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Company Description

Caterpillar Inc. is a manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives. The Company operates through segments, including Construction Industries, which is engaged in supporting customers using machinery in infrastructure, forestry and building construction; Resource Industries, which is engaged in supporting customers using machinery in mining, quarry, waste and material handling applications; Energy & Transportation, which supports customers in oil and gas, power generation, marine, rail and industrial applications, including Cat machines; Financial Products segment, which provides financing and related services, and All Other operating segments, which includes activities, such as product management and development, and manufacturing of filters and fluids, undercarriage, tires and rims, ground engaging tools, fluid transfer products, and sealing and connecting components for Cat products.

Revenue $53,276$45,462$38,537$47,011--
Cost of Revenue Expense $36,594$31,695$28,905$34,329--
Gross Profit $16,682$13,767$9,632$12,682--
Selling, General & Administrative Expense $5,621$5,177$4,686$5,199--
Operating Income $7,571$4,406$1,093$3,256--
Interest Expense $474$531$505$507--
Pretax Income $7,566$4,082$139$2,855--
Provision Tax Income $3,795$3,339$192$742--
Net Income $3,800$754-$67$2,102--
EPS Fully Diluted $4$1-$0$3$6
EBITDA $10,829$7,490$3,678$6,408--
Cash & Cash Equivalents $0$0$0$0--
Short Term Receivables $16,798$7,436$5,981$6,695--
Inventories $11,814$10,018$8,614$9,700--
Total Cash $0$0$0$0--
Current Assets $38,454$36,244$31,967$34,418--
Total Assets $78,209$76,962$74,704$78,497--
Short Term Debt $10,332$11,031$13,965$12,846--
Accounts Payable $6,788$6,487$4,614$5,023--
Total Current Liabilities $26,033$26,931$26,132$26,303--
Long Term Debt $25,441$23,410$22,750$25,170--
Deferred Tax Liabilities $0$0$0$0--
Total Liabilities $62,319$63,196$61,491$63,612--
Total Stock Holders Equity $15,850$13,697$13,137$14,809--
Total Equity $15,850$13,697$13,137$14,809--
Operating Cash Flow $0$0$0$0--
Investing Cash Flow -$2,940-$994-$1,760-$3,517--
Dividends Paid $1,908$1,831$1,799$1,757--
Financing Cash Flow -$3,561-$3,653-$3,112-$3,870--
Free Cash Flow $2,188$3,366$2,680$3,414--

Unique Data Points

Asia Pacific Consolidated Revenue $12,256$9,802$8,067$4,899$10,940
Asia Pacific Construction Industries Revenue $6,537$5,235$3,754$3,720$4,247
Asia Pacific Energy & Transportation Revenue $2,848$2,313$2,426$2,988$3,855
Asia Pacific Financial Products Revenue $377$324$352$391$520
Asia Pacific Machine, Energy, & Transportation Revenue $11,377$8,951$7,715$8,401$10,420
Asia Pacific Resource Industries Revenue $2,437$1,866$1,478$1,600$2,098
Consolidated Sales Revenue $53,380$45,462$38,717$47,011$55,184
EMEA Consolidated Revenue $11,576$10,413$9,053$10,659$13,460
EMEA Construction Industries Revenue $4,323$3,760$3,270$3,582$4,267
EMEA Energy & Transportation Revenue $4,711$4,431$4,201$4,977$6,297
EMEA Financial Products Revenue $392$409$384$389$468
EMEA Machine, Energy, & Transportation Revenue $11,190$10,014$8,669$10,270$12,991
EMEA Resource Industries Revenue $2,138$1,775$1,179$1,606$2,116
Latin America Consolidated Revenue $4,579$4,200$3,455$4,632$6,589
Latin America Construction Industries Revenue $1,497$1,396$1,059$1,483$2,445
Latin America Energy & Transportation Revenue $1,271$1,261$1,104$1,581$1,963
Latin America Financial Products Revenue $269$272$291$348$417
Latin America Machine, Energy, & Transportation Revenue $4,334$3,940$3,164$4,284$6,172
Latin America Resource Industries Revenue $1,565$1,281$1,001$1,169$1,514
North America Consolidated Revenue $24,865$21,072$17,962$21,171$24,196
North America Construction Industries Revenue $10,351$8,742$7,529$8,473$8,402
North America Energy & Transportation Revenue $9,443$7,959$6,680$7,861$9,612
North America Financial Products Revenue $2,014$1,867$1,737$1,690$1,637
North America Machine, Energy, & Transportation Revenue $22,970$19,256$16,225$19,481$22,559
North America Resource Industries Revenue $3,242$2,582$2,068$2,779$3,193
Total Construction Industries Revenue $22,761$19,133$15,612$17,478$19,362
Total Energy & Transportation Revenue $20,226$16,744$14,411$18,366$21,727
Total Financial Products Revenue $2,890$2,786$2,764$2,864$3,042
Total Machine, Energy, & Transportation Revenue $50,386$42,676$35,773$44,147$52,142
Total Resource Industries Revenue $9,578$7,504$5,726$7,696$8,921