About Us

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Hade Technologies develops artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies to break competitive barriers in major industries, primarily the investment research and digital currency industries. Hade also licenses such technology to enterprise and business customers.

HadePlatform.com hosts crowdsourced content for cryptocurrency and stock investment research analysis. HadePlatform.com supports the company’s other assets and subsidiaries with MatriX, HADE token, and Hade Pay.

With HadePlatform.com our goal is to become the largest publisher of financial, investment, and crypto-related content by volume and quality. We aim to become a top destination for free and premium investment research by both individuals and institutions.

The MatriX on HadePlatform.com is a decentralized software-as-a-service, SaaS, program that lets users interact with unique data in ways that aren’t possible elsewhere. MatriX has the world’s most accurate short and long-term predictions from machine learning technology.

MatriX includes a suite of premium services that let users grade 5,000 stocks in key categories like value, risk, and momentum. These grades are generated by artificial intelligence technology that we have developed, tested, and perfected over the course of half-a-decade.

MatriX subscribers can use that same technology to generate the industry’s only source of real time investment research reports, which are among the most detailed of reports in all of Wall Street.

HADE is an ERC-20 token that can promote content or advertise on HadePlatform.com and purchase subscriptions to MatriX. HADE token will also be used to license Hade Pay.

Hade Pay was created to provide a simple process for using HADE token within our platform. It allows users to easily purchase HADE, then use it to promote content, advertise, or subscribe to MatriX. Our goal is to bring this same technology to the entire digital currency universe, to connect a fragmented market and provide a process for altcoins, ERC-20 tokens, and cryptocurrencies alike to be used the way in which they were designed.

At Hade Technologies we have very ambitious goals to disrupt major industries. With a private blockchain protocol built exclusively for our business coupled with a breakthrough artificial intelligence program on a SaaS platform we will bring transparency and our core principles to the investment research, digital currency, information technology, big data, and media industries. We take this challenge very seriously as not only an unmet need but an absolute necessity to instill trust and further innovation in these five industries.