• Brian Nichols
  • 11-19-2018 5:39PM
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Are the Ethereum (ETH) Woes Just Getting Started

I am an Ethereum blockchain and Ether (ETH) cryptocurrency bull. However, we sold a losing position in ETH today after previously believing that $250 presented a great buy-in opportunity. Unfortunately, that's not the case, and when we look at where ETH started, not too long ago at $9, there is reason to believe the price could continue to fall in the immediate future.Specifically, the entire crypto market is in turmoil with 2018 mostly a bear market from the beginning. And while the most recent...

  • Opata
  • 08-31-2018 12:15PM
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Kenya and Iran Join Others Giving Crypto a New Face

Kenya is yet to unveil the country's first blockchain cryptocurrency known as TMX Global Coin, while Iran is set to unveil a national cryptocurrency. Both countries have their reasons for creating their own cryptocurrency. Iran stepped up its plan to develop the national cryptocurrency after sanctions were imposed by Washington aimed at restricting the country's access to the U.S. dollars. Kenya's reasoning for creating the coin, on the other hand, is to aid the country in solving the ...

  • 08-31-2018 1:22PM
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What is Google's Hidden Worry About Investing in Blockchain?

Blockchain technology brings threats to Google Cloud services, concerns about database information disclosure, digital advertising to replace the hidden dangers of traditional Internet advertising and competitive pressure from peers, or directly to the world Internet giant Google's layout blockchain the reason.In March of this year, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) was exposed to one-third of the total number of active users in the United States, and data from more than 50 million users was used by analysts...

  • Fifield
  • 08-15-2018 1:21PM
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As Bitcoin (BTC) and Cryptocurrencies Test Support Again Investors Are Panicked, But Should They Be?

Here we are again for the fourth time this year, Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen to the 6000 USD level taking all of its digital brethren with it. Decred (DCR) is down to 30 USD, NEO (NEO) 16, Binance (BNB) 8 USD... even Ethereum (ETH) has been brought down to its levels from the previous year, landing at 250 USD.  There is an air of panic and uncertainty as investors wonder just what will happen next.Time for panic?When we talked about the price action last month, rejection was a b...

  • 08-13-2018 1:59PM
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With Blockchain's Help Can IBM (NYSE:IBM) Hit the Trillion-Dollar Mark?

The technology giant, IBM (NYSE:IBM), a $100+ billion market cap company, continues its push toward the blockchain. It's not letting the potential Bitcoin (BTC) slowdown slow it down either. Many companies just aren't interested in the blockchain, or they don't see the value in it, However, IBM, aka "Big Blue", is a massive company that's over a century old, it's the one that's shaking up the blockchain space. IBM has a whole division, some 1,600 employees that are blockchain-focused. It truly i...

  • 07-31-2018 2:52PM
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Barriers to the Implementation of Crypto-Economy Into the Framework of Existing Economic Paradigms

At present, there are two most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). And if the Ethereum (ETH) block is considered more technologically advanced, offering great opportunities for application developers, Bitcoin (BTC) is probably the most high-currency since the time of the gold rush.Now many people predict death to Bitcoin (BTC), claiming that the future belongs to Ethereum (ETH). In my opinion, both cryptocurrencies reflect two different trends in crypto-...

  • Fifield
  • 07-27-2018 10:23AM
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Former Child Actor Has Plans to Make Puerto Rico Blockchain Island

Former child actor, entrepreneur, investor, and lover of wide-brimmed hats, Brock Pierce, has plans for the small island of Puerto Rico. He wants to turn it into a blockchain paradise and he, along with a gaggle of other crypto investors, have moved on to the island to begin laying the foundation for their vision.Pierce best known in acting for the "Mighty Ducks" retired as a teenager and began to pursue financial ventures. A series of investments sprinkled with a bit of scandal, and years ...

  • 07-30-2018 10:58AM
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How European Banks Bail the Accounts of Cryptocurrency Start-ups

The news that classical banks insert sticks into the wheels of projects working on crypto technologies is appearing more often. And it's not just about the initially conservative countries, the information about the private bath comes from around the world.It is no longer news that financial and technological projects, which in the description of their activities somehow mention work with modern digital currencies, either close existing accounts or completely refuse to open a bank account. ...

  • Fifield
  • 07-26-2018 3:44PM
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Binance Coin (BNB) Is Still Well Worth Holding

It's been a while since we examined Binance Coin (BNB) price action. Upon review, it's obvious that it has been one of the top performers throughout the 2018 pullback, bear market, consolidation or whatever else you want to call it. When I first wrote about Binance Coin (BNB) oh so many months ago it's buying zone was between the 7-9 dollar range. Today the buy zone has shifted drastically and BNB has seen its supply line move up over time. Now Binance Coin (BNB) finds its support around 12 USD...

  • Opata
  • 07-27-2018 1:19PM
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Tron (TRX) Vs. Ripple (XRP): Could Tron (TRX) be this year's best coin?

Tron (TRX) in recent articles has been compared to Ripple (XRP), describing some of its features that makes it outplay XRP. Nevertheless, XRP has not been the only crypto facing the comparison as Ethereum (ETH) recently faced similar comparison. XRP was among the cryptocurrencies that best performed last year. Tron (TRX) seem to be little trapped lately, nonetheless, it will be bad to ignore the current performance of the coin in the market. New deals and features added to the digital coin could...

  • 07-25-2018 9:35AM
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International Business Machines (NYSE:IBM) Ushers in Blockchain With New Crypto

Bitcoin (BTC) is closing in on $8,000 despite regulatory issues. BlackRock Inc. (NYSE:BLK) exploring ways to make money off of Bitcoin (BTC) has helped push the cryptocurrency higher. Flying under the radar is International Business Machines (NYSE:IBM). The technology giant with a $136 billion market cap is creating its own cryptocurrency. This comes as we're seeing more interest in cryptocurrency from institutions. The potential for a Bitcoin ETF to hit the market in August is also ve...

  • 07-18-2018 9:52AM
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Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) Blockchain Business Is Live

Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) launched its blockchain platform yesterday, the same day the largest asset manager in the world admits it's looking into how to profit from blockchain technology.The latest attempt by the enterprise software company to sell more products to its customers. The service allows customers to set up networks on the blockchain to manage various applications for supply chains, payment infrastructures, and record keeping operations, among other uses.Oracle Corporation (NYSE...

  • 07-18-2018 12:04PM
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World's Largest Asset Manager Exploring Bitcoin (BTC)

The world's largest asset management company, BlackRock, Inc. (NYSE: BLK), is exploring ways to take advantage of Bitcoin (BTC).BlackRock, Inc. (NYSE: BLK) CEO, Larry Fink, said on Monday that he has put together a team to look at ways his asset management company can use the blockchain. Fink told Reuters that, We [BlackRock] are a big student of the blockchain.This is a huge change of opinion from Fink. Fink called Bitcoin (BTC) an "index of money laundering" and a "speculative" investment last...

  • Brian Nichols
  • 07-16-2018 10:52AM
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Hade Technologies to Begin Decentralization Efforts with MatriX

Hade Technologies has undergone a significant front and back end transformation over the last three weeks. With nearly 5,000 finance professionals, institutions, and retail investors who trust MatriX each day for fundamental analysis and investment ideas from artificial intelligence. Our goal is to become the world's largest platform for investors. To do so, we must continue to apply breakthrough technology with financial information and tools. The next step in this process is to prove that our ...

  • 07-17-2018 10:35AM
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How the Blockbuster Will Change the Network Advertising Market

Despite the fact that large advertising networks offer a wide range of services and give an opportunity to earn good publishers, the future of network advertising is associated with blocking and distributed registries, which, according to experts, should provide a new technological level of its development. Direct operations are the basis of the blockage, and they, of course, should increase the effectiveness of advertising activities. This primarily applies to quantitative measurements of adver...

  • 07-13-2018 10:23AM
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HTC Corp (TPE:HTC): Can a Blockchain Phone Save the Stock?

HTC Corp (TPE:HTC) has a chance to be the bring a blockchain-powered smartphone to the masses. Can something like this help the company turn itself around, or even create a niche like Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) had with the iPhone for so many years? That remains to be seen. But this Exodus phone is coming and it could change the tide on HTC Corp's misfortunes. The blockchain phone can't come soon enough, launching toward the end of the year.Smartphone woes aboundHTC Corp (TPE:HTC) is struggling to...

  • 07-12-2018 1:03PM
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Not to be Outdone by Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), Walmart Inc. (NYSE:WMT) Focuses on Blockchain

Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT), with a $250 billion market cap, is considered by many as a company that's too big to innovate. However, the largest employer in the world has been rigorously investing in new technologies, primarily blockchain, that would make it a "smart" retailer.Walmart Inc (NYSE: WMT) is adopting a number of blockchain-related technologies and trying to shift toward a more seamless, possibly cashless and cashier-less, checkout process. Will Walmart (NYSE:WMT) event...

  • Brian Nichols
  • 07-10-2018 9:02AM
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What Makes HadePay the Best For Blockchain Payments?

