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Alibaba Group Holding Limited is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, the Company is engaged in online and mobile commerce through offering of products, services and technology that enable merchants, brands and other businesses to transform the way they market, sell and operate in the People's Republic of China (China) and internationally. Its businesses consist of core commerce, cloud computing, mobile media and entertainment, and other innovation initiatives. Through investee affiliates, it also participates in the logistics and local services sectors. Retail commerce in China operated by the Company includes the China online commerce destination (Taobao Marketplace); the China third-party platform for brands and retailers (Tmall), and the sales and marketing platform for flash sales (Juhuasuan). Wholesale commerce in China operated by the Company includes the China domestic wholesale marketplace (1688.com) and the wholesale marketplace for global trade (Alibaba.com).

Unique Data Points

Cloud Computing Revenue $2,787$2,058$979$471$168
Digital Media & Entertainment Revenue $3,440$3,072$2,169----
EMPLOYEES $93,397$66,421$50,092$36,446$34,985
General & Administrative Expense $2,487$2,487$1,801$1,444$1,109
Innovation Initatives Revenue $592$506$439----
Product Development Expense $4,990$3,490$2,513$2,163$1,409
Sales & Marketing Expense $4,799$4,821$2,401$1,770$1,180
Total Expense $27,690$27,690$16,216$11,287$7,111
Total Core Commerce Revenue $40,442$32,763$19,667$14,397$8,829
China Commerce Active Buyers $601$522$454$423$350
China Commerce Mobile MAU's $666$617$507$410$289
China Commerce Retail Revenue $31,685$27,004$16,760$12,528$7,614
China Commerce Wholesale Revenue $1,300$1,096$836$672$404
International Commerce Retail Revenue $2,661$2,181$1,075$346$227
International Commerce Wholesale Revenue $1,099$1,012$885$851$584