View any single or multiple data points from more than 4,000,000 on elegant, completely interactive charts and tables with the click of a button.


Incorporate annual, sequential, or bi-annual growth rates into charts and tables you create. Or perform margin and market share analysis to form better conclusions.


Access quarterly predictions or long-term performance expectations for the world's largest and most followed companies with machine learning technology that is 57% more accurate than Wall Street estimates.


Exclusive products and services built around artificial intelligence, including real time research reports, investment value grades, and dividend grades on every company in our database.

Over 4,000,000 unique data points
Over 100,000 data categories & 4,500 companies

The world's first database built around unique company and financial information with one-of-a-kind products & services.

For Individual Investors

Discover great investment ideas in half the time with real time stock grades and research reports. Access products & services that were never before available for individual investors.

For Financial Advisors

Grow your business with cutting edge investment research technology that will make you stand out. Make an investment pitch with confidence that clients relate too.


For Equity Analysts

Interact with data in ways you never thought possible, and produce sound analysis for your clients while being more time efficient.

For Portfolio Managers

Unmatched company & financial information and analysis to support your portfolio strategy. Save time and money with a suite of products to help your business succeed.

Discover great tools

We have countless tools, products, and services to let you analyze our database with real time market data however you wish.

MatriX on Hade Platform

Proven record of excellence

Whether you are a finance professional with a fiduciary duty to your clients or an individual investor who is looking to improve your personal returns, our platform will make it easy to perform the investment research that's necessary to make sound investment decisions.

Hade Matrix real time investment research reports are more accurate and more detailed than our dated competitors which consists of data that no other research firm or big data vendor tracks. You will find misplaced bets and areas of opportunity with quarterly and long-term predictions that are 57% more accurate than Wall St consensus estimates.

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What Makes HADE Platform Different

The components that make HADE a breakthrough for investment research.


Unmatched database

Millions of data points in over 100,000 categories that go well beyond the three basic financial statement data you find elsewhere. We track all data that makes a company unique, data that really tells where a company is headed. This allows you to determine the better of two or more investment ideas.


Breakthrough Technology

We build products, services, and provide tools that leverage the most cutting edge technology, built from the ground up. Our earning predictions from machine learning are 57% more accurate than Wall Street consensus estimates. We give you the ability to generate real time, 40 page research reports with the click of a button.

MatriX Tutorial

Watch our brief tutorial to see what you can do on MatriX

Watch our brief tutorial to see what you can do on MatriX

More great features for enterprise customers

Contact us for more information on serving enterprise customers


Increase Revenue

Convert potential clients to actual clients with smarter ideas and better visuals. Our team works with enterprise customers to drive trading revenue higher with the addition of our enterprise suite of exclusive products.


Boost Returns

Better performance means higher revenue. The HADE Platform will help you achieve this feat by allowing you to keep a pulse on the market while finding misplaced bets easier than ever.


Improved Productivity

The HADE Enterprise suite is more than equity research. It is task management, communication, customer relationship management, and productivity products all rolled into one exclusive portal for your business.


Lower Costs

We do so much more for less. Our enterprise customers not only notice a meaningful reduction in their research expenses, but also a reduction in overall spending for services that HADE can replace. We guarantee to save your company money, and improve your bottom line.


Our three most popular plans to serve the entire finance and investment research industries.

HADE Pricing

Our three most popular plans to serve the entire finance and investment research industries.

  • Free
  • Access to the HADE Dashboard products, built around data visualization and analysis and machine learning predictions for more than 4,000 companies.
  • $0 / month
  • Create Charts
  • Analyze Data
  • Earning Predictions
  • Performance Predictions
  • Stock Charts
  • Signup
  • Premium
  • Access to all free HADE Dashboard services plus our Premium Dashboard of products built around machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • $50 / month
  • 50% Monthly Discount
  • Real Time Research Reports
  • Value Investment Grades
  • Dividend Investment Grades
  • Exclusive Analysis Tools
  • Analysis of 4,000 Investments
  • Login To Upgrade
  • Enterprise
  • Get all free and premium services included in the HADE Platform Dashboards, plus exclusive products and tools for enterprise needs
  • Varies / month
  • Exclusive Company Portal
  • Share Independent Research
  • Collaborate on Projects
  • Branded HADE Technology
  • APIs & Mobile Apps
  • Messaging & Email

*Premium and Enterprise user prices are fixed at the time of registration. All services for Free users are subject to change as explained in the HADE Platform terms of use and privacy policy.

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