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Walmart (NYSE: WMT) King of Retail in 2017?

 In 2017, Walmart (NYSE: WMT) moved quickly. By the end, it's easy to call it Amazon's most worthy competitor and biggest adversary.

The retail giant launched more online initiatives, including easy online returns, introduced free two-day shooing with every $35 order, partnered with Google on voice shopping, even launched a pilot program to deliver crisp groceries right to customers front door. Not to mention, opening its thousandth grocery pickup location.

Walmart showed it can compete in a new era. That's why they are calling it the Retailer of the Year for 2017.


So, watch out Amazon, they are gunning for you. The HADE chart below reveals how close the competition really is. 


"We're transforming to become more of a digital enterprise," said Walmart CEO Doug McMillon in a recorded call for investors. "We're moving faster to combine our digital and physical assets to make shopping easier and more enjoyable for customers," McMillon said.

The company has shown total equity growth over the last five years. This is a notable fact, since a company's equity takes into account liabilities and assets to illustrate a positive return on how the company is choosing to invest capital. Furthermore, a 5-year trend is long enough to form conclusions on how a company spends its money. Moving forward, we will see which retail giant can truly claim the title of 'king'.