Trump Vs The Word Part 2

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The last five days have truly been a whirlwind of events for U.S. President Donald Trump. Starting with the G7 (G6?) Summit where tensions were high and the threat of a trade war was accelerated and moving on to the NK summit where some large declarations were made but with little substance behind them. Fighting with Canada, Handshake battles, Dennis Rodman crying while recounting death threats he received and simultaneously shilling Potcoin on CNN... It was weird, but weird is pretty much expected at this point.

That face says it all.

Some have taken to calling the latest G7 Summit the "G6+1" as Trump showed up late, left early and at points refused to negotiate. His spat with Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau started with U.S. Vice President stating there will be no negotiations on the now controversial NAFTA agreement unless a sunset clause allowing the U.S. to exit the Agreement in 5 years is introduced. Unsurprisingly starting talks with absolute demands didn't go very well and negotiations didn't proceed. This administration has made strong talking points about the state of trade agreements and how they perceive them as foreign countries taking advantage of the U.S. which flies in the face of all available economic data.

What about NAFTA?

NAFTA, when it was introduced, had large public and bi-partisan support and added over 5 Billion dollars of value to the US economy. It is true that manufacturing saw a loss of over 600,000 jobs, however over 5 billion were added in the immediate term as well as a result of the agreement. Considering all this it seems like the Trump administration is just using foreign trade as an easy scapegoat to justify their own propaganda. After all much of Trump's platform was run on the mistakes, true or otherwise, of past administrations with foreign policy and trade as frequent talking points.