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Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) Vs. Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), why both work. 2017 Q3 results reviewed.

In the social platform industry, Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) and Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) stand out amongst the crowd. Both have become a social and advertising outlet and need for businesses, and most of the business world use both!

One would think that Facebook would be the only outlet, offering more services and applications, reaching broader audiences, etc. But, they’re both so different and that is why both work. What is so different about the two social giants? They serve two very different marketing needs. Twitter is better for viral trends, while Facebook is for more deeper communication.  

Many wonder how Twitter can be so successful with its simplicity. But think about it, Twitter does not come with the same social pressure to custom design your look, as a Facebook page without a profile or cover picture looks unappealing. Twitter gets a message out in just one simple Tweet, while Facebook requires more to draw attention. 

 Just because Twitter is simple, with not as many bells and whistles, do not count them out. Both platforms are consistent picks for investors, and both serve many unique needs. Most businesses would not survive without the advertising and customer service aspects they provide.

Let’s view both user and important financial results for both companies.

To start, Monthly Active Users is shown in the interactive chart below. Twitter finished the quarter in 2017 Q3 with 330 Million active Monthly users. They have continued to grow since 2012, with YOY growth of 4%.  Facebook comes in with 1,712 Million active monthly users and 14.9% YOY.

Both companies also count active users across geographies, yet report in diverse ways.  Below you will see two interactive charts with geographic segments.

Twitter's market is the strongest Internationally, with 261 Million Users, and 69 Million Users in the US.  Twitters largest network is in India with 36.6 million users, and US coming in 2nd. 

Facebook's largest audience is shown in the Asia Pacific. 

Advertising is amongst the top Revenue from both companies. This is their bread and butter, and why businesses use both services. Twitter's decrease in Advertising Revenue should not worry an investor, as the decrease was from the sale of advertising products placed on third-party publishers’ websites, applications, and other offerings in the three and nine months ended September 30, 2017 (which was driven by significantly lower contribution from TellApart) , and offset by strong performance from Twitter Audience Platform.

Twitter, Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) continues to make key progress in audience growth and engagement.  While Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) continues to draw in more users with their deeper connections to bring people together. To view more collected data on both companies.  Follow the links below:

Twitter HADE Page

Facebook HADE Page

The year–end results for both Twitter, Inc. (NYSE: TWTR)  and Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) are just around the quarter. Stay tuned for 2017 Q4 January 31, 2018 Facebook release and a 2017 Q4 February 8, 2018 Twitter release.