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esla, Inc., formerly Tesla Motors, Inc., designs, develops, manufactures and sells fully electric vehicles, and energy storage systems, as well as installs, operates and maintains solar and energy storage products. The Company operates through two segments: Automotive, and Energy generation and storage. The Automotive segment includes the design, development, manufacturing, and sales of electric vehicles. The Energy generation and storage segment includes the design, manufacture, installation, and sale or lease of stationary energy storage products and solar energy systems to residential and commercial customers, or sale of electricity generated by its solar energy systems to customers. The Company produces and distributes two fully electric vehicles, the Model S sedan and the Model X sport utility vehicle (SUV). It also offers Model 3, a sedan designed for the mass market. It develops energy storage products for use in homes, commercial facilities and utility sites.

Revenue $17,524$14,235$11,759$7,000$4,046
Cost of Revenue Expense $14,486$11,636$9,536$5,401$3,123
Gross Profit $3,038$2,599$2,223$1,599$924
Operating Income -$1,270-$672-$1,632-$667-$717
Interest Expense $635$488$471$199$119
Pretax Income -$2,017-$1,237-$2,209-$746-$876
Provision Tax Income $27$36$32$27$13
Net Income -$1,791-$1,116-$1,961-$675-$889
EBITDA $492$656-$102$400-$334
Cash & Cash Equivalents $2,968$2,968$3,368$3,393$1,197
Short Term Receivables $1,155$1,155$515$499$169
Inventories $3,314$3,314$2,264$2,067$1,278
Total Cash $0$0$0$0$0
Current Assets $7,920$7,920$6,571$6,260$2,792
Total Assets $29,263$29,263$28,655$22,664$8,092
Accounts Payable $3,597$3,597$2,390$1,860$916
Total Current Liabilities $9,775$9,775$7,675$5,827$2,816
Total Liabilities $23,960$23,960$23,421$17,126$7,004
Total Stock Holders Equity $4,509$4,509$4,237$4,753$1,089
Total Equity $4,509$4,509$4,237$4,753$1,089
Operating Cash Flow $0$0$0$0$0
Investing Cash Flow -$2,934-$1,972-$4,419-$1,416-$1,674
Financing Cash Flow $972$686$4,415$3,744$1,524
Free Cash Flow -$1,499-$1,102-$4,142-$1,564-$2,159

Unique Data Points

Automotive Revenue $14,894$12,192$9,355$6,119$3,741
Deferred Revenue Liabilties $571$571$1,015$763$424
Energy, Generation & Storage Revenue $1,447$1,149$1,116----
Inventory $3,314$3,314$2,264$2,067$1,278
Resale Value Guarantee Liability $605$605$787$180$137
Service & other Revenue $1,148$860$1,001$518$286
Store & Service Locations $351$351$330$265--
SuperCharger Stations $1,352$1,352$1,128$790--
Vehicle Deliveries $126,869$70,765$103,181$80,928$17,478
Automotive Cost of Revenue Expense $11,268$9,269$6,724$4,416$2,758
Energy, Generation & Storage Cost of Revenue Expense $1,318$1,036$875----
Operating Leased Vehicles Assets $2,186$2,186$4,117$3,134$1,791
Service & Other Cost of Revenue Expense $1,589$1,212$1,229$432$287