Yesterday, I published an opinion piece which had the following content within. Here is that entire article. After reading over and receiving many emails, I believe these distinguishing factors for HadePay are worth noting and emphasizing once more. will have the first-to-market advantage and has taken many Binance-like bets that nurture the evolution of online businesses to blockchain payments. HadePay has a simple interface that is completely customizable for the merchant, wit...

  • Opata
  • 07-11-2018 12:30PM
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IOTA (MIOTA) Is the Best Crypto to Outsmart the Bull, Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) has a strong hold on the crypto market, with a supremacy of over 40%. The big bull pushes the rest of the market, as any drop in the value of the coin leads the others to drop. This has created a situation whereby other good platforms have remained stagnate in value. A question that seems to linger lately is what crypto which could be the best to break away from or dethrone Bitcoin (BTC)? Many have conceded Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and sometimes Litecoin (LT...

  • 07-10-2018 2:31PM
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What is Hampering the Widespread Growth of Pilot Block Projects?

The financial sector tests blocking technology and actively creates pilot projects. Why have these pilot projects not become popular? Is the new technology really innovative and useful? And can this slow growth hamper the widespread promotion and widespread implementation of block projects?Blocking technology is no more than 10 years old, and large organizations began to show interest to it no more than 3-4 years ago. At the moment it is difficult to find information about the introduction of th...

  • Crypto Jacyna
  • 07-09-2018 3:45PM
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How Horizons Blockchain Technology & Hardware Index (TSX:BKCH) Pushes Picks and Shovels in the Blockchain Universe

Last week, I mentioned an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) newcomer in this stock review. Horizons Blockchain Technology & Hardware Index ETF (TSX:BKCH)  was launched on June 21, 2018 on the Toronto Stock Exchange. This ETF provides a less obvious way to profit from the blockchain technology revolution. Here's how.One Golden Nugget and Two Business ModelsHad you lived during the many gold rushes of the past two centuries, you would have had to choose one of the two predominant main ...

  • Brian Nichols
  • 07-08-2018 11:29PM
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The Next Coinbase, Binance, and Industry to Evolve Cryptocurrency

The next great investment opportunity is blockchain payments for business-to-consumer and business-to-business transactions. Viable solutions for blockchain payments will be bigger and more profitable than the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, like Coinbase and Binance. Let's identify the best opportunities.Up until now, cryptocurrency serves few purposes beyond trade value -- who will buy higher than the next person. While top Wall Street icons like Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon have crit...

  • Brittany Pennington
  • 07-07-2018 10:37AM
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  • 614 Boasts a New Look and Bold, Insightful Content

It has been an exciting week for as our webpage has undergone some major revamping. Visiting the page you will find a more simplistic design aimed at improving the organization and usability of our content. Check out these improvements and let us know what you think. While you're there, be sure to register for free access to the world's most powerful research platform for stocks and cryptocurrency, MatriX! Here's a look at some of our most talked about pieces from...

  • Brittany Pennington
  • 07-06-2018 11:58AM
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The Best 6 Stocks to Own Right Now

Going back to our roots and taking a breather from the Cryptoverse, we ask our analysts, "What is your favorite stock right now"? Trade War Beneficiary "I like XPO Logistics (NYSE:XPO) to continue to outperform the overall stock market.  With a trade war looming, XPO generates about 60% of its revenue in the United States. Moreover, capacity remains tight and trucks are still in short supply in many parts of the country. That\'s kept freight rates high. The national average van ra...

  • Fifield
  • 07-06-2018 10:52AM
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Malta Is Officially Blockchain Island Following Passing of Regulatory Framework

Ok, so... maybe the title is a tad hyperbolic, but Malta may as well be the official Blockchain Island by default. Malta has been making every effort to adopt blockchain technology and attract it's biggest figures and innovators. And it's worked quite well so far, attracting a number of crypto businesses and exchanges such as Okex and Binance to move to the island. Now Malta is setting a milestone becoming the first country to pass a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies in to law. The...

  • Brian Nichols
  • 06-24-2018 12:51AM
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What Are The Googles and Amazons of Cryptocurrency, the Truly Great Investments Right Now?

playing out exactly as expectedWhy care what I have to say? Well, I did write the book on value and behavioral investing for McGraw-Hill, and founded MatriX on, software that 1,000s of investors trust each month for investment analytics and predictions (200% better than S&P 500 over four years).Let's not forget, Google and Amazon were born from the Dotcom bubble. Neither company "created the internet". Instead, both found more efficient ways to utilize the internet while ...

  • 06-16-2018 9:07AM
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All You Need To Know About the John McAffee Physical Cryptocurrency

In one way or the other, you have probably used the premier software Mcafee Antivirus either on your desktop or personal computer before. This antivirus happens to be the first antivirus to be developed by the freakish fugitive John David McAfee.Let me brief you about this freakish fugitive. John McAfee is British American computer programmer and businessman. He was once accused of murder and rape of his neighbor in Belize where he had all his fortune. He had to run through the jungles, rivers, ...

  • 06-15-2018 7:06PM
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The Ripple Effects of Coinrail Hacking on Cryptocurrencies

Last Sunday, 10th June 2018, COINRAIL a Cryptocurrency exchange based in South Korea issued a statement confirming and alerting users of a cyber intrusion that led to the loss of up to 30% of total token reserves. This resulted in a panic that made most of the major cryptocurrencies to experience a sharp steep in the market value against the major fiat currencies such as the US dollar and the Great Britain Pound.The virtual currencies that were most affected included Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash ...

  • 0 Cole
  • 06-14-2018 9:56AM
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Tron (TRX) Takes Step Forward in Achieving its Dream by Acquiring BitTorrent

It is said that "a journey of a long mile begins with just a small step." There are small steps that will lead to a successful outcome if sustained. One such steps is that which Tron (TRX) founder Justin Sun made when he indicated interest in purchasing BitTorrent Inc., now Rainberry Inc., through a "no shop" clause, which means that no other company could indicate interest until the letter of interest expires. However, Rainberry Inc. broked the clause of the deal by entertaining other inte...

  • 0 Raphael
  • 06-13-2018 11:18AM
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Will Dungeon Defenders II Implement Proof of Skill Cryptocurrency Rewards?

A partnership with Trendy Entertainment was announced by Blockchain Signal Zero about its Loot protocol to the massively popular game which is known as Dungeon Defenders II.This marks the first major game release to feature baked-in cryptocurrency rewards. Dungeon Defenders II is a free-to-play game that is available on Steam, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. According to the data provided by Signal Zero, It was officially launched last year, and has since received numerous updates and expansions, a...

  • Fifield
  • 06-12-2018 6:51AM
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EOS (EOS): Failure to Launch

Block.One's June 4th release date for the EOS (EOS) blockchain and mainnet has come and gone. The snapshot has been taken to ensure token holders get their tokens transferred to the new blockchain and investors eagerly await the hotly anticipated launch. There is a glaring issue with all of this, however... After a year-long development and ICO raising billions of dollars, EOS doesn't actually have a blockchain developed though you'd be hard-pressed to hear Block.One admit it. Block.One i...

  • 0 Adams
  • 06-07-2018 1:28PM
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What is The Role of Digital Checks in China's Banking System?

Whenever China is mentioned within the cryptocurrency space, what usually comes to memory is the ban on cryptocurrency trading and an end to initial coin offerings (ICOs). However, it should be noted that China is one of the countries that has invested the most resources in the blockchain technology that powers the operations of cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Just last year, China was the country that filed the highest number of blockchain technology patent with the World Intellectual Property ...

  • 06-12-2018 4:31PM
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Blockchain Technology is Helping in the Survival of MSMEs

Since the emergence of blockchain technology otherwise known as DLT, the way businesses are run is continually influenced by it. It is the technology that helps them in the survival of most of the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Stellar, Lumen and some others. The success of this technology on cryptocurrencies that made their values to rise from almost nothing to the present value has attracted businesses, governments, and educational ...

  • Brian Nichols
  • 06-02-2018 8:54AM
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HADE Ranks The 20 Most Influential Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Experts

Want to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain? These are the 20 people you must follow and learn from!There are lots of blockchain and crypto experts, marketers, influencers, advisors and practitioners, but this list is made up of those blockchain and crypto experts (must be both), who have expertise and capabilities that run across many of these areas and are known practitioners and/or market-makers. There were many that we could have had on this list, but marketers, advisors, and influence...

  • Fifield
  • 06-02-2018 10:16AM
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Tron (TRX) Launches Mainnet but Ultimately Fails to Excite

There was a lot of hype around the Tron (TRX) main net launch, of course, this was mainly noise from Tron's CEO Justin Sun via live stream, as seems to be his trademark. TRX will break away from Ethereum (ETH) and have it's own blockchain after Tron (TRX) holders finish migrating their coins to the new network dubbed Odyssey 2.0.  which will allow global transactions and have decentralized applications built on to it. Basically, they want to be the new Ethereum (ETH) as many other coins ...

