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Marathon Oil Corporation (NYSE:MRO) U.S. E&P Production Results Reviewed.


Marathon Oil Corporation (NYSE:MRO) reported 2017 Q3 results on November 1, 2017. The company has its fourth quarter, including full year data, scheduled to be released on February 15, 2018 at 9 am.

While we anticipate the full year results, let’s review the company's Exploration & Production results for 2017 Q3. Marathon Oil breaks down United States E&P per product along with International E&P per product. 

In the US, we have results from Eagle Ford, Bakken, Oklahoma Resource Basins, and Northern Delaware. While International results include, Equatorial Guinea, Libya, United Kingdom. To view the break down of each sales volume per product, click on the Marathon Oil Hade Page.

Below are the results for the United States & International Exploration and Production Sales Volume of Liquid Hydrocarbons per day. 2017 Q3 United States results show 183 (mmbld) up 12% YOY, while Internationally sales volume is up 84% YOY at 81 (mmbld), compared to 44 (mmbld) in 2016 Q3.

The United States & International Crude Oil & Condensate Sales Volume is shown below, with United States up 14% YOY and International production up 112% YOY!

In regards to natural Gas Liquids (mbbld), the United States has a much bigger location base as opposed to International, with only two being in Equatorial Guinea and the United Kingdom. 

International Natural Gas (mmcfd) production provides outstanding results in Equatorial Guinea and allows Natural Gas to soar over the United States, even with lesser locations.  However, both show increased YOY growth.  

Total Exploration & Production (Mboed) Net Sales Volume is provided, again with top-line results, for 2017 Q3, US 12% YOY, International 30% YOY. 

As we just reviewed, Production Sales Volumes are up 2017 Q3 across all regions, with tremendous growth shown internationally. Throughout the year, Marathon Oil has consistently executed across segments with outstanding new well productivity, powerful performance, cost reductions and improved efficiencies. The company plans to continue this trend to exceed the top end of production guidance for both our U.S. and International E&P segments. The production highlights we have reviewed shows the strength of their portfolio and sets the stage for 2018.

Marathon Oil Investor Relations