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Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) Vision Franchise Grew Sales By 48.4% Year-Over-Year.

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) Vision Care unit grew sales by 48.4%, as compared to the prior year third quarter. Operational growth was driven by sales from the recent acquisition of AMO. The majority of AMO sales were in the surgical category and new product launches in the contact lenses category. Using HADE Platform's Interactive Graphs, we can see Johnson & Johnson's Vision Care Q/Q, Y/Y and 2-year growth. 

JNJ's Cardiovascular unit grew sales at 12.5%, compared to the prior year third quarter. Strong operational growth in the electrophysiology business was driven by market growth and continued uptake of the THERMOCOOL SMARTTOUCH® Contact Force Sensing Catheter. 

The Orthopedics unit experienced sales decline of 0.8% as compared to the prior year as seen below. 

The decline was primarily due to share loss in U.S. Spine, pricing and competitive pressures. This was partially offset by sales growth of trauma, sports medicine products and U.S. hips.