HadePlatform.com develops investment research products and services with artificial intelligence and its own exclusive big database. HadePlatform.com is owned by Hade Technologies, and operates in two segments: Consumer and Enterprise. Hade Technologies was founded in 2014 and officially formed in 2016 after founders Brian Nichols and Roger Staton decided to license the database they had spent years building for the purpose of investment research. Over the years we have adopted the world’s greatest technology so investors can spend less time researching stocks and more time making money with their investments.

  • Financial Data You Can’t Find Anywhere Else!
  • 5,000 Stocks. 100,000 Data Categories. 5,000,000 Unique Data Points

Consumer Segment

Our Consumer customers access our services through MatriX.HadePlatform.com where they can analyze data and perform the world’s most thorough independent investment research. Our premium customers can access our suite of investment idea products from artificial intelligence, including:

  • MatriX Portfolio -- Has outperformed the S&P 500 by 200% on annualized basis since inception in 2015
  • Investment Grades -- Real time value, growth, dividend, and momentum grades from AI on nearly 5,000 stocks
  • Risk Scales -- Assess the short-term risk of volatility in stocks and cryptocurrencies
  • Outlooks & Predictions -- More than 250 short and long-term financial predictions from AI that are 63% more accurate than Wall Street consensus estimates
  • Research Reports -- Generate real time research reports with the click of a button on any of our near 5,000 stocks

Enterprise Segment

Our Enterprise customers can access our products on their own dedicated portal or with APIs. We offer 24/7 support to enterprise customers and a dedicated staff to manage each enterprise customer.

  • Integrate our exclusive company data into an existing online brokerage, investment banking, or money management platform.
  • Leverage and customize our analytics and visualization technology into an existing platform.
  • Utilize our machine learning algorithms and products in an existing platform for next-level research to serve serious investors.

What’s Next?

Hade Technologies has always stayed ahead of the industry by embracing new technology and utilizing data that can not be found anywhere else. We call it unique data.

Since mid-2017 Hade Technologies has worked to integrate blockchain technology for what we believe is the most practical use of blockchain, to verify information and prove its legitimacy. We know that our database is superior and more accurate than any other big financial data vendor, but with blockchain, we can prove that our data is most accurate while also creating new datasets for analysis.

Hade Technologies is using its own private blockchain to source the origination of its data and uses consumer facing technology such as SQL to randomly update and instantly access information on the blockchain. We believe the use of applications to access and verify information on the blockchain is not only a breakthrough in the investment research and data analytics industry, but could be used in all industries where the verification of information is necessary.

These uses include contractor licenses, medical degrees, law and bar exam details, or even driver licenses, passports, or social security numbers where multiple entities could store, organize, and access information on blockchain technology. Through a partnership with ODP Solutions, we are developing this technology for the purpose of data and digital wallet address verification.

Hade Technologies is the distributor and issuer of HPAY Coin, formerly HADE token, that it aims to develop and tie to the Verifie blockchain protocol when it is made open source and available for third party developers. HPAY Coin is also an accepted form of payment in HadePay at HadePay.com through our partnership with ODP Solutions.