  • 0 Ukaegbu
  • 06-01-2018 11:48AM
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Do Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin (BTC) Consume Less energy than Fiat Money ?

Fiat requires commercial banks, central banks, ATMs, armored cars and hundreds of thousands of employees, among other things to work. Of recent, a majority of people are comparing Bitcoin (BTC) electricity consumption to the production of paper money at central banks like the Federal Reserve, dismissing manual labor, energy, and electricity required to distribute and transfer money. The US dollar is not magically distributed to everyone in the country at their doorstep. The FED distrib...

  • 0
  • 05-31-2018 2:56PM
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Forget Your Credit Score by Using Salt (SALT) Blockchain as Collateral for Loans

SALT is an acronym for Secured Automated Lending Technology. Salt (SALT) lending is said to be the next generation lending platform for blockchain backed loans. It provides an avenue where market members of the platform can use their blockchain assets as collateral. These SALT blockchain assets are faultless and complete collateral because they exist in a peer to peer ledger that is transparent and publicly viewable, lowering fraud and cost.How Salt (SALT) Blockchain WorksIndustries and peo...

  • Otty
  • 05-29-2018 11:49AM
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Updated Version of Cardano (ADA) Could Skyrocket

Cardano (ADA) being a currency with $4,992,646,338 capital and currently bouncing in a 7th position, as of the early hours of May 29th, seems to have promising future with its upcoming platform that is specifically designed to represent a scalable environment for operating with smart contracts. You may recall Cardano (ADA) had a bullish rally gaining over 1500% and even making it to the top 5 rankings of cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization earlier this year. At its core, Cardano (...

  • Otty
  • 05-26-2018 12:38PM
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What You Should Know About Blockchains and Their Stocks

Blockchain is a protocol that enables the access, creation, and distribution of data. It also acts as a digital ledger where transactions made in Bitcoin (BTC) or another cryptocurrencies are recorded chronologically and publicly. A single blockchain-based system is cheaper to maintain than the myriad of systems that, for example, banks use for transactions now. As a result, we are seeing that not just banks but stock companies as well have developed an interest in blockchain.Why They All N...

  • Opata
  • 05-25-2018 1:50PM
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Ethereum (ETH) Ranked as Top Public Blockchain While Bitcoin (BTC) Struggles

China, in general, sees blockchain technology as an active area of innovation and expects public blockchains and decentralized applications to become weighty parts of the future economy. In the second half of last year, though, the Chinese government started to crack down on illegal initial coin offerings (ICOs). China was the most active filer of blockchain patent applications last year, according to data collated by Thomson Reuters Practical Law. It is surprising though to see the Chinese gove...

  • Brian Nichols
  • 05-22-2018 11:31PM
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Hade Pay Service Update and Progress

Hade Pay is the first business-to-consumer and business-to-business service for online digital currency payments. Hade Pay combines a completely customizable payment gateway with a private blockchain protocol for added security. Over the last three days we have done updates and front-end improvements to Hade Pay. This is all part of a large scale around-the-clock development process ahead of a worldwide unveil and launch at the BCI Summit in NY on June 12. We have decided to keep Hade Pay d...

  • 05-21-2018 10:18AM
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Politics or Freedom: Who really benefits from national cryptocurrencies?

The rapid development of the crypto industry puts regulators in a difficult position, to keep pace with the times and get on the "digital track" or take a waiting position, supporting the traditional economy. In most cases, the latter option is accompanied by the adoption of various bills, the meaning of which is one, to limit, if not prohibit. However, not all countries are so categorical, on the contrary, for many, the development of cryptocurrency and the creation of national coins can be a w...

  • Nelson
  • 05-16-2018 10:53AM
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Real Reason Behind the Bounce Back of Stellar (XLM)

With the recent trends in the cryptomarket, Stellar (XLM) seems to be gaining traction. On April 29th, Stellar (XLM) traded at $0.45 while on May 11th it traded at $0.31. Currently, there seems to be a more promising return for the currency. Stellar (XLM) picked up the pace and was on the path to recovery, arriving safely back in the green zone by May 13. Stellar (XLM) is now on an upward trajectory and is currently trading at $0.33. But there seem to be some factors pushing it forward...

  • 05-19-2018 3:16PM
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4 Things to Known About Rawtz Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Wallet

Due to the scalability challenge of Bitcoin (BTC) transactions towards the end of the second quarter of 2017, which later led to the hark forking of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), some developers came together to see how to reduce the volume of transactions within the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain.This led to the development of the Lightning Network which has hard adoption in some other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). Since then, some web-based Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning wal...

  • Fifield
  • 05-14-2018 8:37PM
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Consensus 2018 is Here!

Blockchain week NYC is here and among the many events being held this year one event stands out in particular above the rest, that would be Coindesk's annual summit known as Consensus 2018, being held at the NY Hilton Midtown. This event brings together a vast crowd of managers, investors and journalists to listen to speakers on the current state and future of blockchain technology. Historically this has been a very important catalyst for cryptocurrency, typically a precursor to a major bull run...

  • 05-15-2018 1:37PM
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What to Expect as Huawie Technologies Co. Launches Smartphones with Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet?

 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is a Chinese multinational networking, telecommunications equipment, and services company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China with CEO as Ren Zhengfei since 1988.On  May 11, 2018, the technology firm announced that it will be launching new smartphones with Bitcoin (BTC) wallet in its app, even though the Chinese government is offering opposition to cryptocurrency related activities such as exchanges and mining excluding blockchain technologie...

  • 05-18-2018 3:57PM
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Will NEO Use Incentives to Destroy the Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain?

NEO is a decentralized platform for the development of decentralized applications while Ethereum (ETH) blockchain is used to develop applications and run ICO's using the Ethereum (ETH) platform. Even though both of the coins have value, NEO is built to tackle the scalability challenge that is associated with cryptocurrency transactions. Tokens that are developed within the Ethereum (ETH) platform are called ERC20 tokens, while tokens developed with the NEO platform are called NEP-5 tokens. ...

  • 05-15-2018 8:19AM
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Technical Analysis of EOS in Anticipation of a Big Upgrade

Last month, the EOS cryptocurrency showed impressive growth dynamics. Bulls pushed the price of the asset up amid positive news about the partnership with blockbuster enthusiasts Michael Kao and Winnie Lee, who will participate in the formation of the EOS Global fund for $200 million to expand the platform in the Asian region.In addition, the developer of the block signed a partnership with the German investment firm FinLab AG, which will manage the venture fund from EOS for $100 million to expa...

  • 05-11-2018 10:52AM
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0x (ZRX) is Exploding as it Gains 201% Within 30 Days

0x (ZRX) is designed within the Ethereum Blockchain as an open source protocol to offer a decentralized exchange. It is used by relayers to receive matching fees. The coin left the $1 billion market capitalization on  Jan 28, 2018, when it opened at a price of $2.09 and took about 73 days to return back to it.Increase in value by more than 200% within 30 daysDuring the one month span from of April 9, 2018, when 0x opened at a price of $0.570968 and May 9, 2018, when it closed at a pric...

  • 05-09-2018 2:29PM
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Get Ready For a Bitcoin (BTC) Boom as History May Repeat Itself

From Newton's third law of motion that action and reaction are equal and opposite, we could agree that even in the activities associated with some cryptocurrencies, some actions have resulted to either a rise or fall in value. These actions could be in the form of media propaganda that might be false, addition of a coin or token to an exchange, introduction of new mines, announcement of hard forks, or a change in leadership.However, there is a conference that always increases and results in a "b...

  • Dickins
  • 05-16-2018 10:29AM
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Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) is a First Mover in Blockchain

Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) operates online and mobile marketplaces in retail and wholesale trade. As one of China's internet giants, it most closely resembles Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) in its business model, and also includes cloud computing and logistics services. Alibaba's (NYSE: BABA) great strength is in its technological infrastructure, which helps businesses use the internet to establish a presence and transact. Now, Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) is at the forefront of a small group of companies in Chin...

  • Nelson
  • 05-08-2018 3:13PM
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Zilliqa (ZIL) 215.6% Profit Means it is Time to Start Buying

Zilliqa (ZIL) brought a more promising future for its investors from this may onward. Though it is said to be next generation of high-speed blockchain platform based on sharding technology that allows linear scaling as the blockchain grows in size.It has not been easy as it battles its way up to be among the currencies with more than one billion market capitalization. But there appears to be an interesting thing about its performance in April. It has been gradually surging upward and currently i...

  • Otty
  • 05-21-2018 2:46PM
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A Look at VeChain (VEN) Performance Shows Now is the Best Time to Buy

VeChain (VEN), currently the16th currency according to Coinmarketcap rating, has a market capitalization of $2,311,105,907. With its recent performance, I strongly believe that VeChain (VEN) is a coin that will facilitate huge profits and the price may be going up to $1,000 very soon.First, I wish to outline the previous month's performance and the agents that fostered its performance. Price ChangeAs of April 4th, the coin opened with $2.91, though with the gradual increase in price t...

