-$1,036-$243$371
Free Cash Flow $1,180$909$141-$224-$1,418

Unique Data Points

Crude Oil/Condensate Operating Revenue $9,064$7,134$6,256$4,317$4,935
Total Natural Gas Volume MMCFD $4,800$3,640$4,410$3,983$4,266
Composite Average Crude Price ($/Bbl) $70$70$57$42$48
Composite Average Natural Gas Liquid Price ($/Bbl) $30$30$27$15$14
Composite Average Natural Gas Price ($/Mcf) $3$3$2$2$2
General/Administrative Operating Expense $427$310$434$395$421
Global Crude Oil/Condensate Volumes MBBL/D $1,531$1,163$1,346$924$961
Global Operating Income Other International Income -$130-$22-$185-$30-$152
Global Operating Income Trinidad Income $218$117$172$46$176
Global Revenue United States Revenue $15,591$12,339$10,872$7,323$8,314
Marketing Operating Expense $4,897$3,888$3,321$2,008$2,386
Natural Gas Operating Revenue $1,159$912$921$742$1,061
Natural Gas Liquids Operating Revenue $1,111$861$730$437$408
Operating Costs Gathering/Processing Costs Expense $368$325$149$123$146
Operating Expenses Depletion, Depreciation, & Amortization Expense $3,397$2,515$3,409$3,553$3,314
Operating Expenses Dry Hole Costs Expense $10$5$5$21$29
Operating Expenses Exploration Costs Expense $138$115$145$125$149
Operating Expenses Impaiments Expense $314$161$479$620$6,614
Operating Expenses Lease and Well Expense $1,218$936$282----
Operating Expenses Total Expense $12,219$9,355$10,282$8,876$15,444
Operating Revenue Gains/Losses-Market to Market Revenue -$343-$298$20-$100$119
Operating Revenue Gathering, Processing, and Marketing Revenue $4,908$3,899$3,298$1,966$2,253
Operating Revenue Other, net. Revenue $108$97$77$133$48
Other International Average Crude Oil Prices ($/Bbl) $73$73$46$37$57
Other International Average Natural Gas Price ($/Mcf) $4$4$4$4$5
Other International Crude OIl Equivalent Volume MBOE/D $33$27$20$24$18
Other International Crude Oil/Condensate MBBL/D $12$12$3$10$1
Other International Natural Gas Volume MMCFD $122$90$100$83$105
Other International Operating Revenue $6$115-$71$85$62
Other International Total Assets $362$362$546$737$1,026
Taxes Other Than Income Operating Expense $741$582$545$350$377
Toeal Crude OIl Equivalent Volume MBOE/D $2,773$2,111$2,435$1,861$1,929
Total Natural Gas Liquids Volume MBbls $442$341$353$276$257
Total Operating Revenue $16,041$12,701$11,208$7,651$8,757
Total Operating Income $4,178$3,251$1,383-$1,192-$6,526
Transportation Costs Operating Expense $743$551$740$764$849
Trinidad Average Crude Oil Prices ($/Bbl) $62$62$47$34$40
Trinidad Average Natural Gas Price ($/Mcf) $3$3$3$2$3
Trinidad Crude Equivalent Volume MBOE/D $193$142$212$197$195
Trinidad Crude Oil/Condensate Volumes MBBL/D $4$3$4$3$3
Trinidad Natural Gas Volume MMCFD $1,134$835$1,250$1,164$1,153
Trinidad Operating Revenue $322$247$285$242$381
Trinidad Total Assets $619$619$974$887$866
United States Average Crude Oil Prices ($/Bbl) $70$70$57$42$48
United States Average Natural Gas Liquid Price ($/Bbl) $30$30$27$15$15
United States Average Natural Gas Price ($/Mcf) $3$3$2$2$2
United States Crude Equivalent Volume MBOE/D $2,548$1,942$2,203$1,640$1,704
United States Crude Oil/Condensate Volumes MBBL/D $1,515$1,148$1,340$1,113$957
United States Natural Gas Liquids Volume MBBL/D $442$341$353$276$257
United States Natural Gas Volume MMCFD $3,544$2,715$3,060$2,736$3,008
United States Total Assets $32,657$32,657$28,313$25,358$25,551

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