CoinPot: Stacking Up Change

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I'm sure most of us have a change pile building up on the corner of a dresser, or in the cupholder of a car, that contains pennies, nickels, lint, dimes, quarters, and that one coin from another country, but you aren't completely sure which one. It's been building up for a year now and when you decide to count it up, it turns out that pile of change is actually quite a bit of money! This concept is similar to that of CoinPot, a cryptocurrency micro wallet that lets you claim from its network of 'faucets'. The rewards are small, but they can really build up over time.

What is a faucet?

A cryptocurrency faucet is a website or app that will reward you with a small amount of coin for viewing an ad, filling out a captcha or something similar. Usually, a timer counts down, ranging from 5 minutes to a half hour or more. When time runs out, you claim your reward. The rewards are usually tiny, insignificant, and not worth your time. It is like squeezing blood from a turnip. The coding on these sites isn't something to write home about either, an ugly UI typically filled with bugs and loaded with more pop-up ads than you can take. It is an assault on one's sanity. Sounds pretty awful right? Well, not all of them are so bad. CoinPot, and its associated Moon faucets, definitely stand out from the crowd in this respect. So, let's talk about CoinPot and why it may be something you want to use.

Getting Started with CoinPot

When you sign in to CoinPot you are met with a dashboard displaying various coins available and their balances. Coins include Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Dash (DASH). There is also a recap of recent transactions and graphs showing the overall distribution and sources of your micro wallet funds. Each coin has a drop-down menu with options such as withdraw, convert and deposit. There is also an option to mine, which is done through a web-based miner utilizing your CPU power. Coin conversions are free and withdrawals (other than Bitcoin) are as well.

The Coin Pot Difference

Once you have a CoinPot account, it's time to collect some coins. There are seven faucets operated by CoinPot, but we'll just talk about the major ones or the "Moon" ones to be more accurate. Faucets all work in the same fashion, "YOU decide when to claim!". Once you sign up on a faucet the coins start to build, after five minutes you can make a claim and coins are deposited in your micro wallet. If you don't claim the coins they will continue to build, pretty quickly at first, but it slows down as time goes on. Even though waiting longer to claim nets you less coin than claiming more frequently, it has the gift of convenience. Claiming your coins once a day is an easy way to accumulate some extra crypto in a stress-free way. Keep at this routine, and after a year you may be surprised by how much you have.

There are a few bonuses associated with these faucets that can also be taken advantage of. A daily loyalty bonus adds 1% for every consecutive day you claim, maxing out at 100%. A referral system offers 25% commission if you have some friends willing to sign up. Then there is the mystery bonus, which is random at the time of a claim and ranges from 1-100%. These are some nice perks and can increase claim amounts substantially.

It isn't all roses, unfortunately. These faucets still have pop-up ads as well as the occasional glitch. They function relatively well with the two newest (Moon Dash and Moon Cash) having the smoothest operation. The older faucets can feel a little archaic, but they are still manageable and worth it. Overall these are minor inconveniences when weighed against the benefits and when compared to similar systems. You can expect a dollar or so a week in claims at the absolute laziest level, just a little extra for the collection.

If Coinpot interests you and you want to build your pile of digital change here are some links:


-Moon Bitcoin

-Moon Dogecoin

-Moon Litecoin

-Moon Dash

-Moon Cash


I have received no additional compensation other than the Ethereum that Hade Technologies pays to produce Exclusive Content.

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