Why ICON (ICX) is a Great Investment Opportunity

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Have you heard of ICON (ICX)? Don't worry many crypto enthusiasts haven't. One of the main reasons being major news outlets have not covered ICON (ICX) because it is a South Korea based project. As of recently, ICON (ICX) has been catching the eyes of crypto news outlets and investors alike. After doing some research myself, I would like to share why I believe it is time for you to become better acquainted with ICX as well. 

 ICON (ICX) launched through initial coin offering (ICO) last year and has maintained growth since it was offered on an exchange at 7x-9x ROI, dependant on the volatility of the crypto market. Ranked 23rd on coinmarketcap.com, the price stands at $2.79 as of writing with a market cap of $1.08 billion. ICON (ICX) is highly undervalued considering the level of adoption and major partnerships, while cryptocurrencies such as Tron (TRX), Cardano (ADA), NEM (XEM), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and Bytecoin (BCN) have a higher market cap with barely any products or partnerships.

What is ICON (ICX)?

ICON (ICX) expects to build the largest decentralization network of communities such as financial institutions, insurance companies, hospitals, universities, and more. ICON (ICX) decentralization networks allow independent blockchains with different governances to transact with one another without intermediaries. Anyone can create a new blockchain project and join the network. A new blockchain project is free to connect with existing projects and create new unique worlds, or blockchain multiverse. ICON (ICX) itself can be viewed as both a living organism and an ecosystem.

Happening Now

ICON (ICX) is already working with South Korea institutions. ICON (ICX) is a vision with a proven track record and has progressed beyond the initial concept stage. ICON (ICX) already boasts communities comprised of reputable institutions, banks, securities, insurance, hospitals, universities, and more. The company states, "a future with faster money remittance and frictionless value exchange of securities, medical records, academic data, insurance fees is within our reach."

South Korea as a major key player in cryptocurrency and with a GDP of $1.4 trillion one could only imagine if merely a fraction of South Korea institution gets on board ICON (ICX) Network. ICON (ICX) is being set to be a regional cryptocurrency much like NEO is the Ethereum (ETH) of China.

Flood of Partnerships

ICON (ICX) as a South Korean based project has a regional advantage with support from their regional industries and government. Samsung, Hyundai, Wanchain, Aion are working partners with ICON (ICX)

LINE Corporation, a Japanese based app development company known for its LINE social media platform with over 200 million daily active users, integration into the ICX blockchain network will be a massive exposure.

Good Time To Buy Icon ICX? 

Down from an all-time high by 78% from a $4.736 billion market cap and price of $12.51, ICON (ICX) has experienced a massive correction since January 9th of this year, which is a good indication to buy. As cryptocurrency investors, we are looking for coins that are experiencing a 40% to 70% price correction and has found support at a 3,100 to 3,400 satoshi price and an above average volume of $20 million volume per 24hr.

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) have experienced their share of massive corrections in price this year.

Alongside the price, correction is the constant influx of new partnerships ICON (ICX) is adding. In a speculative market, partnerships are key for a massive return on investment. ICON (ICX) is on top of this metric. Considering all the appropriate metrics, I believe now is the time to buy ICON (ICX).

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I\'m bullish on ICX and as you pointed out S. Korea will be a major driver for it. It could go down a tad more over the next week or so simply due to market pressure.

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    • 01 June 2018, 03:06 am

    Indeed, regional project have bright future


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