We Provide real time historical UNIQUE data on all S&P 500, Dow Jones, and Nasdaq components that will give your business another edge over competitors.

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Unmatached Database – Request instantly in JSON, XML or CSV.

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Cloud – based Unmatched Database

HADE Platform has Millions of data points in over 100,000 categories that go well beyond the three basic financial statement data you can’t find elsewhere. We track all data that makes a company unique, data that really tells where a company is headed. This allows you to determine the better of two or more investment ideas.

Public Company Data

Powerful market data needed to power your business in an easy form.




Unique– Request & Receive Unique research within 24 hours

More Data +Visualization, & Technology

Our complete service for Online Brokerages, Investment Banks Research Boutique Firms, and other financial institutions and businesses alike.

Visualization, Charting & Analytics API

Use our plug and go solution for charting, analyzing, and visualizing third party and our exclusive data instead of building or using your own solution. We will also custom build a solution for your business to interact with data.

Branded Research Reports API

Generate the most thorough stock research reports in the industry, in real-time with the click of a button. Brand and customize the reports to your investment firm to increase customer retention rates, upsell more ideas, and convert new customers.

AI Technology API

Integrate machine learning algorithms that analyze more than 1,000 slow and fast data metrics to predict future earnings with 63% greater precision than Wall Street consensus estimates and predict multi-year outlooks for important metrics like Apple’s iPhone unit sales, Amazon AWS revenue, Facebook MAUs, etc.

Other Services: Dividend Grades, Investment Grades, Portfolio Analysis Risk Pricing? Contact us Today - Pricing for Each Firm is Unique