  • Otty
  • 05-21-2018 9:38AM
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Reasons Mass Adoption of Digital Currencies Hasn't Happened

A lot of factors have contributed to the failure of digital currencies being adopted globally. I don't think cryptocurrencies are much different from other commodities in that their prices are driven by the laws of supply and demand. If people want to buy, price increases; if people want to sell, prices decrease. This has been a major problem in the mass adoption of cryptocurrency globally. This issue of volatility strikes fear into the mind of governments that should have adopted and made ...

  • 05-03-2018 11:51AM
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IOTA (MIOTA) Joins Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI): Is it Time to HODL?

IOTA (MIOTA) is a cryptocurrency that is known for its commitment to the Internet of Things (IoT). Some investors lost trust in the cryptocurrency, currently ranked 9th in market capitalization, due to the recession experienced within the market in the first quarter of 2018. However, recently we have witnessed a changing tide. It is worth noting that all 2,779,530,283 of MIOTA in total supply are currently in circulation.Reasons to Hodl Your IOTA (MIOTA):1) It is a member of Mobility O...

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  • 05-03-2018 12:11PM
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How Ripple (XRP) Can Reduce Declining Market Capitalization in Q2 2018

Ripple (XRP) is unarguably one of the stable currencies in the cryptocurrency market, but due to the fluctuation in the price of Bitcoin (BTC), and the uncertainties created by the situation in South Korea in January 2018, instability in the market increased and the market value of altcoins were affected.On the 25th of April 2018, the Ripple (XRP) published a report on the Q1 of 2018, according to their report, XRP worth $16.6 million was directly purchased by market participants, while XRP...

  • Otty
  • 05-04-2018 10:06AM
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With Lightning Technology, Bitcoin (BTC) Price is Sure to Reach 100,000

Lightning Network is one of the new trending technologies designed to play a vital role in the Bitcoin (BTC) community, aimed at driving its price very high. Though it still needs some developments to be fully charged and ready to rapidly boost Bitcoin's price, the good news is that Bitcoin (BTC) isn't the only cryptocurrency that will benefit. Lightning technology could be helpful for several currencies including Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Stellar (XLM) a...

  • 05-03-2018 2:38PM
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Division Could Destroy the Ethereum (ETH) Community

No part of a machine is independent of the rest. Most businesses experience a time of challenges and they just may be so dark that they may question if they make out of it. Inversely, there also exists a time of praise. Bitcoin (BTC) had its own share of challenges around August of last year when the Bitcoin (BTC) community was divided on scaling challenges. The division was mainly between developers, miners, startups, and users of Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain. The challenges came and went all while...

  • Fifield
  • 05-08-2018 10:50AM
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Does Blockchain Technology Need Cryptocurrency?

There is a common argument against Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), you'll hear it often repeated. The claim is that blockchain is an amazing technology but cryptocurrency isn't and will fade away, being replaced by more traditional currencies such as the US dollar. I've heard it dozens of times from message board bears, and major financial publications. The problem? It's an argument from ignorance and misses the mark completely. People Need to Understand how the Blockchain Works.By ...

  • 05-03-2018 1:38PM
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Walmart (NYSE:WMT) is Winning the Blockchain Race

Walmart (NYSE: WMT), the world's largest retailer, is embracing the blockchain. Companies are using blockchain ledger technology to streamline processes like supply chains. I've talked about what Walmart (NYSE: WMT) is up to with blockchain and how it can gain an edge in the battle with (NASDAQ: AMZN). Walmart (NYSE: WMT) has been looking at ways to use the blockchain to streamline and decrease the complexity of its supply chain. That is, speeding up the process of moving produce and ...

  • 05-01-2018 2:34PM
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2 Events That Will Result in a Quality 2018 Q2 Performance for NEO

"Chinese Ethereum", otherwise known as NEO, will be a hot token to possess this quarter and everyone who owns NEO should hodl it because of benefits that are on the horizon for the token holders.Upbit airdropping of GAS to NEO holders:One of South Korea's largest exchanges, Upbit, is planning to airdrop GAS to all NEO holders. The airdrop will be completed by May 2018. To qualify for the airdrop, a user is required to register with Upbit, and have a NEO balance whose snapshot will be taken ...

  • 05-02-2018 11:33AM
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Stock Activities of Riot Blockchain Are a Great Incentive to Hodl Your Bitcoin (BTC)

Some life lessons are best deduced from observation. Riot blockchain was not formerly not known by this name and was previously a biotech technology firm. However, Riot blockchain has diverged into a cryptocurrency investment firm after realizing the serious prospects associated with the cryptocurrency world and the performance of the currency within a short time due to the dedication of many to its development.The firm recently acquired more than 3000 Bitmain S9 miners for mining both Bitc...

  • 04-30-2018 2:39PM
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4 Facts About NEO That You May Not Know

NEO, was formerly known as Antshares, was created by Onchain founders, Da HongFei and Eric Zhang, in 2016. The coin has been able to give high yield to investors after it started rising and had been able to maintain a stable market ranking on Coinmarketcap for some time now. An indication of NEO's success, it is often referred to as "Chinese Ethereum". There are 4 important facts about NEO that you may not know.The 4 facts about NEO include the following:1) NEO supports many progr...

  • Otty
  • 04-30-2018 4:38PM
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Will Ethereum (ETH) Performance be Affected by Declining Coindesk Summit Invitation?

Recently, Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum (ETH) made his intentions known on Twitter about avoiding the 2018 annual blockchain summit organized by Coindesk. The event, called Consensus 2018, will be held at the New York Hilton Midtown on May 14th-16th 2018.Personally, I have given much thought to how this summit could go a long way to boosting the currency's performance this year and in preparing them for the coming year. The Ethereum (ETH) boss has his reasons for why such a deci...

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  • 05-04-2018 10:37AM
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Could Fiat Banking System Benefit From Superimposing Cryptocurrencies?

Recently, with the help of media publications, cryptocurrencies have been rapidly gaining popularity due to the incredible manner in which it tends to ease stress within our financial system. Most markets have been disrupted by inefficient systems, as people tend to build and run businesses on the basis that cryptocurrency enables them to easily move money from one place to the other, irrespective of the difference in locations. With this, the constant search for a remedy brought about blockchai...

  • Otty
  • 05-18-2018 12:46PM
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Blockchain a New Agent of Solar Power Technology

The technology behind Blockchain was invented in 2008 for powering and supporting Bitcoin (BTC). Blockchain is gradually taking over every aspect of life and it is virtually used in all day to day activities.Solar powerSolar energy is an energy captured from the sun and converted into electricity for home or business use. The sun is naturally regarded as a nuclear reactor. Tiny particles of energy (proton) are released which travels about 93 miles from the sun to the Earth within ...

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  • 05-17-2018 3:10PM
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How Does Blockchain Work in the Real World?

Blockchains are popular nowadays but most people still ask, what is a blockchain? How do they work? What problems do they solve and how can they be used? Like the name indicates, a blockchain is a chain of blocks that contain information. This technique was originally described in 1991 by a group of researchers and was intended to timestamp digital documents so that it's not possible to backdate them or to tamper with them almost like a notary. Yet, it went by mostly unnoticed unt...

  • 05-01-2018 8:29AM
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Aeternity (AE) Hits $1 Billion Market Cap for the First Time

Aeternity (AE) is an open source blockchain-based distributed computing platform, that aims to attract blockchain-focused businesses that are looking to scale by solving the blockchain governance challenges. This challenge is solved by combining proof of work and proof of stake consensus mechanism.  It was able to hit $1 billion market capitalization after initial coin offering ended in May 2017.   It was launched in the first quarter of 2017 and was able to raise $12.5 million within ...

  • 04-27-2018 1:28PM
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2 Reasons Why Nasdaq Finally Indicated Interest in Cryptocurrency Activities

Nasdaq is one of the three most well-known stock exchange platforms in the world, following the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and London Stock Exchange (SEC). A recent announcement was made by Nasdaq CEO, Adena Friedman, stating that Nasdaq is open to becoming a cryptocurrency hub collaborating with Gemini exchange, founded by the Winklevoss brothers, Tyler and Cameron, formerly among the early investors in Bitcoin (BTC). This should not come as a  surprise to cryptocurrencies enthusi...

  • Otty
  • 05-21-2018 3:50PM
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Are Buyouts Good for the Cryptocurrency Marketplace?

In the cryptocurrency marketplace today it is easily seen as a perfect example of clutter, a place where several companies fight for one particular thing in the crypto market. A buyout is when a company cannot handle a particular project due to lack of funds to execute them, so a larger company may decide to buy out the project and redevelops it to achieve the initial purpose or for a better result.Why Buyouts are a Good Thing Some companies look for a way to sustain the...

  • 04-30-2018 11:01AM
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The Technology Era: Amazing advancements happening before our very eyes.

In order to somehow consolidate my disparate reflections about the events taking place today, my thoughts are pushed toward becoming a little futuristic. I will describe currently emerging technology trends and phenomena and predict what they could lead to by the year 2050.RobotizationMass robotization, full automation of most production processes, operations have already begun. Millions of workers in China, Korea, Europe, the United States are losing their jobs, although the process only a...

