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KB Home (NYSE: KBH) Reports Strong 2017 Q4 and Full Year Results. Increase in Deliveries & Average Selling Price.

KB Home (NYSE: KBH) reported 2017 Q4 and full year results, yesterday, January 10, 2018. Today, we’re utilizing the Hade Platform’s unique data collection to analyze performance.

Total Revenue increased 18% to $1.40 billion YOY. KB Homes was able to achieve these strong results with an increase in deliveries and average selling price.

In the Homebuilding segment, revenue grew to $1399 M, while the Hade Platform provides 17%  YOY, 22% QOQ and 42% 2 year growth analysis.

Below our chart showcases Homes Delivered by Area, revealing an Increase in all areas of YOY, with a decline in the South East. However, results are up for total deliveries with 9% increase to 3,340 homes.

Average United States selling price rose 8%, to $416,500, with the West Coast homes bringing in the largest growth in regards to price.

Net order value for the fourth quarter rose 9%, to $935.4 million, on a 2% increase in net orders to 2,296. Each of the Company's four regions posted a year-over-year increase in net order value for the quarter.

Ending backlog value grew 9%, to $1.66 billion, with the number of homes in backlog roughly flat at 4,411. We see the largest backlog in KB Homes central region, as seen in the units chart view below. 

For the 2018 year ahead, KB Homes should remain solid, as their market will benefit from the continued demand for housing and rising of income. Also, do not forget, with consumer confidence, financial performance will accelerate.

To view more data KB Homes, visit the KB Homes HADE page.