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Groupon, Inc. operates online local commerce marketplaces around the world that connect merchants to consumers by offering goods and services at a discount. The Company operates through three segments: North America, which represents the United States and Canada; EMEA, which consists of Europe, and the Middle East and Africa, and the remainder of its international operations (Rest of World). It offers goods and services in three primary categories: Local Deals (Local), Groupon Goods (Goods) and Groupon Getaways (Travel). Its Local category includes offerings from local and national merchants, as well as local events. Its Goods category offers customers the ability to find deals on merchandise across various product lines, including electronics, sporting goods, jewelry, toys, household items and apparel. Through its Travel category, it features travel offers at both discounted and market rates, including hotels, airfare and package deals covering both domestic and international travel.

Revenue $2,710$1,837$2,844$3,143$3,120
Cost of Revenue Expense $1,369$882$1,510$1,786$1,734
Gross Profit $1,341$955$1,334$1,357$1,385
Selling, General & Administrative Expense $1,300$962$1,303$1,429$1,447
Operating Income $42-$8$31-$72-$62
Interest Expense $22$16$21$16$3
Pretax Income -$0-$48$36-$186-$108
Provision Tax Income -$3$0$8-$3-$19
Net Income -$10-$57$14-$195$21
EBITDA $143$56$195-$33$28
Cash & Cash Equivalents $572$572$880$892$853
Short Term Receivables $81$81$98$87$68
Inventories $32$32$26$36$42
Total Cash $0$0$0$0$0
Current Assets $752$752$1,072$1,092$1,075
Total Assets $1,404$1,404$1,678$1,761$1,796
Short Term Debt $0$0$0$0$0
Accounts Payable $501$501$802$830$801
Total Current Liabilities $771$771$1,134$1,213$1,204
Long Term Debt $199$199$190$179$0
Deferred Tax Liabilities $3$3$1$4$9
Total Liabilities $1,072$1,072$1,426$1,496$1,326
Total Stock Holders Equity $331$331$251$264$469
Total Equity $331$331$251$264$469
Operating Cash Flow $0$0$0$0$0
Investing Cash Flow -$134-$118-$35-$57$67
Dividends Paid $0$0$0$0$0
Financing Cash Flow -$66-$49-$138-$15-$508
Free Cash Flow $52-$202$75$46$169

Unique Data Points

Billings $5,356$3,774$5,646$6,096$6,256
Direct Revenue $1,577--$1,577$1,807$1,747
Goods Revenue $1,514$974$1,615$1,904$1,850
Local Revenue $1,079$775$1,107$1,092$1,111
Other Headcount $4,197$4,197$4,265$4,641--
Product Revenue $950$950------
Product Expense $791$791------
Sales Headcount $2,334$2,334$2,407$2,626--
Service Revenue $887$887------
Service Expense $91$91------
Services Revenue $1,240----$1,240$1,270
Third Party Revenue $1,266--$1,266$1,206$1,373
Total Headcount $6,531$6,531$6,672$7,267--
Travel Revenue $117$88$122$147$159
Consolidated Goods Billings $1,689$1,086$1,805$1,099--
Consolidated Goods Income $269$180$259$128--
Consolidated Local Billings $3,090$2,256$3,228$1,527--
Consolidated Local Income $973$701$974$461--
Consolidated Travel Billings $577$433$613$303--
Consolidated Travel Income $99$74$101$56--
EMEA Revenue $827----$827$868
EMEA Billings $1,588----$1,588$1,794
EMEA Operating Expense $813----$813$798
International Revenue $1,001$702$930$457--
International Billings $1,800$1,278$1,718$895--
International Income $433$311$406$193--
International ACTIVE CUSTOMERS $17$17$17$17--
International Goods Revenue $656$450$604$299--
International Goods Billings $729$495$697$371--
International Goods Income $109$74$101$46--
International Local Revenue $302$222$281$133--
International Local Billings $859$630$813$405--
International Local Income $285$209$265$123--
International Travel Revenue $43$31$44$26--
International Travel Billings $212$152$209$119--
International Travel Income $40$28$40$23--
North Amercia Travel Income $60$46$61$32--
North America Revenue $1,709$1,135$1,914$2,152$2,048
North America Billings $3,556$2,496$3,928$3,936$3,710
North America ACTIVE CUSTOMERS $31$31$33$31$26
North America Goods Revenue $858$524$1,010$708--
North America Goods Billings $960$590$1,108$728--
North America Goods Income $160$106$159$82--
North America Local Revenue $777$553$826$386--
North America Local Billings $2,231$1,625$2,415$1,121--
North America Local Income $688$491$709$338--
North America Operating Expense $2,127----$2,127$2,030
North America Travel Revenue $75$57$78$40--
North America Travel Billings $365$280$405$184--
Rest of World Revenue $322--$200$164$204
Rest of World Billings $822--$393$572$751
Rest of World ACTIVE CUSTOMERS $6----$6$8
Rest of World Operating Expense $190----$190$228
Total ACTIVE CUSTOMERS $49$49$50$48--

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