  • 04-26-2018 12:04PM
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Ethereum (ETH) to Reach $1000 by End of May

Many are not aware that Ethereum (ETH) is moving so fast and should be taking seriously by any investor with spare money to invest. Although the market has been favorable to most cryptocurrencies, there will always an internal war on the best options to mark. Taking a risk and failing with information that supports the risk is better than not taking a risk at all.Some of the reasons why this prediction will occur are:1) Increased mining activitiesEthereum (ETH) blockchain is experienci...

  • 04-23-2018 9:11PM
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Hade Pay is Coming to Take Over as King of Digital Currency Platforms

Every digital currency is designed to verify the transfer of funds and secure its transactions. There are numerous digital wallets that store digital currencies as well as many exchanges to trade them. However, there are no existing wallets or digital services to unlock a token or digital value for purchases or subscriptions. Until now.With reference to my last article, I emphasized Bitcoin (BTC) as the most widely used digital currency across the world. As Bitcoin (BTC) is growing, pe...

  • 04-26-2018 1:01PM
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Are Government Grants on Blockchain Evidence That it's Here to Stay?

In the past, blockchain technology has had successful developments through the interventions of private developers and firms, who were able to see the benefit that the technology is offering, and will offer them to other users, who make use of the services.However, in recent times, it can be seen that the tide is changing since many governments and their agencies are beginning to understand that the era of blockchain technology is no longer a Bitcoin (BTC), which they felt came out with unknown ...

  • 04-23-2018 8:45AM
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Three Reasons Why Bitfinex Support of EOS MainNet is Justified

Every good business partnership is geared toward to things, profits for the partnering bodies and improved services to users. is the best ERC20 token as of today's ranking of Ethereum (ETH) tokens and in the sixth position in terms of market capitalization ranking. Bitfinex, on the other hand, is among the highest Bitcoin (BTC) trading exchanges in the world and the sixth highest exchange in terms of total volume of cryptocurrency is a cryptocurrency token and blockchain de...

  • 04-25-2018 10:59AM
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Why Vechain (VEN) Partnership with iTaotaoke Will Make it a Worldwide Brand

Vechain (VEN) has had great partnerships in the time past, which contributed to it becoming a coin with worldwide acceptance. The primary aim of Vechain (VEN) is to be used in smart contract execution, financial services and supply chain ( through its tamper-proof and distributed ledger technology that ensures that customers and retailers receive the best benefit for a product purchased).Successful Vechain (VEN) partnerships in the past include:1) First cryptocurrency to...

  • 04-19-2018 6:55PM
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5 Characteristics of Bitcoin (BTC) Hard Fork FoxBTC Expected April 30th

Tech company, Z-Magnetars, has announced April 30th, 2018, as the likely hard fork date of the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain to make way for the all-new forked cryptocurrency, FoxBTC. Specifically, it will take place at block height 52,0419, expected to happen on April 30th.Decentralization of the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain was seen previously when other hard forks of Bitcoin (BTC) such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG) came into existence. FoxBTC wants to make use o...

  • 04-18-2018 9:19AM
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How EOS is in the Green and Outperforming Ethereum (ETH)

In the year 2009 when the open source software Bitcoin (BTC) was released, it was nothing but a reward for mining. Prior to 2015, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and others were used only for peer to peer transactions and nothing more than that. Unlike Ethereum (ETH), the very first cryptocurrency using smart contracts, Bitcoin (BTC) didn't have blockchain technology on which other decentralized apps could be developed. To be very honest it was Ethereum (ETH) that brought ou...

  • 04-19-2018 1:19PM
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Coinbase or Blockchain: Which is the Best Digital Wallet for Bitcoin (BTC)

We can't talk about Coinbase and blockchain without tracing down its source. The whole idea of these two digital wallets emanated from a modern day technology called cryptocurrency.Cryptocurrency is a digital currency designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses encryption techniques to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds as well as cryptography to secure its transaction. Cryptocurrency functions independently of a central bank. Cryptocurrencies in...

  • 04-20-2018 8:32AM
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What is Behind the Rise in Cryptocurrencies With a Market Capitalization Above $1 Billion?

One quick look at and it will be observed that the majority of cryptocurrencies possess a market capitalization above $1 billion. For the past several months, after the strong fall off that hit the cryptocurrency market, there was a lot of displacement in ranking which led most coins to lose more than 300% of their highest value, all in less than 120 days.However, it will be observed that within the last few days, three virtual currencies have joined the ranks of thos...

  • Crypto Jacyna
  • 05-13-2018 4:37PM
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IAMGOLD (NYSE:IAG) Turns to Solar and Fintech to Spur Long Term Growth 

IAMGOLD (NYSE:IAG) produced 882,000 ounces of gold in 2017. However, the company is harnessing non-mining technologies to position itself for increased revenues and improved future returns to shareholders.The company's 2018 FY guidance is expected to be between 850-900,000 oz. This production will come from geographically diversified gold mines spread across three continents. These are Rosebel in South America, Essakane and Sadiola/Yatela joint-ventures in Africa and Westwood in Canada. Within t...

  • Opata
  • 04-20-2018 9:27AM
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Why Entrepreneurs Must Look at Bitcoin (BTC) as a Building Block for Success

What is the smallest thing you can do with the largest commercial and social value, for the largest number of people in the world, with "near zero" cost?  Bitcoin (BTC) can do it but there are challenges it's facing. A lot can be said about Bitcoin (BTC), the fever of it in Africa is so much large and blockchain is performing better too. Though there are challenges in the market about the acceptance of the new currency, the new currency can be ranked as being more important than gold.In Afr...

  • Otty
  • 04-09-2018 12:42PM
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The Culprits Behind Ether's (ETH) Decline

Ether (ETH), the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization behind Bitcoin (BTC), lost more than 70% of its value since its historical peak on January 14, 2018. Ether's market capitalization dropped by nearly 30% over the same period.v Because there is a high level of speculation in the crypto market, most of the short-term price swings are not necessarily due to the headlines. Although the fundamental investors remain calm and optimistic about the future of the major c...

  • 04-06-2018 2:48PM
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3 Reasons to HODL Your Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC), after it came into existence January 2009, has continually experienced both the good and the bad of the virtual currencies market. The presence of its blockchain led to the development of other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH), and the many that came after BTC which are regarded as altcoins. Only a few will believe that the value of BTC will be more than 12 times of its value from July 2017 to December 2018. At one time that value was deemed impossible too, though it...

  • 04-07-2018 11:28AM
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Three Reasons You Should Consider Investing in EOS

EOS is an ERC20 Ethereum (ETH) token that was added to Coinmarketcap on July 1, 2017. EOS price had soared to a high value of $18.71 on Jan 13, 2018, when most cryptocurrencies with high market capitalization ranking had started to decline in value from mid-December 2017. It is a cryptocurrency that operates a blockchain, a smart contract platform for both decentralized applications development and also decentralized autonomous corporations. The current value is approximately...

  • 04-20-2018 5:25PM
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Three Reasons to Invest in NEO Now

Neo is a blockchain and cryptocurrency platform that was launched in 2014, the same year that Ethereum (ETH) was founded. It was founded by Da Hongfei through his development company Onchain. Designed to increase the stability of networks used in decentralized apps, its core brand was Antshares before it rebranded to NEO in June of 2017. NEO has successfully had a hardfork, which is Onchain, where one Onchain was distributed at a ratio of 1 Onchain for 5 NEO. Many new startups are using NEO ...

  • Fifield
  • 04-06-2018 10:00AM
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Binance Coin (BNB) Continues to Fight the Bear Market

Another day, another red candle... that's what it feels like for many crypto investors lately. Everything is down and picking a winner may feel like more and more of a task as your portfolio swirls down the drain. It's clear we are in a bear market for now and only the most bull-headed can deny this. But you may have noticed that BNB, the little coin that could, trudging up the trendline even as Bitcoin (BTC) and the rest of the crypto market tries to drag it down. Little Coin That...Is?There ar...

  • Crypto Jacyna
  • 04-04-2018 4:15PM
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HIVE Blockchain Technologies (TSX:HIVE) the First Cryptocurrency Miner Open for Public Investment

The Vancouver-based venture, HIVE (TSX.V:HIVE), is dedicated to operating in the blockchain space and offers investors a world-first opportunity to profit from virtual ownership of their very own cryptocurrency mining rig.Genesis Mining is the world's leading cryptocurrency mining hashrate provider and has a ~26% stake in the company. Push and promotion amongst the investor community is assured by the presence of its Chairman, none other than Frank Holmes, who has been the CEO/CIO...

  • 04-02-2018 1:57PM
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Vechain (VEN) Best Performer Following Rebranding and New Partnerships

Vechain (VEN) is one of the cryptocurrencies and has enjoyed a robust yield in profit after its launch in November 2017. It rose just above $9 by the middle of January 2018 before the fall of most coins began. It has lost more than 150% of its value since then and the team is looking for ways to rebuild the interest of its investors and also to attract more investors. Vechain (VEN) announced that it will be rebranding by early April 2018.A Promise KeptFulfilling their promise of rebran...

