Why Digibyte (DGB) Is Headed to the Moon

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With the introduction of so many new cryptocurrencies into the system, investors have been left in a serious dilemma as to which one to buy.  After a few years trading in the crypto market, I have realized that a digital asset must have a strong technical and tactical backing to survive in this environment.  Aside from the team behind the asset, its function and features can provide a lot of information on its future.

Coin of the day: Digibyte (DGB)

Meet Digibyte (DGB), a coin 40 times faster than Bitcoin (BTC)!  Digibyte (DGB) was founded by Jared Tate on January 10, 2014. The primary focus has been cyber security, which has been a weakness in most of the digital currencies. 

Digibyte (DGB) stands as one of the most advanced difficulty stability of any Blockchain in the world, and most importantly, it is protected from malicious attacks. This set it apart from most of the altcoins. It uses cryptographic mining algorithms to prevent mining centralization. Also, Digibyte has been designed to have the fastest block speed on the UTXO Blockchain.

Digibyte (DGB) Is 40 times Faster Than Bitcoin (BTC) 

Considering the fact that it is 40 times faster than Bitcoin (BTC), it has 15 seconds block timing. This was an exceptional technical innovation, backed by a superb team with forward-looking creative ideas. Moreover, this has created an impression that consumers will seek Digibyte (DGB) in the future once the whole crypto-system is understood. 

Despite the promising features and functions, it had remained a sleeping giant until John Macfee's tweet ignited more interest,  causing its market capitalization to hit $1 billion in January of 2018. The price hovered around $0.03 and later moved to $0.06 before finally hitting $0.13 in January. We don't believe the current price is a true reflection of what it is should be, and believe it is bound to go to the moon sooner rather than later. 

Moreover, the Digibyte (DGB) team is working tirelessly behind the scene to make it one of the highest demanded coins. The founder, Jared Tate posted on the cryptocurrency's Facebook page that 2018 will be an exciting year for the digital asset.

Digibyte (DGB) Contracts PR Firm  

In order to promote Digibyte (DGB), the company paid 300,000 DGB to contact a PR company. Realistically, market promotion must be intertwined with the functionality to have a combined force to drive the price. Considering the fact that DGB has been doing well without massive promotion, its future performance looks bright. 

Moreover, Digibyte (DGB) has found its way into most of the exchange platforms with daily top-up programs. In crypto-analysis, the current price and market cap are very important but quite deceiving as well. Some coins make their way up the price curve at a faster pace while others increase at a much slower rate for various reasons.  

An example is the Ripple (XRP) coin. Ripple (XRP) gained momentum and defied all odds as it hit $1.00, with the help of  partnerships it signed with institutions. For now, the crypto market is stormy and it would be unfair to judge any coin based on its current performance.  For these reasons, we believe Digibyte (DGB) is headed to the moon sooner rather than later. 

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Digibyte will hit at least $10 by the end of the year. I foresee breakthrough

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