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Why Pure Storage Inc. (NYSE:PSTG) Stock Could be an M&A Target. (Part 2)

On November 28, 2017 Pure Storage Inc. (NYSE:PSTG) CEO Charlie Giancarlo stated, " Pure has built a platform that allows customers to build a better world with data. Pure offers a simpler, more effective and agile solution for data-rich applications like artificial intelligence.”

Chairman of the Board of Pure Storage,Dietzen recently said, “We now provide storage to nearly 100 firms within the Fortune 500, up from about 50 firms this time last year. The company added 300 new customers in the (past) quarter, increasing the total customer count to 4,000+.”  This is all good news for Pure Storage.

Using HADE Graph's below, we can graph out some of Pure Storage Inc. (NYSE:PSTG) key metrics. 

Financials and Valuation

Pure Storage Inc. (NYSE:PSTG) has a market cap of $3.6 Billion and an enterprise value of $3.1 Billion. 

2018 PE is negative 18.7, and 2019 PE is negative 25.7. Net profit margins for 2018 are forecast to be negative 19.3% and negative 9.49% in 2019. The company has no debt. Dividend yield is 0%. 

EV/Revenue for 2018 is 3.05x and 2.24x in 2019.

Analyst consensus estimates are for a target price of US$ 20.67, with an outperform rating.