  • 03-30-2018 12:30PM
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Why Cryptocurrencies Outweigh Traditional Financial Institutions

Although the crypto-craze is still flying high, there are many people who still don't believe that cryptocurrencies can really live up to their hype. Opinions are divided when the subject of cryptocurrencies come up, even for the "big guns".  Most notable are Jamie Dimon, CEO, and Chairman of J.P Morgan Chase, one of the leading global financial firms and the largest banking institution in the United States, once labeled Bitcoin (BTC) a fraud that is riding on false hope. However, he s...

  • 03-30-2018 9:11AM
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The Bank of England to Test Blockchain for New Payment System

Some blockchain technology firms are using proof of work (POW) and proof of stake (POS) in their smart contract transactions,  and also for mining activities. The Bank of England (BOE), as a show of their commitment in moving towards this new technology trend, is undertaking a proof-of-concept (PoC).  This is to understand how the renewed Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) service could be capable of interacting with Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). How Real Time Gross Set...

  • 03-28-2018 6:07PM
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Importance of Smart Contracts in Financial Blockchain Systems

A smart contract is defined as a computer protocol to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. This allows the smart contracts to complete credible transactions without third parties participation. All the performed transactions are easily traceable but irreversible.In other words, smart contracts are special algorithms for the automation of contracts that include deal-making processes. Smart contracts allow people to sell realities, exchan...

  • 03-28-2018 1:32PM
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Who Will Emerge the Winner of Blockchain Technology?

By now, it's well-known that Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) wants to find a way to utilize the blockchain. The search giant has been working on it for years. In fact, many big names are embracing the Bitcoin (BTC) technology in hopes of making processes and systems faster and more efficient. Google plans to use the blockchain for its cloud business. Walmart (NYSE: WMT) is using the blockchain for its supply chain. Even IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) have invested in blockchain.While&n...

  • 03-31-2018 10:10AM
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4 Ways Blockchain Is Disrupting the Education System

For many blockchain startups, education sectors don't seem to be a fertile ground for the implementation of their blockchain technology initiatives. Most often, their interests are in finance, security exchanges and many others. However, there is some slow indulgence in education that is emerging. As is common knowledge, universities are a breeding grounds for new innovations hence some blockchains have started collaborating with numerous universities to pioneer in this space.Some Exciting, Revo...

  • 03-28-2018 7:49AM
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Six Practical Blockchain Benefits for International Development

In almost all developing and emerging economies, it is natural for governments to provide basic services such as health, education and security. This does not mean governments have to do it themselves directly. It can be outsourced to third parties,  who may be profit or non-profit organizations. A new research paper about Blockchain called: Unpacking the disruptive potential of blockchain technology for human development, illustrates that this is by design. Current implementation of blockc...

  • Danso
  • 03-26-2018 2:48PM
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Kik Messenger's Kin Token to Launch on Two Blockchains

Kik, the famous chat application has divulged plans to deploy its Kin tokens on both the Ethereum (ETH) and Stellar (XLM) blockchain, making it one of the primary digital currencies to feature bidirectional network support. Gadi Srebnik, who is the Kik developer gave the announcement in a blog post last Wednesday, clarifying how the company, which raised $98 million through an underlying coin offering (ICO) a year ago, will deploy its digital currency on many blockchains to upgrade liquidity and...

  • Fifield
  • 03-31-2018 9:47AM
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Binance Coin (BNB) Is Breaking Out

Binance has been making a lot of waves lately. They were already one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges with over $1,500,000,000 USD in daily volume, but now it looks like Binance is positioning themselves for a run at the top position. Most recently, a "warning" from Japan's FSA, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) took to Twitter (NASDAQ:TWTR) and announced they would be making a move to Malta and open a new location. Malta has long embraced cryptocurrency and the prime minister welcomed CZ with ope...

  • Danso
  • 03-27-2018 9:01AM
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Origin of Bitcoin (BTC) Has Root's in the Darknet

When Bitcoin (BTC) was first introduced, it was sort of a mystery and has a history which is loaded with controversy.  A paper titled, "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System" was posted on the Internet in 2009, by an unknown group or writer. It depicted a currency that did not depend on banks or government, but rather on people to keep up with the transactions of the currency on their computers.  Moreover, it is done with an electronic ledger called blockchain, which must main...

  • 04-02-2018 2:35PM
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3 Simple Steps to Acquiring Start-Up Capital for Your Online Business

No matter the type of business, brick and mortar or online, sourcing startup capital is compulsory. Starting capital is the funding that kicks off the business at its genesis. Many people conceptualize great business ideas or models but fail to start or implement them due to lack of capital. However, with a keen eye, finance is readily available; you just have to look in the right places.  Most importantly take your time, if you rush your efforts will be in vain! The steps included here are...

  • Kojo Kumi
  • 03-26-2018 10:41AM
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Why Digibyte (DGB) Has the Technical and Tactical Backing to Get to the Moon

With the introduction of so many new cryptocurrencies into the system, investors have been left in a serious dilemma as to which one to buy.  After a few years trading in the crypto market, I have realized that a digital asset must have a strong technical and tactical backing to survive in this environment.  Aside from the team behind the asset, its function and features can provide a lot of information on its future.Coin of the day: Digibyte (DGB)Meet Digibyte (DGB), a coin 40 ti...

  • Kojo Kumi
  • 03-24-2018 5:08PM
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US Treasury Publishes 5 Tips For Blockchain Projects

The blockchain is completely trending now. It might just turn out to be one of the best things to have come in the market in 2018. The US Treasury, on the other hand, has recently published 5 tips which can help build the blockchain projects.How did they come up with these 5 tips?The Bureau of the Fiscal Service website stated their findings are not a result of a blind guess, but rather the outcome of much research their staff began last fall.  At the time, they were testing how blockchain ...

  • 03-27-2018 11:31AM
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5 Ways Cryptocurrency Benefits Entrepreneurs in 2018

Cryptocurrency has in many ways revolutionized the way we invest our savings, transact value and generate capital, using its decentralized digital cash system. The blockchain technology is an invention that has never been seen before in financial technology and only equals the internet itself. This year entrepreneurs are well positioned to be the pioneer adopters of blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency will continue to provide very viable channels for entrepreneurs to create more value in the w...

  • Danso
  • 03-23-2018 12:22PM
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How Will Google (NYSE:GOOGL) Utilize Blockchain?

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has now decided to take a major step, as it has been watching other startups advance beyond the company with various blockchain projects. However, according to valid sources, Bloomberg has announced that Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is intending to make its own blockchain and offer cloud and value-based transactional services through it. Explicitly one valid source said, "the Alphabet Inc. unit is building up its own circulated digital ledger that third parties can use to pos...

  • 03-22-2018 5:36PM
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Why Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) Blockchain is Good for All of Us

Yes, everyone is trying to shoehorn blockchain into their products. But that is also turning out to be good for consumers and producers.The original idea of Bitcoin (BTC) was to take out the central authority and create peer-to-peer transactions. There were also a lot  of words about "trust" and "efficiency." That might all come home to roost with Starbucks' new 2-year plan to trace the source of their coffee directly from the producer to the consumer."Over the next two years, we will look ...

  • Danso
  • 03-22-2018 1:52PM
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Why You Should Be Excited About LitePay in 2018

Similar to leader Bitcoin (BTC) and all the cryptos that followed, token-prices have been encountering a dip. Therefore, the "silver" Litecoin (LTC), which is the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, above $9 billion, is also struggling. The strain is mostly due to the increasing buzz of crypto regulation, with the looming uncertainty making it difficult to maintain steady price increases.One price increasing factor for Litecoin (LTC) against the US Dollar, was the Litecoi...

  • Kojo Kumi
  • 03-23-2018 9:13AM
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Is Cryptocurrency the Perfect Crime Fighter for Developing Countries?

The fight for independence and self-reliance charged the atmosphere for local dance and a chant, thinking the colonial era was over. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah on March 6, 1957, announced in Ghana that "My beloved country is free forever", and the same happened in all the developing countries that fought for freedom. Today, another kind of colonization has taken over with corruptions of all kinds grabbing headlines from their own elected people.In the search for a long-lasting way to bring untraced trans...

  • Fifield
  • 03-21-2018 2:55PM
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U.S. Government Evaluates Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Potential

The United States Government has been demonstrating an increased interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies recently. It seems like they can no longer be ignored after vastly outperforming the stock market in 2017. For the first time in history, they have been featured in the U.S. Joint Economic Report in a section entitled, "Building a Secure Future, One Blockchain at a Time".The report addresses a variety of topics focusing primarily on cybersecurity threats, the potential use...

  • Kojo Kumi
  • 03-21-2018 5:23PM
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What is Blockchain's Impact in the Crypto-Sphere?

