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Salesforce.com (CRM) Cloud Subscription Outlook for 2018 and 2019

Salesforce.com's (NYSE:CRM) cloud subscription business should maintain its impressive performance throughout 2018, surpassing $9.5 billion in sales with a 23.5% growth rate. This business accounts for the overwhelming majority of Salesforce.com's overall revenue, and is equally important for creating value in CRM stock. 

However, investors should expect Salesforce.com's cloud subscription business to see a significant deceleration in growth in 2019, as it exceeds $11 billion in total sales. This deceleration won't necessary be negative due to the size of Salesforce.com's business, and the realization that a deceleration is more the effect of overall cloud based CRM solutions, not a lack of execution for Salesforce.com. 

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The above prediction is created from machine learning algorithms and applications in artificial intelligence.