Hade Pay Launch and Development Timeline

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After months and months of development, we have achieved something remarkable, the creation of a safe, simple, streamlined business-to-consumer (B2C) digital payments platform...... and we are ready to prove it.

The next month is all about proper testing and preparation before we expand our world and present Hade Pay plus Verifie at the BCI Summit in NYC on June 12 (Metropolitan Museum).  Initially, we planned to test Hade Pay for three months on Hade Platform businesses, but realize both the immediate need and opportunity to make this service available for all businesses to accept digital currency payments. So that's what we are going to do.

How do I test Hade Pay?

To start, we have created a restricted page that is only accessible with the use of Hade Pay and a successful purchase. You will find the "test Hade Pay" link on the official Hade Pay page, or you can find it below.

Test Hade Pay

If you want to test Hade Pay, here are a couple things to keep in mind:

  1. We have it set to test with Ethereum only for the sake of simplicity. 
  2. When you click pay with Ethereum, you will be shown an amount that equals $1 and an Ethereum address. Send the requested amount to the Ethereum address shown from any Ethereum wallet. 
  3. After you send, don't push back, refresh, or exit the page. The Hade Pay wallet address recycles each time a payment option is selected.
  4. We have worked hard to solve latency issues and the approval/unlock process typically occurs in less than 30 seconds after you send Ethereum. However, it could take longer (we are working on that).
  5. Once the payment is confirmed, you will be granted access to our "restricted page", showing you how Hade Pay can be used in any Web or mobile application to make purchases, the same exact way that Stripe tells Web and mobile applications when a successful credit card purchase is made. 

What's still to come?

Rather than launching Hade Pay with complete capabilities, we are taking a long-term, slower approach that involves better testing and development before we give Hade Pay to the world. Here is a timeline of events to come:

´╗┐As seen above, we will consistently add new currencies to Hade Pay over the next four weeks, and hope to have complete integration of Verifie by June. However, be advised that both Hade Pay and Verifie are doing things that have never been done, so there are unexpected delays from time to time. If it were easy, 25 people would have done it by now. 

Nonetheless, I do want to speak a little about Verifie, and why it is the missing link to take digital currency payments to a business-to-consumer industry that is at least 100x larger than the industry that digital currencies currently serve (person-to-person). 

For businesses to fully embrace digital currencies we must realize that the scams, phishing attacks, and fraud that plague this industry must stop. Yes, such problems impact every industry, but not to the extent of digital currency payments. It has been estimated that at least 10% of all funds used for ICOs are stolen. Then, there are another 30% of ICOs that are fraudulent. Both instances are unacceptable. 

Verifie will let businesses or any user verify their digital wallet address through a series of verification steps, that includes verifying their emails, phone numbers, business address, name, and IP address among other things. Since Verifie is a private blockchain, not all of this information will be public, but we will be able to securely identify a wallet address or Hade Pay recipient to the consumer before a proposed purchase. 

We believe this will do wonders for the future of digital currency transactions, because in the event that Hade Pay servers were ever compromised, the Verifie application will alert the user that a recipient address has been changed or may be compromised... that it is unsafe. 

In the past, businesses would be reluctant to take these steps or consider digital currency as a payment option. However, times are changing, and savvy business leaders know that accepting digital currency means embracing a very large, loyal millennial consumer base. Finally, businesses are ready to embrace digital currency, but they must have the tools to do so efficiently, safely, and securely.... Hade Pay plus Verifie will provide the tools to do just that. 

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  • Jesse
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  • 14 May 2018, 08:05 am

This could really disrupt the digital currency world\n

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    Awesome again. Tested Hadepay and it worked very well ;-)

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      Good development. That is a great result.