The first ever method to send digital assets from one user to another, over the internet, in the safest environment ever occurs with the aid of "cryptocurrency". Undoubtedly, transaction techniques have been greatly improved with the advent of the blockchain. In addition to the user-friendly interface, it provides real-time participation and eventually leads to better-organized trading.It was, supposedly, Satoshi Nakamoto, who created this resourceful invention which is now known as blockchain. ...

  • 03-20-2018 11:56AM
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Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary Wants to Offer First ICO-Backed Hotel

Shark Tank giant Kevin O'Leary spoke candidly with CNBC about the future of the blockchain and ICOs. The investor, who sold The Learning Company to Mattel (NASDAQ:MAT) for a reported $4 Billion, very patiently explained the world of ICOs to the hosts. He floated the idea of financing a hotel with an ICO."There's a big deal coming in New York in the next three weeks," said the "Shark Tank" investor and chairman of the ETF firm O'Shares Investments. "It's a $400 million coin issuance for a real as...

  • Crypto Jacyna
  • 03-20-2018 9:49AM
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Why Tipper Will Turn Social Media Upside Down

You got a choice. You can kill time and hang out on today's major social media sites until you retire and hope for an inflation-indexed government handout in your sixties, or you could switch to a social platform that gradually allows you to create an income stream from continued social interactions, production of your own content and investing into that of others?Pipe dreaming? Perhaps not. My post about the Google/Facebook hegemony prompted me to look around to see what is brewing in the ...

  • 03-20-2018 10:11AM
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Congressional Report Acknowledges Importance of Crypto and Blockchain Technology

The United States Congress, for the first time, delivered a report on the importance of cryptocurrencies to the American economy. The Joint Economic Committee digests important Congressional Budget Office and market reports to make recommendations in an annual report to the Speaker of the House. This year, the bipartisan committee spelled out the advantages of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.It's most jaw-dropping chart is simply titled, "Cryptocurrencies Made Stock Market Gains Look ...

  • Michael Schroeder
  • 04-04-2018 4:49PM
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The Future of Banking with Blockchain

There seems to be a lot of talk about the future of the banking industry with blockchain integration. Many think that large banking institutions will utilize Ripple (XRP), Stellar Lumens (XLM) or any other current cryptocurrency that boasts greater liquidity for our money in order to provide payment facilitation. Others say that the whole world economy will be disrupted because of cryptocurrencies and reliance on banks will fall drastically. I disagree, and I'll tell you exactly why. Now, don't ...

  • 03-19-2018 5:03PM
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4 Reasons Why EOS Will be the Next Ethereum (ETH)

In 2014 Ethereum (ETH) was created as an alternative to Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain and, to some degree, this result was achieved. The Ethereum (ETH) network solves the problem of smart contracts and also acts as a decentralized platform for the development of decentralized apps without the interference of third parties. Now, four short years later, EOS is looking to dethrone Ethereum (ETH).EOS is a consensus blockchain operating system that provides internet-application communication to app d...

  • 03-22-2018 4:44PM
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How Blockchain is Forever Changing Logistics

The usefulness of blockchain within the logistics sector has too often been undermined. Many Fortune 500 companies have yet to realize the future possibilities of cryptocurrency and blockchain. They seem too be to perplexed by the uncertainty of government policies regarding their use, to take advantage of the game-changing technology. That is all about change.Recently, Walmart (NYSE:WMT) obtained a patent on a "smart package" system that uses blockchain technology ...

  • Corey Waller
  • 03-19-2018 11:11AM
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Chinese Fintech Delegation Heads to Australia to Discuss Blockchain Partnerships

Australia is currently hosting introductory meetings between the Chinese fintech giants, and the Australian business and regulatory organizations. These advantageous meetings come as a prelude to the first international blockchain standards meeting for the ISO/TC 307 group, or the international standards body for blockchain and distributed technologies. The Chinese delegation is comprised in part by, Tao Zou, a blockchain director at Ant Financial Group (Alibaba NYSE:BABA), and Be...

  • Brian Nichols
  • 03-17-2018 9:57PM
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Hade Pay to Simplify the Buying and Using of HADE token & Cryptocurrency

Next week we begin a massive blockchain development plan to meet the goals and offer the services detailed in this previous Hade blog post. Besides protocols to boost security and ensure proper identification, Hade Pay will be our first big project. The purpose of Hade Pay was previously disclosed as a means for our users to spend HADE token on We have also stated our intent to make Hade Pay compatible with Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens, so the technology itself can eve...

  • 03-16-2018 12:00PM
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Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT) vs Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) When You Must Own a Retail Stock

When it comes to the retail space, there are no bigger names than Walmart (NYSE: WMT) or (NASDAQ: AMZN). Walmart is the world's largest employer, with over 11,000 stores worldwide, and does over half a trillion dollars in revenue a year. For context, Target (NYSE: TGT) does just $70 billion in sales. To say the least, Walmart still owns the brick-and-mortar retail (NASDAQ: AMZN), however, owns the online space, having shipped some 5 billion packages worldwide last yea...

  • 03-16-2018 8:14AM
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The Importance of Blockchain Technology for Small Business

A blockchain is an open, decentralized, and a digitized record of all the cryptographic money exchanges. Initially, blockchain was created as the bookkeeping strategy for Bitcoin (BTC) (cryptographic money). It utilizes an innovation known as DLT (distributed ledger technology), meaning it is scattered between an infinite number of computers that have precisely the same copy of the records of exchanges. In this way, the records are 'decentralized.' They aren't in one solitary area.There is a mon...

  • Danso
  • 03-16-2018 9:50AM
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IMF Director Talks Cryptocurrency Regulation

International Monterarty Fund Director, Christine Lagarde clarified in a blog-post published on the IMF's official site, that the crypto market ought to be regulated similarly to traditional markets. Lagarde also discussed the many positive sides of blockchain technology stating, "Blockchain is useful, cryptocurrencies must be properly organized."Lagarde pointed out many significant facts about blockchain in the publication, "Addressing the Dark Side of the Crypto World". The IMF Director e...

  • Crypto Jacyna
  • 03-19-2018 7:48AM
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What To Do When You Lose Your Private Crypto Key

Recently, a reader of 4 Secrets Nobody Told You About Your Crypto Wallet asked the following question, "What can you do if you lose your private key?"Say you have a private post office box and you're given a unique key to access its contents 24/7. Your key fits your box and no other, even though it is surrounded by rows of hundreds or more boxes just like yours.If you lose your mailbox key, you can't open it. However, most postal services will cut you a copy for a small fee. Problem solved,...

  • Fifield
  • 03-15-2018 1:54PM
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Could Hedera Hashgraph be the Future of Blockchain?

Here comes Hedera, a new cryptocurrency company seeking to create a better alternative to blockchain. There is a lot of hype already surrounding this with some pretty big claims about the platform known as Hedera Hashgraph. According to them, the network will be able to process hundreds of thousands of transactions a second and the tentatively named SAFT token will never be forked. Their goal is to set up a platform for an open network of applications, all based on a single token, that is faster...

  • Fifield
  • 03-13-2018 1:44PM
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Binance (BNB) Announces New Blockchain

Well, the news with Binance (BNB)hasn't stopped lately! This morning, March 13th, as I went about my usual routine, checking the telegram app, I noticed the Binance thread has thousands of new messages. Hundreds would be the norm, but close to 5,000? I knew something was up. Low and behold a new announcement has landed from Binance, and it is a doozy. Binance Chain is coming and BNB will become its native coin! Obviously, this is great news for BNB holders already anticipatin...

  • Danso
  • 03-13-2018 9:54AM
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Recent Trends of Ethereum Classic (ETC) and What's Coming Next

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has gotten much attention in recent weeks due to the digital currency's drop in price. According to investor's speculations, it might sound disturbing. Fact is,  ETC has made a value change of negative 7.61% in the last 24 hours. However, different coins like Cardano (ADA), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin (BTC) had comparative reverting charts. Ethereum Classic (ETC) ranks 15th and was built based on the initial Ethereum blockchain. Despite what might be expected...

  • Fifield
  • 03-13-2018 7:31AM
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Can Genesis Vision (GVT) Unite the Financial Ecosystem?

You may have heard of Genesis Vision (GVT), it has been performing very well despite the recent run of red days in the cryptoshpere. There is a good reason for this, Genesis Vision (GVT) has a vision, a big one, an actionable one. They want to take traders, investors, and institutions and put them all on one decentralized platform, allowing them to essentially invest in each other. The potential of these ideas is reflected in GVT's bullish price action, moving from it's initial price of 1 USD to...

  • 03-12-2018 11:54AM
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5 Reasons Bitcoin (BTC) Will Fall Below $1000

My first article in February, I explained why I expect Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP) prices to all reach new highs sometime this year. I still think this will happen.I used a Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) metaphor to explain why Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP) would all reach new highs this year, but once that happens a shift is going to begin where Ethereum (ETH) becomes more valuable and Bitcoin (BTC) begins to tumble. Ultimately, Bitcoin (BTC) will lose near...

  • 03-12-2018 1:33PM
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Adverse Reactions to Bitcoin (BTC) Volatility

Wednesday, March 7, 2018, was one of the most stressful days ever for Bitcoin (BTC) investors. The value of bitcoins, the world's largest cryptocurrency, fell to unimaginable levels within a matter of hours. This, just after SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) warned of potential unlawful, online virtual assets platforms. Such platforms are said to wittingly lack or dodge the prescribed adherence to the oversight regulator's rules.It is reported that Bitcoin plunged downwards by more than 7.1% ...

  • Corey Waller
  • 03-12-2018 8:00AM
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How Casper Contracts Will Forever Change Etherum (ETH) Mining

Ethereum, an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contracts, has published the roadmap to transition out of a miner-based network (proof of work) into a new "distributed consensus" (proof of stake) network know as Casper contracts. This shift in the foundation algorithm functionality has certainly created waves within the crypto community, with individuals taking either the proof of work or proof of stake positions. Let's ...

  • 03-12-2018 3:29PM
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How Investors Are Earning with Atlant (ATL) Tokens

Many property owners are facing real challenges when trying to sell their properties at an acceptable rate. After investing a ton of money to acquire a property and rehabilitate it, they are finding it difficult to recoup invested capital, let alone the profits they desire. Because of this challenge, Atlant Platform (ATL), a real-estate platform built on blockchain technology, is providing a solution by acting as an intermediary for properties to be sold.How At...

  • Brian Nichols
  • 03-11-2018 12:26PM
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HADE Pay for SaaS and Enterprise Subscription Based Businesses

We are very excited to launch "Hade Pay" in the next week. With the world's most powerful investment research platform and access to the best database for financial information, our premium members portal is the perfect testing environment to perfect a decentralized processing system made for SaaS and other enterprise licensing business models. As previously disclosed, we expect to add our next 1,500 customers much faster than our first 1,500, with the members portal ...

  • 03-06-2018 2:37PM
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Substratum's (SUB) Blockchain: A New Force in Cryptocurrency Industry

Substratum (SUB) is a new open source network that aims at decentralizing the internet. It makes it possible for anyone to rent their computer; the computer will to act as host server for client websites and allow the owner to earn cryptocurrency. The host servers will run as individual nodes and can be located anywhere in the world. The client websites will be paying the nodes owners for the amount bandwidth used to access their nodes. Substratum is built on substrates and atoms that resemble d...

  • 03-06-2018 12:41PM
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Three Websites for Creating Your Own Crypto Coin

Investors with prospective business ideas may be asking if it is possible for them to own their own cryptocurrency and acquire funding from the public, even though they have little-to-no advanced knowledge in programming and coding. The answer is, yes! I will guide you through some available sites that will help you develop your own crypto coin, and fulfill the vision you have for its creation.The sites are as follows:1) Blockchainappfactory2) Coinlaunch.market3) CryptocoincreatorBlockchainappfa...

  • 03-05-2018 5:14PM
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Demystifying Everything About Cryptocurrency

It is a norm for human beings to try to come-up with lies, half truths and truths when they are faced with an incomprehensible situation. This results in the creation of myths that distort the truth about something. Cryptocurrency is a relatively new puzzle to many people, its genesis is thought to be around 2009 when Bitcoins where invented; Ethereum followed later. Most of the global population feel lost in darkness when it comes to the mechanics and dynamics of this new digital era creation. ...

  • Brian Nichols
  • 03-01-2018 4:47PM
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HADE and BGA Partner to Commercialize Innovating Blockchain Technologies is excited to announce an investment and collaborative partnership with Blockchain Global Advisors.The Hade and BGA collaboration will bridge the gap between fiat and cryptocurrency investors with better research, products, and services for both markets. Our clients include individuals, family offices, business owners, and institutions. Hade is a rapidly emerging media and investment research enterprise built on a SaaS platform. Our mission is to discover, desi...

  • Mark Lynd
  • 03-02-2018 4:07PM
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The Incredible Potential of Blockchain and Big Data Together

Blockchain is a powerful and important digital ledger technology that has reached early prominence due to its origin and use in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. While nearly inseparable from the current cryptocurrencies craze, the reality is blockchain is very secure and versatile and can uniquely handle and store nearly any type of digital information. This is especially true as it pertains to big data given blockchain's ability to provide big data with an innovative...

  • Brian Nichols
  • 03-03-2018 11:47AM
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Blockchain Development For Big Data, Advertising, Content, Software Licensing, and HadePlatform

Over the last three months has undergone major change. It started as a simple SaaS platform with extractable data, tools, and APIs to a full blown media platform with premium portals built around both crypto and stock investment research. We have kept our core, but have sacrificed short-term business because we believe in the potential that blockchain and decentralized applications bring, and what HADE can achieve as a utility token both on and commerc...

  • 02-24-2018 8:16PM
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Cryptocurrency is Not a Risk to Consumers, but Rather Big Banks

                                                                                                               Big banks treat cryptocurrency like the antichrist, telling clients and media it is a scam and unworthy of pu...

  • Mason Walker
  • 02-27-2018 7:40AM
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Dropbox Is Making Huge Mistake With $500 Million IPO

I've been pushing this idea that more big companies should and will follow Telegram into the ICO market instead of IPO, or raise money via venture capital, after watching the almost inconceivable success of the GRAM crypto-token pre-sale. Of course, this idea only applies to certain industries and companies where blockchain, smart contracts, decentralized applications, and cryptocurrencies could apply. One of most glaring industries where it does apply is data storage.The reason to ICO instead o...

  • Mason Walker
  • 02-24-2018 11:44AM
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6 Companies to Follow Telegram With Massive ICOs

In the last week, has published two of my articles that explain why Telegram's GRAM crypto-token sale represents a paradigm shift for the future of big ICOs, and why companies who have options will choose mega-ICOs over traditional financing like IPOs or venture capital. My last article promised a discussion of companies that are likely to follow Telegram's lead with equally large or perhaps even bigger ICOs than GRAM, which is what I am discussing in this column. To s...

  • 02-21-2018 9:24AM
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2 Big Predictions for the Cryptocurrency Market in 2018

A year ago Binance was barely on the map. Today it is one of the world's biggest exchanges, if not the largest. The growth of Binance all but illustrates the few barriers to entry that exist for cryptocurrency exchanges. Much of the code is readily available on Github, so then success is measured by marketing and the ability to create a user friendly interface. Back when I started working in prime brokerage the internet was coming around, and I remember that shops like mine relied heavily o...

  • Brian Nichols
  • 01-30-2018 2:10AM
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5 Reasons I Would Avoid the Telegram TON ICO

The idea of a single company that could solve all of blockchain's problems seems too good to be true, but then again, that's kind of what Telegram is selling in its ICO. The popular encrypted messaging company is perfect for today's ICO and blockchain sweepstakes. Many of its 100 million users are deeply connected to the crypto world, and the creator of just about every cryptocurrency worldwide makes Telegram a crucial part of its own marketing efforts. Thus, crypto investors know Telegram insid...

  • Eddy Parton
  • 01-21-2018 4:51PM
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Social Reality Inc. (NASDAQ:SRAX) Is A Social Media Marketing Company With A Twist

Social Reality Inc. (NASDAQ:SRAX) is a social media marketing company with a twist. Social Reality is moving to use the blockchain and is planning a blockchain-based system to enable people to sell their own data. Social Reality Inc. is engaged in the development and sales of targeted and measurable social media advertising campaigns and programs to brand advertisers and digital advertising agencies. It also provides managed advertising services utilizing data from platfor...

  • Brian Nichols
  • 12-27-2017 7:50PM
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How to Hit the ICO Jackpot: 3 Rules You Must Follow!

A couple weeks ago I got an email sent to me from “Money Map Press”, where they detailed three of the most insane investment returns I have ever heard of, gains of nearly 85,000%, over 200,000%, and an almost unimaginable 580,000% return from investments in STRAT, MIOTA, and NXT, respectively. In other words, a mere $250 in the latter would have been worth almost $1.5 million!Such gains are  one big reason that $3.7 billion has been poured into the ICO space this year. However, inv...

  • Brian Nichols
  • 12-22-2017 9:10AM
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Bitcoin vs Gold: I Will Embrace the Mania and Sell Gold

Gold has value because people believe it has value. Bitcoin is very similar in that its price is driven by a general belief system. Still, it does have actual value. That said, as Bitcoin mania sweeps throughout "Main Street" and people take second mortgages on their home just to own a piece of the pie, the question becomes whether it is a bubble, and whether or not it and other cryptocurrencies alike can stand the test of time. I believe it can, and will. When you look at the effects of in...

  • Brian Nichols
  • 12-19-2017 9:07PM
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Why $80 Billion Valuation is Just the Start for Ethereum

Ethereum's meteoric rise continues with the world's second largest cryptocurrency by value reaching $850 and a valuation of more than $80 billion! In comparison to other currencies like USD, Gold, or even Bitcoin, $80 billion isn't all that much. Still, the rise from $300 to $850 in just two months does illustrate the incredible demand and craze that's currently sweeping through the investment community. And like it or not, ETH is here to stay.There are two key reasons why ETH will likely hold i...